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Reference Material used and planned to be used in the various pages on this website.

Limited photocopying may be available on a cost recovery basis, or in exchange for manuals or copies we don't have.

Victa-Keystart Owner’s Manual and Operating Instructions. A5 size, 22 pages GC. Part no LR00625B
Ref: Victa-LR00625B
Price: $15 + P&P

Victa Owners Manual & Operating Instructions A4 size, 16 pages, part no LR00573A
Ref: Victa-LR00573A
Price: $15 + P&P

Victa 160cc 2 Stroke Replacement parts list

Ref: Victa-160-Parts, Price: $15 +P&P

Scientific Publications Workshop manual No 100. 80 pages, $15 plus $6 postage in Australia (Ref LAWN-M15)

Victa Operating Instructions - folded card sheet, making 4 pages of approx A4 instructions - "to hang in your garage" (ref LAWN-M2-B) Original Victa publication # LR31653A -not a copy $10 posted in Australia.

Operating instructions for Victa 160cc Utility & Professional Mowers. 12 pages Ref Victa-2 $15 + P&P


Victa Spares Manual for Victa Products 1985-86. Covers Mowers, Mulchers, Trimmers etc. In new condition, lots of exploded diagrams of all parts. $30 + P&P ref Victa-3

Operating instructions for VC 160 Auto-Drive Victa, Pace, Mayfair and other mowers powered by the Victa Series 70 Engine. 14 pages, has guarantee page and exploded diagrams of engine, gearbox and chassis assemblies, plus parts list.Slightly grubby covers, clean inside, no biro.Ref Lawn-M13) $15 + P&P 

Victa Owner's Manual & Operating Instructions issued with a mower AC052 AA92, 12 pages, $10+ $4 postage in Australia.

ref LAWN-M14

Australia’s No 1 Performers in Lawncare. Introducing Victa’s 2006 Gold Dealer range. Models Razor, Tornado Plus, Masterseries. Colour pamphlet, folds out.
Ref: Victa2006Range, Price: $10 +P&P

Spare Parts Catalogue for Colt, HD25, 2 HP Edger, 3HP Edger, Shredder.

Ref Rover-1, $15 plus P & P

Manuals and Brochures for TORO mowers.

Many available for example: Owner / Operator / Service manuals for:

Spartan 5,7 & 9 Fairway Mowers

Greenmaster 3 Models 04334 -70001 & Up

Greenmaster 3 Models 04327 - 10001 & Up

Greenmaster Cutting Unit Models 04407 -90001 Thru 10001 & Up

Toro Replacement Parts for Groundmaster 52, 72, Spartan Gang Mower, Greenmaster 3

Advertising Colour Brochures for many Toro products.

Send an email if you have a request, we may be able to supply it

Rover Ranger Ride-On Owners Manual

Ref Rover-4, $15 plus P & P

Solex Self-Starting Downdraght (Bi-starter) Carburettor Instruction Booklet. 24 pages, rusty hinges in Australia. Ref Solex-2, Original available at $15, or copy on disk available $12 posted to anywhere in Australia.

Merry Tiller Operating Manual & Parts List, Model G-8, manufactured by M.L.Engineering P/L, Redfern, NSW. 16 pages in VG condition, sell $15, would consider swapping photocopy for something I don't have. Ref MT-1

Instruction Book for M.L.Lister Type RS1 Magnetos, 8 pages, very good condition, $15 + postage in Australia ref Lister-1

Two page double sided pamphlet for Schebler carburettors. Tri fold pamphlet - cover is rather grotty, but inside has full page of exploded parts and is clean. Would be helpful if you are trying to restore one of these. $10 +  postage in Australia ref Schebler-1

Lawn Cub 15 inch cut Motor Mower Operating Instructions. Designed and manufactured by John Boundy Industries P/L, Princess Hwy, Clayton, Melbourne, Vic & Eagle Farn Rd Brisbane. Covers grubby, slightly grubby inside, 16 pages. $15 includes postage in Australia. (ref LAWN-M2),


