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Horwood Bagshaw and Associated Companies

Bagshaw & Son Plaque - pre Horwood takeover (5" x 4", Cast Iron)

Plaque seen on a winnower c early 1920's.


Horwood Bagshaw Company Logo (Copyright HB)

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Table of Contents

  • J S Bagshaw
  • J H Horwood
  • Horwood Bagshaw
  • HB S shaped Spanner
  • HB Spanners
  • HB Product Advertising - Tank Stands, Quick Drop Boring plant, Boring Tools, Sand Screen, Nuoil Windmill


Bagshaw Bio

Bagshaw, John Stokes (1808 - 1888) ), manufacturer of agricultural machinery, was born at Chetwynd, Shropshire, England. At an early age he showed mechanical aptitude and was apprenticed to a millwright and engineer. He first settled south of Adelaide and helped to build flour-mills at Noarlunga, Port Noarlunga and Encounter Bay. He then joined the small number of mechanics who established workshops in country centres to cater for farmers' mechanical needs. At this time agriculture was just beginning in South Australia; favoured by climate, soil and geographical position, the area under wheat soon extended but when immigration stopped in 1841, the shortage of agricultural labourers became serious and resulted in several harvesting crises. Farmers were anxiously searching for mechanical labour-saving devices, and Bagshaw was one of the resourceful men who were able to meet their needs. By 1839 he had established an agricultural implement workshop at Elizabeth Street in Adelaide, later extending it to Crowther Street. He manufactured horse-ploughs, chaffcutters and corncrushers. He won public recognition by building for John Ridley the first harvesting machine; it could strip six acres (2.4 ha) of wheat a day. He then designed and produced the first winnowing machine in Australia. It became his speciality and he produced more than two hundred. They each sold for £17 under the trade mark of 'Champion'. Machinery for flour-mills, pumping and drilling was gradually added to his firm's activities and in 1870 the name of J. S. Bagshaw & Sons was changed to the Pioneer Works. His eldest son, John Augustus, was also a skilful engineer and inventor; he entered the business at an early age and was later joined by his younger brother, Thomas Henry. William, the third son, spent only a short time with the firm and settled on land at Christies Beach. Bagshaw left a well-established business to his family. In 1912 the company bought a site at Mile End and in 1924, when J. H. Horwood joined the firm, it became known as Horwood Bagshaw Ltd..

Horwood Bio

Horwood, Joseph Henry founded J.H. Horwood & Co., machinery merchants in Adelaide. A limited company formed in 1912. J.S. Bagshaw & Sons Ltd was acquired in 1924 and the business became Horwood Bagshaw Australia Limited.

Horwood Hagshaw Company

The Horwood Bagshaw Company went on to take over a large part of Australia's agricultural manufacturing concerns.

Some other Companies that went into the final mix that was Horwood Bagshaw either directly or indirectly were: May Bros, TR & Co, Nicholson & Morrow, Mitchell & Co, David Shearer, Cliff & Bunting, Hugh Lennon, Baltic Simplex, J Todd & Sons and no doubt several others.

The company had financial troubles in the 1990's but managed to survive that and it still exists to this day

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Bagshaw Engines by Jeff Holly 1991

Horwood Hagshaw Company Spanners

There are many spanners and wrenches listed in Horwood Bagshaw implement and machinery parts lists, but I have not been able to find any with the Horwood Bagshaw name on them. I have two marked HB, see pic below. I would be interested to recieve pictures of other examples that could be attributed to this company

Horwood "S" Shaped Spanner

Horwood Bagshaw DOE Spanners

Horwood Bagshaw Makers Plate, see also next pic (courtesy Ian Ploenges), note Jeff Holly dates this to around 1881.

Horwood Bagshaw Makers Plate on an early Winnower, (pic courtesy Ian Ploenges), note Jeff Holly dates this to around 1881.

Horwood Bagshaw Tank Stand

Horwood Bagshaw Water Boring Plant

Horwood Bagshaw Water Boring Tools

Horwood Bagshaw Sand Screen for well pump inlets

Horwood Bagshaw Windmill





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