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Grease Guns & Oil Guns

Spanners for Domestic & Commercial machines and implements

Magneto / Ignition / Distributor Tools

Garagenalia, Enamel Signs, Petroleum Advertising

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Spanners & Wrenches for Motor Tool Kits etc

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Oil Cans / Oilers

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Picture Description
MG tools
Also available Pre War set - refer to my Jaguar page or take this link

No 2 Soft Face Hammer - hide both sides. Suit MG, Austin, Jaguar – other cars with wire wheels. Marked "2"

Ref: Soft-Face-2

AUD $35 Plus Postage

Wheel Brace / Lug Wrench for Mini, will also drive the side lift jack.Click for larger pic, showing dimensions

Socket fits 11/16AF or 3/8Whitworth

Ref: Mini-1, Price: AUD $35 Plus postage


MGB Workshop Manual in a vinyl folder. Official BMC Publication.

Ref: MGB WS Manual

Price: $75 +P&P

Scientific Publications Workshop Manual No 70 for MG Series - covers MGTC, MGTD, MGTF, MGTF1500, MGA, MGA1600 & MGB.

Condition: Age spotting on title page, very clean, no obvious greasy prints or inscriptions. Still has plastic cover.

Ref: MG-9

Price: AUD $30 Plus postage

Spanners for Domestic & Commercial machines and implements  

Berkel & Parnalls slicer spanner.

Ref: Berkel-Parnall

Price AUD $50 +P&P

VBP slicer spanner

VBP is thought to be Von Berkel Parnall,

Ref: Von-B-P

Price AUD $50 +P&P

Henry Berry & Co P/L, Australian company, maker of the Invincible domestic and commercial slicers (and much more) Other side as per item below.

Ref: Invincible-1

Price AUD $50 +P&P

Henry Berry & Co P/L, Australian company, maker of the Invincible domestic and commercial slicers (and much more) Other side as per item above.

Ref: Invincible-2

Price AUD $50 +P&P

Unmarked meat slicer spanner.

Ref: UnmarkedSlicer

Price: AUD $50 +P&P

Tuning Stromberg Carburetters by Martyn B Watkins, June 1970.

$25 includes postage to anywhere in Australia.Solex

Ref: Stromberg-1

Price AUD $20 + P&P

Solex Self-Starting Downdraght (Bi-starter) Carburettor Instruction Booklet. 24 pages, rusty hinges in Australia.

Ref Solex-1 Original $25 +P&P

Copy on disk available $12 posted to anywhere in Australia.

Motor Spares Catalogue from 1971

Ref: TC-3B

$25 + P&P

Tool Kit Tools, Various Makers  

Plated Spanners named Super Chrome, all AF sizes

Suitable for English Car Tool Kits

Ref: Kit-1

Price: AUD $20.00 + P&P

Eagle Carbon Spanner, dual marked sizes , as per pics
Ref: Kit-2
Price: AUD $15.00 + P&P
 Motoring Manuals  

Dodge Brothers Owner manual 1925 models

Ref:  Man-1-a

Price: $50 + p&p

The Manual of the Hillman Minx issued by the Hillman Motor Car company, Coventry. Rootes Ltd. 74 pages, covers Tatty, first page grubby, inside very clean. This is an original manual – not a photocopy. I accept Paypal, plus other options if buyer is in Australia. The manual is undated but the Minx model range was current from 1932 to 1966, so it falls somewhere into this period.

ref: Man-1

Price; $25 + p&p

Rover Workshop Manual 1963 Edition. About 600 pages, cloth bound, hard covers, covering models: 60, 75, 80, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110. cloth on spine has lifted, otherwise in good condition. This is an original manual – not a photocopy. I accept Paypal, plus other options if buyer is in Australia.

Ref: Man-3

Price: $65 + p&p

Vanden Plas 3 Litre Princess Mk2 Operational Handbook. Hardcover book in very good condition. Part no AKD3024. By BMC. Also included is a Driver's Handbook Supplement AKD 3024/3 for use with Part no AKD3024 by BMC, a 3 fold leaflet detailing service intervals and requirements and lubricants. This is an original manual – not a photocopy. Period 1961-64

Ref:  Man-4
Price: $45 + p&p
Wolseley Six-Eighty Workshop Manual, dated 1955 by Wolseley Motors Ltd, Part no AKD532, Soft covers are grubby, very clean inside. This is an original manual – not a photocopy.

Ref;  Man-5
Price: $45 + p&p
 Harley Davidson Stuff  
Hub Pullers

Wheel Hub Puller for a 1923 Dodge Car

Ref: Dodge-2

Price: AUD $65.00 + P&P

1-5/8 x 11 TPI, near new in original box

Packaging states it fitsVauxhall Wyvern after 1945 and all Velox models.

