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Golden City and J K Byrne



Golden City Cast Iron Seat # 147 Type 1a © D Symons

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History Notes

Golden City Agricultural Implement Co. and John Kenrick Byrne

Sydney OSBORNE, Richard AVARD and William MITCHELL commenced business in 1872 and were known as the CENTRAL FOUNDRY. They were soon in financial trouble and branched out into agricultural machinery before selling in 1889 to BRIGGS, SWALLING, WAKE & LEANEY, who renamed it GOLDEN CITY AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. In 1908 the business was manufacturing drills for the Austral Drill Co. and began to manufacture windmills and farm machinery. In 1930 OH Osborne acquired the business and it remained in the Osborne family thereafter.

It is not known when the company ceased to trade, but the factory still stands at 62 EAGLEHAWK ROAD IRONBARK.

"The foundry is a timber framed and corrugated iron clad building with two main bays being formed by kingpost trusses. Outside the building is a steam boiler which formerly powered the shaft drives. This boiler was decommissioned when electricity became available. Adjoining the rear of the building is a cast iron furnace, which has a brick-lined vertical steel flue. In and around the foundry is a palimpsest of equipment tools, patterns, manufactured objects and scrap".(ref 2)

J.K. Byrne  is John Kenrick BYRNE  originally from Tongala and later from Bendigo (ref 4).

“The following is a list of donors to the prize-list of the Tatura and G. V. Pastoral and
Agricultural Society: ….J.K. Byrne, Tongala; …”
“He was well known throughout Northern Victoria, where he was the proprietor of
an implement manufacturing business, Many of his implements carried his own
patents. In later years he became General Manager of the Golden City Implement Manufacturing Company in Bendigo,
retiring from this position in 1921 to continue a similar business on his own account...”
"One of the most successful ventures recently launched in the district is that of
the Golden City Implement Company, whose works are situated at Mount Korong-road,
Ironbark. The working manager (Mr. J.K. Byrne)..."
“Golden City Agricultural Implement Co. FACTORY, IRONBARK, BENDIGO.
MANUFACTURERS of the well-known J. K. BYRNE all steel, Patent Lever Plows; Disc Plows;
Patent Perfected One-Way Disc Cultivators; Stump Jump Implements; Improved Spike Rol1ers,
and all high grade Agricultural, Irrigation and Land Grading Implements, Steel Windmill Plants and Tank Stands.
Inspection invited or write for particulars to J. K. Byrne, General Manager...”

Seeking further information - please make contact if you can add to this meagre information or supply more pic's of spanners or other interesting stuff.


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4. Research by Roland Klamt

Golden City Spanners are rare. This blacksmith made one the only one we have seen to date - see below for details © D Symons


Golden City Bendigo Spanner supplied with their "One Way Disc Cultivator", seen at the Living Heritage Complex at Lockington © D Symons


J K Byrne of Tongala, later of Golden City Co of Bendigo ©Ozwrenches


Golden City One Way Disc Cultivator Parts List (date unknown). © D Symons

Golden City Scarifier (from the D Symons collection) © D Symons

Golden City Cast Iron Implement Seat Type 1b (note missing # 147) (from the C Fuller collection) © Ozwrenches


Golden City Cast Iron Implement Seat Type 2a (note border right around name & missing # 147) (from the C Fuller collection) © Ozwrenches

Golden City Cast Iron Implement Seat Type 2b has been reported (note border right around name & # 147) (mockup picture) © Ozwrenches

Golden City plough wheel marking same as on cast iron seats © Stephen King


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