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Ozwrenches has a limited range of tools and parts for sale

Pictured below are some images and details of items surplus to our requirements and now available to purchase or swap.
If considering making a purchase, don't be afraid to make contact on the link above and ask questions or request additional pictures.
Please make contact via the Contact form on the main menu.
Item Picture
Item Description

ShelleyHammer-4A.jpg ShelleyHammer-4B.jpg
Shelley ¾ lb hammer, right for MG toolkit. Handle has been replaced with a longer one about 300mm, but it would be simple to cut a few inches off.
Ref: Shelley Hammer-4
Price: $50 plus postage
KD-7in-5a.jpg King Dich 7inch F shifter, marked “KING DICK / MADE IN ENGLAND” Right for MG and possibly other British cars.

Ref: KD-7in-5
Price: $25 plus postage
DunlopTyrelevers.jpg Dunlop 9inch tyre levers.

Post-War style have the large DUNLOP font with "Made in England in a smaller font below Dunlop
Ref: DunlopTyreleversPostWar
Price: $25 per set plus postage

Pre-War style have the large DUNLOP font with "Made in England in a smaller font beside Dunlop
Ref: DunlopTyreleversPreWar
Price: $30 per set plus postage
SK1118Z.jpg Tappet Adjusting Spanner marked "SK.1118Z" for the toolkit of MG TB, MG TC, MG TD, MGTF, and MGA. hex opening is 1/4WW (or 5/16 BSF), but size is not marked. This is an original rare item, not a repro.
Ref: SK1118Z
Price: $50  plus postage

Cylinder Head Spanner marked "CYLINDER HEAD" Opening appears to be 9/16" AF 12 point. This is an original item, not a repro. Font is larger

AUD $25 Plus Postage, Ref: CylHead-1


Cylinder Head Spanner marked "CYLINDER HEAD" Opening appears to be 9/16" AF 12 point. This is an original item, not a repro. Font is small

AUD $25 Plus Postage, Ref: CylHead-2


BMC 1/2 INCH AF Tappet Spanner, marked "BRITMO" genuine, not a repro, good condition

Ref: Britmo-1

Price: $25 +P&P

BritmoTappetAdj.jpg Tappet adjusting spanner marked "BRITMO" for BMC cars, possibly other British cars.
Ref: BritmoTappetAdjuster
price: $25 + postage


A Whitworth plate type spanner to suit the toolroll of the MG. Jaw sizes are 7/16 X 1/2 inch Whitworth, marked with the sizes and “KING DICK” Very hard to find with the maker marked here in Australia.

Ref: KD-Flat

Price: $25 +P&P
Flat-Set-2.jpg Three BSF / Whitworth pressed steel spanners with round jaw bottoms. Marked as follows: large – 1/2 x 7/16, 7/16 BSF 3/8W x 5/16W, small one is marked 5/16BSF 1/4W x 1/4BSF 3/16W.They would suit tool kits MG T series and other English cars.

Ref: Flat-Set-2
Price: $30 plus postage

Boot Key for various British cars, light alloy.

Ref: Boot-Key-1
Price AUD $25 +P&P

/Boot-Key-2.jpg Vintage Car boot key, all cast iron,  4" tall.

Ref: BootKey-2
Price: AUD $25 +P&P
Enots-1H-a.jpg "Enots pattern 1H" Believed to have been used in TD's, TF's and early MGA's. Made by Benton and Stone of Birmingham who are listed as the manufacturer in both the TF and TF 1500 Operation Manuals. May also suit early TR2 and other British cars
ShelleySpSet.jpg Set of 3 Shelley spanners for early MG.
1/2 x 7/16 (W)
3/8 x 5/16 (W)
1/4 x 3/16 (W)

Ref: ShelleySpSet
Price: $35 plus postage
ShelleyPump-2.jpg Shelley Hand Pump suitable for MG cars and possibly other British makes.
Ref: Shelley Pump-2
Price: $55 plus postage

MGA Wheel Braces / Lug Wrenches.

Socket sizes measure 3/8 WW (7/16 BSF). It is in good condition, It would also suit some of the T series. Price per each.

Ref: MG-Lug-1a

Price: each $25 +P&P

Austin-12-wrench.jpg Hub wrench said to be for Austin 12. As per picture, opening is 2-5/8"  octagonal.
Ref Austin hub wrench
Price: $35 plus postage

Austin 7 SEVEN Valve spring compressor numberd 2H92

Ref: Austin7-2H92

Price: AUD $35 +P&P


Austin 10, 12 Big 7 others Valve Lifter numbers 2H1001, 2H773

Good condition, weight ~650g

Ref: Austin-4

Price AUD $45 +P&P

pictures to come Austin Spanners