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Vintage Jacks in Australia

Pictured below are items from of our collection of jacks, and some sent in by other collectors

Information has been gleaned from a variety of sources, and we make no gaurantees as to accuracy of information.

Further information, and additional pictures of jacks are welcomed.

Where we have made statements or assumptions in error, corrections etc are invited.

Viewers who are interested in jacks can make contact on the link above. If there is enough interest we might set up a discussion group or mailboard

Australian Jacks --- Overseas Jacks ---- Unknown Provenance

Prevenance Unknown, found in Australia:



Prevenance / Maker Unknown, found in Australia:

Picture � Ozwrenches

Unknown Maker Screw Jack, 5 inches lowered, 10 inches raised, 2 stage lift. Crank is not the original.


Pictures Courtesy � Dion Rinaldi

Unknown Maker Screw Jack, slosed 225mm, 420mm raised, 2 stage lift. Clearly by the same maker as the one above but a taller version.

Picture Courtesy �Ken Edwards

Ken states: "The jack is made of a zinc alloy (zamak ?).. goes from 190mm to 380mm.  It is unmarked and was once painted red... all threads are UNF or UNC".

Picture Courtesy � Dion Rinaldi

No identifying marks on this heavy duty garage jack.


Picture Courtesy � Dion Rinaldi

Ratcheting action screw jack, only marked with H9T

Pics.� J O'Dowd

Speedily Jack # 3, Patent 10280/10 mechanical jack.

To wind the jack up, you wind the handle clock wise and to let it down you lift the handle up and it drops suddenly.

The handle is a square bar.

Info sought. Info from NewMoody: I now have a heavier duty version of the �Speedily�, the patent was by Herbert Austin, 1910

Pic.� Ozwrenches

Small Bottle Jack marked "OK / 6", approx 9 in tall.

Provenance unknown.

Picture Courtesy � Dion Rinaldi

Bottle jack with an unusual base, no identification.

Picture Courtesy Beth Rossman

Information sought about this garage jack from the 1960's. Maker's plate is missing.

Picture Courtesy � Dion Rinaldi

Unknown and incomplete.

Only info marked is 'PAT APP' then under that 'FOR' and very faint numbers 346331. (The 1 could be a 7)

Info and a picture of a complete example is sought.

Pic.� Ozwrenches

No info, maker not marked. Tall side lift jack.

Number 15892B is marked on the underside of the head gear.

Some measurements to help identify it more precisely:

Height - 28 inches tall, base 7 inches by 2 inches with a ridge along bottom centre.
Lifting arm swivels from horizontal down to vertical, consists of 7/8" solid square bar.
Lifting arm extends 7-1/4 inch horizontally, with a stop at 3-1/4 inch from end.
Screw dia is 1/2 inch.

Info sought on this jack.

Pic.� Ozwrenches

No info, maker not marked

Lowered 8-1/4inches, raised about 14 inches

Picture Courtesy � Dion Rinaldi

Screw jack marked "NBK 2 ton

No info on this one

Picture Courtesy � Dion Rinaldi

Conical Screw jack marked "RJR"

Picture Courtesy Gary Lamont

Screw Jack marked "WEATHAZELL"

Info sought

Picture Courtesy Gary Lamont

Screw Jack marked "WW"

Info sought

Pic.� Ozwrenches

Unknown Side Lift Jack.

Jacking point fixed, height 30 inches

Info wanted