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W H Plumb, Plumb Australia, Original Plumb, Hytest

Pictured below are some images and details of items pertaining to this maker.

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The history of Plumb is a complicated affair with various name changes and different entities emerging along the way. At the final stage, they changed their name to HYTEST in 1946 and this was used on their axes to differentiate the company from American Plumb axes after litigation from FAYETTE R. PLUMB INC..see bottom of page

We are still trying to unravel the accurate history, and if anyone can contribute information to that end, please make contact.
Some timelines as described by Graeme Askew:

W H Plumb Sole trader 1911-1929 used Fern name and Fern trade mark.
W H Plumb (Aust) Ltd 1929-1939 used Fern name and Fern trade mark.
Original W H Plumb Pty Ltd 1939- 1977 In their 1963 Catalogue they boast of being "Suppliers to the Australian trade for over 50 years"
The trade name was mostly W H Plumb Sydney and the trade mark was now the plum although there are some tools with both the plumb name and the plum and fern trademarks or some combination.

Shown below are some examples of their spanners and panel beating tools, but WH Plumb made a variety of other lines. Plumb also made panelbeaters hammers - planishing and other types.

Pictures © Ozwrenches


"5/8 W FORGED STEEL 3/4 W"

All in raised letters.

Pictures © Ozwrenches


"FERN, fern pictorial TOOLS"

All in raised letters.

Picture © Ozwrenches

Marked "W H PLUMB, fern pictorial SYDNEY


All in stamped letters.

Pictures © Ozwrenches

Marked "W H PLUMB"

fern pictorial

Stamped letters and fern imprint

Picture Courtesy © D Symons


Pictures © Ozwrenches


Picture © Ozwrenches

Large flare nut spanners marked "ALL AUSTRALIAN"

Also marked with outline of a plumb with letters inside "WH PLUMB, 1941"

Pictures © Ozwrenches


"7/16 Fern pictorial, CHROME VANADIUM TOOLS 1/2"

Hatchet head marked FERN. This ia a W H Plumb product
W H Plumb Sydney reads the inscription on this 11 inch marlin spike

Picture © Ozwrenches

Plumb made a variety of panel beating dollies, marked with the plumb outline and WH Plumb inside or just Plumb inside.

Picture © Ozwrenches

Cold Chisel marked "PLUMB SYDNEY"

Roofing Punch marked "W H PLUMB- SYDNEY"

Picture Courtesy Tony W

W H Plumb Diamond Point Cold Chisel

Pictures Courtesy Roger Brailsford

 W H Plumb Sydney blacksmith tongs

Picture Courtesy Peter Hibble