This puller will also fit:
Bedford 5-12 cwt to 1945
Jowett Javelin 1949 - 1950
Vauxhall 1936 - 1946, all models 10, 12 & 14 HP

Ref: Temple-Puller

Price: $100 PLUS p&p


Morris Valve Spring Tool by Jenbro . This one has the moulding for the side screw, but has not been drilled and tapped. Not sure which models of Morris cars it is applicable for.

Ref: Lift-1
Too late
Head and Manifold Crowfoot Wrenches


"Fits Bedford and Vauxhall Vehicles with 3/4AF nuts. For use where torque tightening is not done, overall length 12", weight 1 lb"

Ref:  Crow-3, Price: $35 + p&p

Kent-Moore KMO-187-10 Cylinder Head Wrench (Wide Sweep) 1934-46 Chevrolet Passenger Cars and Trucks. Cylinder Head Wrench Attachment for use with tension wrench or standard 1/2" drive socket set handles. This tool has double hexagon openings (3/4") and square openings for all standard 1/2" square drive socket handles. The KMO-187-10 wide sweep cylinder head wrench attachment is for “hard to reach” center bolts. Also marked 40-W-2965
Ref: Crow-4, Price: $55 + p&p
Litchfield E320 (& E 3320) 11/16" Suits Holden, Vauxhall, Vanguard (up to 1955)
Ref:  Crow-6
Price: $45 + p&p
Litchfield E322 head stud wrench, 11/16. Spanner is designed for Vauxhall motors. This tool avoids the need to remove manifold when tightening head after top overhaul.
Ref: Crow-8
Price: $45 + p&p

Litchfield E3227-A Crowfoot head & manifold wrench Simca Rush.

The 90A Aronde was produced in Australia from 1956 by Northern Star Engineering which, along with Continental and General Distributors, had been contracted to assemble the model from CKD kits, using local content. In July 1959, Chrysler Australia announced that future production of the Aronde would be undertaken at its factories in Adelaide. In late 1959 the P60 was introduced, selling alongside the 90A well into 1960, and a five-door P60 station wagon was introduced in late 1961. The wagon, which was unique to Australia, was based on the four-door sedan and featured an extended roof-line and a tail-gate fitted with a wind-down window. Australian production of the Aronde ceased in 1964. Engine 1.3 L Rush ohv I4

Ref: Crow-5, Price: $45 + p&p

Grease Guns & Oil Guns  

Tecalemit wooden handled push type greaser, marked only TECALEMIT. It has a handy cap to protect the nozzle, might be suitable for oil as well.

 Ref: Tecalemit, Price: $30 Plus P&P

Tecalemit Model No T26 Oiler Used for tool kit 6-8 speed six Bentley. 
Mostly brass, good condition.

Ref: T-26, Price: $150 Plus P&P

Unmarked oil syringe 7 inch / 175mm. 220g empty.
Ref: G#6B, Price: $15 Plus P&P
Unnamed greaser Black, 190g
Ref: G#16, Price: $20 Plus P&P
Oil Cans / Oilers  

Ref: Oil-1 Price: $50 + P & P

Tiny oiler by Sutcliffe. It has raised lettering stating "Use Berkels Oils". It has a strong spring to the button oil flow release. These were for Berkels meat slicers and other food machines. The "Use Berkels Oils" exhortation was to ensure that operators used vegetable oils rather than contaminate food machinery with mineral oils. Apparently, these were not painted, but left bare and usually polished by the operator as a matter of pride.

More info here:

Marked Braimes Type Protected Spring Bottom. It has a raised button in the bottom for pumping oil. There have been some repairs with solder around the base of the spout.
Ref: Oil-2, Price: $15 Plus P&P

German oiler, quite solid, spring bottom pops nicely, marked "Gebruder Brehmer Leipzig Plagwitz" The Brothers Brehmer manufactured machinery for book binding, stitching etc .

Presumably this oiler was supplied with one of their machines

Ref: Oil-3, Price: $50 Plus P&P.

Firewall Oiler, solid brass, made by REGA marked "D^D” denoting military use. Tank is 3-3/8" dia, whole lot is 8-1/2" long. Click on pic for larger pic.
Ref: Oil-7-B, Price: $75 Plus P&P
Ref: Oil-8, Price: $35 + p&p

Tecalemit Cycle Gun, British Patent No:211498-230903

Austin Manuals  
Running and Maintenance Instructions AUSTIN A70 & A90. August 1951.50 pages, fair condition.
Ref: MotM-2, Price; $15 + p&p
C.A.V. Fuel Injection Nozzles and Nozzle Holders - Working Particulars & Running Instructions for Models S, T, U & V.
Ref: MotM-3, Price: $15 + p&p

Shelley 10DL Double lift screw jack, dated (19)39

It is the correct jack for the Austin 7, also the Ruby and other low Chassis Austin 7 cars. No handle available. Refer to MG Roadster for more info.

