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May & Millar

May & Millar Cast Iron Implement Seat. © Ozwrenches

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History note May & Millar.

May & Millar, Iron Founders and Agricultural Implememt Makers, operated from premises that were opposite May Park on the north side of Dimboola Rd Horsham.
Samuel May and James Millar commenced business in 1874. Their partnership was dissolved in February 1893, and James Millar continued to run the business, still using the Trading Name of "May and Millar"

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References: 1. Plaque displayed with the Box Wagon by the Wimmera River (see image below),

Spanners marked May & Millar or just Millar are hard to find. The Malleable spanner pictured below is a very good example - most often it is found with cracks and parts missing.

May & Millar Malleable Iron Spanner - 15" long, 3" 1/2 wide. Listed in the Wimmera Scarifier Parts List © Ozwrenches

Millar Forged Spanner - about 12" long. © Ozwrenches

May & Millar Horsham Box Wagon in a park in Horsham beside the Wimmera River © J Hawking

May & MillarFlat Top Wagon seen at Wheatlands Museum, Warracknabeal© ozwrenches

May & Millar Wimmera Scarifier standing in country typical of where it was made and used. © D Symons

May & Millar Wimmera Scarifier Wheel and Hubcap. © D Symons

Thanks go to the various people who made May & Millar items available for these pictures. In particular Chug Fuller, John Hawking & Daryl Symons.

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