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Furphy Cast Iron Makers Plate. © Ozwrenches

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The history of J Furphy & Sons can best be told buy the company from their website:

If any reader can provide additional information or images please make contact via the link below.

References: 1. J Furphy & Sons website,

2. "The First Hundred Years - J Furphy & Sons - "Looking Back" 1873 - 1973"

Spanners marked Furphy are hard to find - possibly because of the huge collector base associated with this compny, second only to H VC McKay in this country.

Perhaps the most noted product from the company was the Furphy Water Cart. First made between 1878 - 1880 - "The watercart was in itself a complete invention of John Futphy(ref 2). By 1889 Furphy's Stripper, furrow plough and iron swingle trees were given the highest awards at the Centenniel Exhibition. See pic of a water cart below..

Furphy Forged Spanner - about 375mm long.(John Hay Coll'n)© Ozwrenches

Cast Iron Spanner embossed with: "FURPHY" © Ozwrenches

Cast Iron Sanner incised with J Furphy 10" long © Ozwrenches

Cast iron Spanner incised J.FURPHY © Ozwrenches

Cast iron Spanner incised J.FURPHY with a broken jaw, otherwise similar to one above © Stephen King

Forged Iron Harrows marked JOHN FURPHY KYNETON 69 (presumably Kyneton 1869) This set of harrows seems to anticipate the Furphy history in various publications. One day the whole story might be available. © Ozwrenches

. Furphy Water cart seen at Echuca Rally June 2008 belonging to John Paul (many thanks)© Ozwrenches

Thanks go to the various people who made Furphy items available for these pictures. In particular Brendan O'Keefe and John Hay who were happy for me to take snaps of their spanners.

If any other people can supply information or pictures of Furphy stuff - please make contact on the link below.






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