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Vintage Shifters - Adjustable Wrenches & Pipe Wrenches

Ozwrenches has a large collections of Tools, Manuals and other collectables

Pictured below are some images and details of items surplus to our requirements and now available for purchase or swap.

If considering making a purchase, don't be afraid to make contact on the link above and ask questions or request additional pictures.

To save you time, only small images are displayed here. Click on any image for a bigger one.

Item Picture
Item Description


King Dick 7 inch F Shifter used in MG tool kits and other English cars. Note that this one has the initials KD in raised letters on the saddle.

Ref MG-4C-2

$30 plus P & P

King Dick type 7 inch F Shifter marked only "MADE IN ENGLAND" used in MG tool kits and other English cars

Ref: MG-6B

$30 plus P & P

Steinadler 8 inch Crescent wrench. Marked “1/2” x 8” STEINADLER / DROP FORGED STEEL, Made in Germany”

Ref: Steinadler-1

Price $25 +P&P

Wiles Footprimt style pipe grips. 8.5 inches long. Marked “Wiles” in an oval roundel and it also has the rare “WILES” decal. Hard to find in good condition with a decal. This is by Wiles Manuf of Adelaide South Australia, a very hard to find Aussie shifter. This is the small size, they also produced 10 inch model.

Ref: WilesFootprints-1

Price $30 +P&P

Rare Cyclone Australia Shifter, 9.5 inches long, Ref: Cyclone-Shifter

Ref: CycloneShifter

$25 plus P & P

Fish Bellied Shifter marked "British Made A1195" also other numbers near base of handle. This numbered shifter can be found made by King Dick also, not sure what the number signifies (info sought) 4.25 inches long.

Ref: Shifter-A1195

$25 plus P & P

Jenbro 6 inch fish bellied shifter mrked “JENBRO BRITISH MADE 528/3”, no idea what the mumber means

Ref: Jenbro-6, Price $25 + P & P

Garringtons 18 inch pipe wrench, unusual design

Ref: Garrington-1, Price $45 plus P & P

Shelley Shifters (Adjustables)  

Shelley 6 inch Fish Bellied Shifter marked "SHELLEY / BRITISH MADE Rd No 765509"

Ref: Shelley-6in-755509

Too Late


Shelley 6 inch Fish Bellied Shifter marked "SHELLEY British Made STEEL"

Ref: Shelley-Shifter-1, Price $25 plus P & P

Shelley 6 inch Fish Bellied Shifter marked "SHELLEY"

Note that this one is quite diferent to the 6 inch shelley bove

ref: Shelley-Shifter-6in, price $25 plus P & P

Shelley 4 inch Fish Bellied Shifter marked "SHELLEY RD 765509 / British Made". The Rd number was a King Dick number, so this wrench would have been supplied by KD and stamped SHELLEY

Ref: Shelley-Shifter-4in, Price $25 +P&P

Shelley 11 inch shifter. Marked "SHELLEY" imn an arc on the top jaw. Also marked "4" on the shaft. Smooth action, looks like those made by Garringtons.

Ref: Shelley-Shifter-11in Price: $25 +P&P

Snail Brand Shifter approx 9 in long (8-7/8") marked "Snail Brand / Made in England"

Ref: Snail-Shifter-1, Price $20 plus P & P

Snail Brand Shifter approx 11 in long marked "Snail Brand / Made in England"

This usually has the "ENFO" mark at the bottom of the handle, not visible in this example.

Ref: Snail-Shifter-11in, Price $20 plus P & P

Swedish 11 inch Auto Shifter

Ref: Swedish-1, Price $20 plus P & P

This 9 inch Shifter is marked "Sunshine" in script on the top jaw. Manufactured by Sunshine Harvester Company.

Ref: SMH-S13

Price: $25 + P&P


This 9 inch Shifter is marked "Sunshine" in script, and "D^D" on the top jaw. Manufactured for the war effort by Sunshine Harvester Company.

Weight 450g plus packaging

Ref: SMH-S8 Price $25 PLUS P & P

VLCHEK 11 inch Auto Shifter. Marked with a shield containing the words: "Drop Forged VLCHEK CLEVE. O. U.S.A." Also a shield with Letter "L"

Ref: Vlchek-1 $25 PLUS P & P


Vauxhall 9 inch Shifter / Adjustable Wrench by J & S - Jones & Shipman. The Vauxhall name is patchy but visible above the top jaw.

Ref: Vauxhall-1-J&S

Price: $15 +P&P

Vauxhall 9 inch shifter adjustable wrench.

Marked "VAUXHALL" on the top jaw. No other maker marks

Ref: Vauxhall-2,

Price $20 + P & P

Mauser quick adjust wrench, 290mm long . It has a MAUSER logo on the top jaw and, at the bottom of the handle: "US Pat App'd for Germany .

Ref: Mauser-1, Price $75 PLUS P & P

9.5 inch F Shifter, Made in Germany, it has a tyre lever end to the handle. It also has a faint maker’s mark, but hard to read.

Ref: German-1

Price: $20 +P&P