Welcome to Vintage Spanners & Wrenches in Australia, your online guide to collectable spanners, shifters and wrenches supplied by companies in Australia.

The Gallery section of this website provides information on many different makers and suppliers of spanners, and, where available, background history on the companies that supplied them in Australia. Additional Companies and Makers will be enabled as time and information permits. You’ll find many photographs to illustrate company product, and a listing of orphan spanners (please make contact if you can identify any of them or add to known ranges of makers shown).

If any viewer has information, images etc, relating to any of the webpages already functioning or under construction, or for other companies that operated in Australia that we have missed and issued wrenches or cast iron seats or other farm collectables – please make contact as we are keen to add them to this website.

The Sales section shows some of our surplus items

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