Ref: Shelley10DL-1, Price: $50 + p&p

Nubrex pocket grease gun

Supplied with Austin Healey cars and Lambretta scooters

Ref: Nubrex-1, Price: $25 + p&p

AUD $45 + p&p

International Harvester Spanners & Wrenches
 Farm Spanners and Wrenches  
T R & Co (T Robinson & Co)  

Bamfords / Made in England #6, cast iron spanner

Weight 280g plus packaging.

Ref: FARM-S3, Price: $15 + p&p

Ferguson Manuals

Massey Ferguson 35 Pertol Engine Instruction Book. Publication No 819 047 M1, second printing 1957. 16 pages, loose cover, cellotape repairs to cover, water marks, poor condition. 

Weight 50g plus packaging.

Ref: Ferg-M3, Price: $15 + p&p

Massey Ferguson Parts List for No 502 Side Delivery Rake Ground Drive MF No 549 829 M1. 18 pages.

This is an original manua

Ref: Ferg-M6, Price: $25 + p&pl

Same Centauro Tractor 55 HP 4 Cyl Diesel 2 or 4 wheel drive - Operating and Servicing Instructions.
Ref: Same-1
Price: $25 + p&p

Kosch Mfg Co Manual for Power Mower 1952 Parts Book for Ford and Ferguson "TO" and Ford-Ferguson. 10 pages 
Original manual

Ref: Ferg-M7
Price: $20 + p&p

Massey Ferguson Parts List for No MF 80 Drills, printed Sept 1982

Form No 2727 408 M3. 63 pages

Original manual

Ref: Ferg-M8
Price: $25 + p&p

Ferguson Shop Manual published by IT Shop Services, covers Models TE20, TO20, TO30. 32 pages

This is a photocopy, bound with toothed binder and hard covers

Ref: Ferg-M9
Price: $20 + p&p

Fordson Tools  
Motoring Tools

Battery Terminal Nut Pliers, I can't see a maker, good condition. 
Weight 220g plus packaging.

Ref: Mot-1
Price: $15 + p&p

Pennant Tools  

Pennant British Made 325 folding wheel brace / lug wrench, Patent No 589794 very clearly marked. 7/8"AF socket, 13" long - suits Triumph models: TR2, TR3, TR3B, TR4, TR4A, TR5 & TR6, and no doubt other English cars. There is some suggestion that this “V” version was supplied with Standard Vanguard cars in Australia. Weight 1.1kg plus packaging

Ref: Pennant-325-V
Price: $30 +P&P

Pennant 326 folding wheel brace / lug wrench, Patent No 589794. Clearly marked. 11/16" socket, said to be for Morris cars. 
Weight 850g plus packaging

Ref: Pennant-5
Price: $30 + p&p

Pennant no 308 Wheel Brace / Lug Wrench. Fits nut 13/16 Whit or 1-3/8AF, cross bar missing, dia 13/16 AF. Takes a Dis-mountable cross bar for stowage - cross bar is missing.
Ref: Pennant-7
Price: $30 + p&p
Shelley Tools see below and also sets on this page:  
Shelley W ^ D 8 inch cone pliers
Ref: Shelley-1
Price: $20 + p&p

Shelley Spanner 5" long, marked "SHELLEY / MADE IN ENGLAND SFU 202S, 3/16W-1/4 BSF X 1/4W - 5/15 BSF" Weight 60g plus packaging

Ref: Mot-6
Price: $15 + p&p

Shelley Spanner 7.5" long, marked "SHELLEY / MADE IN ENGLAND SFU 204/S, (5/8AF) X 3/4 AF"
Ref: Mot-6c
Price: $15 + p&p

Shelley shifter, 11" long, marked "SHELLEY" on top jaw and "4" on stem Weight 830g plus packaging
Ref: Mot-7
Price:$15 + p&p

Shelley shifter, 9" long, marked "SHELLEY" on top jaw and "British Made" on the reverse. A litle bending to the stem, needs a squeeze in a press to straighten it. 
Weight 450g plus packaging
Ref: Mot-15
Price: $10 + p&p

Shelley shifter, 9" long, marked "SHELLEY" on top jaw. It has a flattened handle end for a tyre lever 
Weight 420g plus packaging

Ref: Mot-15-b
Price: $25 + p&p

Shelley Spanner 9" long, marked "1/2 SHELLEY 7/16".
Similar sizes to the one above but name marking is quite different. 
Has number 40 between British & Made.
Weight 240g plus packaging

Ref: Mot-8b
Price: $15 + p&p

Shelley Spanner 6" long, marked "3/8 SHELLEY 5/16".

