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Peter Falla & J H Bolden of Donald

Peter Falla Plough Spanner. © Ozwrenches

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History Notes

The history of P Falla and J H Bolden.

Peter Falla and W.M. Hearn commenced their partnership as blacksmiths and agricultural implement makers in 1878. The partnership dissolved in
1881 and both men established their own businesses. In the 1890's Falla developed a skim-plough to work the shallow Wimmera soils. It also
improved weed control.

In the early 1900's Falla fitted a seed sower and fertilizer box across the front of his plough which he called the Victory plough. In August 1902, Falla was demonstrating the Victory on a local farm. Falla, with son-in-law JH Bolden patented the Victory (Pat No 18552). It enabled a measured quantity of seed and fertiliser to be sown in a similar manner to the modern combine. For many years it was one of the most useful farm implements available.

Falla died in 1908 and J.H. Bolden continued the company. Bolden patented improvements to the seed and fertilizer attachments in 1909. Bolden produced the last skim-plough in 1952.


1. The 1919 & 1941 S & M directory has J H Bolden and Son listed
2. A publication produced by the Donald Agricultural Museum in 1967, put together by Ron Falla (a descendant of Peter Falla)
3. "A Century of Farmyard Relics In Australia 1840 1940 Vol 4 by Ken Arnold

Spanners marked "Falla / Donald" and J H Bolden are rare, usually shaped like a rat tailed podger, but also a double open ended spanner as bove.

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Reverse of the spanner shown above Marked "DONALD / P. FALLA"- about 20" long.© Ozwrenches

Podger marked "DONALD J.H.BOLDEN" has a rat tailed other end.© Ozwrenches




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