Simpson Pope Appliances & Mowers Parts List. $15 +P&P ref LAWN-M16


Rotary Mowers Simpson & Pope - Operating & Maintenance instructions. $15 +P&P ref LAWN-M17

Instructions for Installation & Maintenance Eiseman GS-4 & GS-4/2 High Tension Magnetos FormS-531

ref: Eiseman-1, Price;$15 posted in Australia

Pope Instruction Book. $15 +P&P LAWN-M20

Pope Instruction Book & Guarantee Rotary Mower. $15 +P&P LAWN-M21

8 page fold out instruction sheet ref: 320-13-26
Ref: 1-Pope-Instr-2, price: $10 plus postage

12 page booklet Instructions for Pope 4 Stroke mowers. Ref No: 320-14-02
Ref: 2-Pope-Instr-4Stroke, $10 plus postage

16 page booklet with care instructions for models 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38. Ref no 342-1-20
Ref:  3-PopeRotaryCare price: $10 plus postage

Pope envelope containing Instructions sheet ref 320-13-27 & guarantee ceretificate for Pope rotary mowers ref; 320-07-23
Ref: 4-PopeRotaryCtee,  price: $10 plus postage 

Masport Rotary Mowers Owner/Operator manual

Ref: Masport-2, Price: $10 +P&P

Rover Owners Manual regal 19, 8i pages, part no 040011271, Form no 00001 12-78
Ref: RoverRegal   price $10 plus postage

Qualcast 14 inch Commodore reel mower 28 pages, some insect damage to first inside page and last 3 pages, small oil stain top of last few pages

$20 + P&P ref LAWN-M22-B(2)

Qualcast 16 inch Reel mower 21 ref LAWN-M22

Original gone, copy on DVD available $15 posted in Australia

Qualcast 14 inch Commodore Reel mower 28 pages, ref LAWN-M22-B

Ccopy on DVD available $15 posted in Australia

Southern Cross Rotary Mower Mark - Instruction Manual KX-B $25 + P&P ref LAWN-M25

Morton Mobile Saws Parts List, Made by G.M.H. Morton Ltd, Sth Aust.
$15 + P&P ref LAWN-M26

Honda HR214 Rotary Mower Owner Manual in four languages. Very clean inside, 104 pages.

$15 + P & P Ref: LAWN-M32-E

SupaSwift Spare Parts Price List, 1 July 1975 $15 plus P&P

24 Page booklet on how to use a chainsaw. Pages 4 & 5 have coffee stains, rest is good. $10 posted in Australia

Villiers Lightweight Alloy Four-Stroke Engines sell $10+P&P, ref LAWN-M28

Victa Spare Parts Manual, Vinyl Folder, Covers 1972-73 models: VC-160 Autodrive, VC160, Impala 125, VC125, Special 160, Cortina125, Impala4, Mayfair125, Pace Premier160. A must for restorers.(Original gone, photocopy available for $15 on CD / DVD) ref LAWN-M5

Operating Manual and Spare Parts list for Qualcast Side Wheel Power Mower. 36 pages plus lift out exploded diagram of all parts.
Ref: Qualcast Side Wheel, Price: $20 +P&P
More Quatcast further down page

Deutscher Model D2 Grass Cutter Slasher Instruction Manual and Spare Parts List. Grubby covers, tear at bottom front cover, inside fairly clean and readable. Has a sales receipt from 1981 included. Sell $10 plus postage in Australia. ref LAWN-M31

Whirlwind Rotary Mower, 16inch, 12 pages, Manuf by L.J.Phillips & Co P/L, Melbourne

ref LAWN-M34
Price: $20 +P&P


CAV Ltd Fuek Injection Pumps, Flange Mounted Type models BPF - Instructions, Publication No 2000/1, 20 pages. $15 +P&P LAWN-M33

Mower Spanners and Wrenches


Victa tube spanner – bent bar version, plating loss, hex ends good. Ref: Victa-LS16-4. Price: $45 +P&P


Victa Mower spanner / wrench, suits early 18 inch mowers. . Straight bar version. Bar missing.