Has number 4 between British & Made.

Ref: Mot-8d
Price: $15 + p&p

Dual marked series:

Shelley Spanner 3.75" long, marked "3/16W 1/4 BSF SHELLEY P 1/8 W 3/16 BSF"

Ref: Mot-17a
Price: $15 + p&p

Dual marked series:

Shelley Spanner 6" long, marked "3/8W 7/16 BSF SHELLEY C 5/16 W 3/8 BSF"

Ref: Mot-17d
Price: $15 + p&p

Shelley Speed Brace - kit for MG, Austin and other English cars, 4 inch throw, 5/16W socket (slightly smaller than 7/8 A/F). 16 inches long.
Ref: Mot-11-e
Price: $25 + p&p

Shelley Speed Brace - kit for MG, Austin and other English cars, 4 inch throw, 3/8W socket (slightly less than 3/4 A/F). 16-1/4 inches long. 
Weight 620g plus packaging

Ref: Mot-11-b
 Too Late

Shelley Speed Brace - kit for English cars, vans & trucks. 5 inch throw, 3/4 inch socket. 20-1/2 inches long
Ref: Mot-11-d
Price: $25 + p&p
Shelley Speed Brace - kit for English cars, vans & trucks. 5 inch throw, 3/8W socket (slightly less than 3/4 A/F). 19-3/4 inches long.
Ref: Mot-11-f  Price: $25 + p&p
Shelley Whitworth spanner - old type 1/8" x 3/16" (W)
 Ref: Mot-21
Price: $20 + p&p

King Dick

More King Dick spanner sets on this page
King Dick Wheel Brace / Jack Crank 3/8W socket (slightly less than 3/4 A/F) 19 inches long, missing the rotating handle.
Ref: KD-2 Price $20 + p&p

King Dick Open End Spanner Dual Marked - 9/16W 5/8BSF

Possibly right for some Land Rover models

Ref: KD-3 Price $20 + p&p

King Dick Combination Spanner Marked - 1/2W - A1702 -A1, Chrome plated 
We don't know what the serial number signifies.

Ref: KD-4, Price: $20 + p&p

King Dick Combination Spanner Marked - 11/16AF - A1696 - A2, Chrome plated
We don't know what the serial number signifies.

Ref: KD-5, Price: $20 + p&p

DOE Spanner marked 12367 A1 JGSB, could also be JG&B, or JC&B 
I don't know what this is for - but would like to.
Weight 300g plus packaging

Ref: Mot-12, Price: $15 + postage

 Shifters - Adjustable Wrenches  

Ref: Aust-1  Price: $25 + p&p

Garden Cultivator Wrench marked “Mintern 3/ Melbourne”. Mintern were makers based in Richmond for many years. This wrench is similar to the Planet Jr No 3, still has a large amount of original red paint.

Weight 190g plus packaging.

 Tool Catalogues  
Ex Military Spanners & Wrenches  

Australian Military Forces

Provisional Instruction Book


Marked "Restricted, not to be communicated to the press or unauthorised persons"

Ref:  Mil-1
Price: $25 + p&p

 Lawnmower Spanners & Wrenches  

Pace lawnmower spanner #3.Weight 180g plus packaging.

Ref: LAWN-S1
Price: $15 + p&p


Enfield DOE Spanner, slight crack to jaw, good for display purposes only.

Ref: Enfield-1
Price: $10 + P&P


Jenbro Hub Spanner
Ref: MBS-21
Price: $20 + p&p

Riley Pathfinder Illustrated List of Service Parts. Hundreds of pages in a pin type binder.

Weight 700g plus packaging

Ref: MCM-1
Price: $25 + p&p

Pacific-Ace Equipment Co (NSW) Parts catalogue for Models R-175 & R275 Rippers.
Ref: MCM-2
Price: $20 incl postage in Australia
Wanted to buy  

Wanted to complete a vintage car kit: Spanners marked SUPERCHROME / EAGLE in Whitworth and BSF sizes. They are chromed.

Click on pictures to get a bigger one for a better view.

Make contact on the link below if you can help


Hand Pump marked SKS in the base in raised letters

This pump was issued in a special tool box together with the IF8 or Infanteriekarren which was a small trailer during WW2 which could be pulled by hand or horse.


Tyre levers marked "Continental D.R.G.M. 1058954"

These tyre levers were issued in a special tool box together with the IF8 or Infanteriekarren which was a small trailer during WW2 which could be pulled by hand or horse.


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