Ref # Victa-LS16-B.

Price: $50 +P&P

Victa long reach diecast spanner

Ref: Victa-LS17

Price: $15 +P&P

Greens mower spanner, 7 inches long, . Weight 210g + packaging .

Ref # Greens-LS14, Price: $15 + p&p

Greens mower spanner, 6 inches long,
Weight 130g + packaging. Ref # Greens-LS15, Price: $15 + p&p

Pace lawnmower spanner number 3 Sell $15 + p&p, Weight 180g plus packaging.(ref # LS4)
Similar to Ref # LS6 

Qualcast Mowers cast iron spanner with the name deeply incised. GC.
Ref: QualcastIncised
Price: $25 +P&P

Pace lawnmower spanner diecast alloy Sell $10 + p&p
Weight 120g plus packaging.(ref # LS8)

Qualcast Mower Spanner, Cast Iron
Sell $15 + P&P (ref # LS3-B) Weight 140g plus packaging

Qualcast Mower Spanner, Cast Iron Old
Sell $15 + P&P (ref # LS3-B)

Qualcast Mower Spanner DR111, steel plate. Listed for the 14 inch Commodore reel mower
Sell $10 + P&P (ref # Qual-1)

Qualcast Mower Spanner G34, steel plate.
Sell $10 + P&P (ref # Qual-2)

Qualcast Mower Spanner H34, steel plate.
Sell $10 + P&P (ref # Qual-3)


Qualcast Mower Spanner H34A, steel plate, new condition.
Sell $15 + P&P (ref # Qual-4)

Qualcast Mower Spanner SP34, steel plate, new condition.
Sell $15 + P&P (ref # Qual-5)


Qualcast Mower Spanner Y34A, steel plate.
Sell $10 + P&P (ref # Qual-6)

Qualcast Mower Spanner L34A, steel plate.
Sell $10 + P&P (ref # Qual-7)

Pace lawnmower spanner number 7 Sell $15 + p&p, Weight 180g plus packaging.(ref # LS4-7)


No 1161 - Possibly mower spanner

Sell $15 + P&P (ref # LS21)


LS39 - Possibly Greens mower spanner

Sell $15 + P&P (ref # LS20)


"NA34" Cast iron, 7 inches long. Thought to be a Ransomes Mower Spanner

Sell $15 + P&P (ref # LS23)


ATCO mower spanner, 8.5 inches long, 3/8" x 1/2" Whitworth. Weight 390g + packaging

Ref # Atco-LS13. Price: $20 +P&P


Pope Mower Spanner, Diecast,
Sell $10 + P&P (ref # LS5)
Weight 110g plus packaging

Rover mower spanner, pressed sheet metal Sell $15 + P&P (ref # LS18)
Weight 90g plus packaging



Shanks Mower Spanner, 5 inches long. Cast Iron
Sell $15 + P&P (ref # LS1)
Weight 95g plus packaging

Shanks BR CI Spanner, 6 inches long. Cast Iron. It has a small crack in one of the dual jaws. Marked BR on the back which stands for British Rail. Not sure about this, probably not for mowers.
Sell $15 + P&P (ref # LS11)
Weight 130g plus packaging

Shanks P40 CI Spanner, 7.75inches long. Cast Iron. Marked P40 on the back. Not sure if this is for mowers.
Sell $15 + P&P (ref # LS12)

Weight 270g plus packaging

Villiers mower spanner, diecast alloyl Sell $15 + P&P (ref # LS19)
Weight 115g plus packaging

Qualcast Mower Spanner G34, Maker J & C, steel plate.
Sell $10 + P&P similar to Qual-2 above, diff maker (ref # Qual-9)

Shanks J61 CI Spanner, 6.5inches long. Cast Iron. Marked J61 on the back.
Sell $15 + P&P (ref # LS22)

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