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Farm Tools and other Items of a Rural Nature

Ozwrenches has a large collections of Tools, Manuals and other farm stuff

Pictured below are some images and details of items surplus to our requirements and now available to purchase or swap.

If considering making a purchase, don't be afraid to make contact on the link above and ask questions or request additional pictures.

Farrier's Tools

Cast Iron

Implements / Engines. Motors

Tool Boxes for Tractors and Agricultural Implements

Power Farming Magazines & Annuals

Horse Hame Hooks

Trap Setters

Fencing Strainers & Tools & Books

Vetinary and Animal Husbandry

  pp 39921-58
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Item Description

Implements / Engines. Motors


British Anzani Motor Hoe / cultivator. Wheels are marked: British Anzani Middlesex. It has rubber tyres. Looks complete, I have not tried to start it. Small hole in muffler. Heavy beast. A project for someone.

Ref: Anzani Cultivator

Price: $300. Pickup only Melbourne area.





Farrier’s Tool Roll, with tools and file. Some good brands – Whitehouse, etc. All contained in a custom leather roll, great opportunity to get a quality set.

ref: Farrier-set-1

Price: $250 +P&P

Farrier’s Tool bag, with tools and file and some newshoes

Ref: Farrier-set-2

Price: $75 +P&P

Tool Boxes  

Small Rotary Hoes of England Yeomans Toolbox. Brass plate mentions name and two Patents dated (19)53. This would enhance a display if you have such a rotary hoe. There are no tools in the box.

Serial number of the machine as marked on the nameplate was 3169.

Ref: YeomansToolbox

Price: $45 +P&P



Cast iron collectables
Original Massey Harris reaper binder cast iron twine container lid 9in dia. Part # S226. Lid is in good condition with no cracks or breaks. Also has part numbers S227 component of the hinge mechanism.

Ref: SMH-S226
Price: $50 plus postage

Original Massey Harris reaper binder cast iron twine container lid, 9in dia. Part #<MH> S226. Lid is in good condition with no cracks or breaks. Also has part numbers S227 & S228 - components of the hinge mechanism.

Ref: SMH-S226-<MH>
Price: $50 plus postage
James Alston Queens Bridge Melbourne. Alstons made windmills and anciliary equipment. This is one of two cast iron ends that formed a cover over the ball tap on a stock trough.
Ref: AlstonTroughEnd
Price: $65 plus postage
John Danks and Sons pair trough cover ends marked “DANKS MELBOURNE AND SYDNEY”
Ref: DanksTroughEnds
Price: $100 plus postage
Ellis pair trough cover ends Marked: “Morris Ellis & Sons Ballarat” rare.
Ref: EllisTroughEnds
Price: $150 plus postage
Eureks trough cover end marked “EUREKA”
Ref: EurekaTroughEnd
Price: $65 plus postage
Binder Crank numbered HB702, possibly Hornsby.
Ref:  BinderCrankHB702
Price: $45 plus postage
Binder Crank Handle numbered SA269, Possibly Massey Harris
Ref: BinderCrankSA269
Price: $45 plus postage
 Fencing Strainers & Tools  

Vintage set of DONALDS wire strainers, made in Paddington Sydney. Comes with hammer and file attached to hammer. Gripper teeth are in good condition, never been used on HT wire.

Ref: DonaldsPaddington-3
Price: $85 plus postage

Dutton Lainson Co #405 Fence Stretcher-Splicer | Holding Ratchet. Goldenrod® fence stretcher-splicer for wire fences. Splice, stretch, and reposition high tensile, barbed, or smooth wire fences quickly and with ease. Controlled release holding ratchet to reduce line stress and breakage when wire is released.
Large item.
Ref: DuttonLainsonCo
Price: $75 plusmpostage
Combination wire stretcher and jack pat. by WE Hiatt in 1915.
Ref  Hiatt
Price: $150 plus postage 

Wire crimper / tightener marked Ritch Eng(ineering) CRIMP-TITEN Pat App 39921-58
Ref: Crimp-titen-3
Price: $55 +P&P

Gregsteel Military Wirecutters marked “GREGSTEEL D^D”. These were extensively used on the land after war use. Two offered, they are similar but out of different forging dies. Price per each.

Ref: GregsteelCutters x 2

Price: $30 + P&P each

Fencing tool bible by Bill Marquis 1976 approx 230pp

Ref: Fencing tool bible
Price:  $25 plus postage

Bobbed (Barbed) Wire Bible by jack Glover 1980  approx 200pp

Ref: Barbed Wire Bible
Price: $30 plus postage
Power Farming  

Power farming Technical Annual 1961

Ref: PowerFarm1961

Price: $75 + P&P

Power farming Technical Annual 1963/64

Ref: PowerFarm1963/64

Price: $75 + P&P


VINTAGE Elastrator with leatherette carry pouch.

Ref: Elastrator-1

Price: $25 +P&P

Kleermark Cold Branding number outfit. Has numbers up to 10. Used for branding stock with dye.

Ref: KleermarkBrands

Price: $35 +P&P

Horse Hame Hooks  

Horse Hame Hook or bullock hook depicting a pictorial bullocks head. Also know as haymes, haines

Ref: Bullock-1

Price: $25 +P&P


Horse Hame Hook Marked “CLUX BRAND”. Also know as haymes, haines.


Price: $25 +P&P

No-4-Cyclone-3 – Unmarked, has a spike instead of hammer. No visible maker, Good Condition
Ref: No-4-Cyclone-3
Price: $75 + postage

Hardback book complete with good dustjacket by James A Bateman “ Animal Traps and Trapping”

Ref: TrapBook

Price: $45 +P&P

Trojan Trap Setters / Trap Setting Hoes. Head only, no handles

Ref Trojan-4
Price: $30 + P&P


Brades Traps Setter / Trap Setting Hoe, Head only, no handle. It has a small crack on the eye, but does not appear to go very deep, see pics.

Ref Brades-1

Price: $45 + P&P


Trojan Trap Setter / Trap Setting Hoe. Head only, no handle

Ref Trojan-1

Price: $45 + P&P

Trojan Trap Setter / Trap Setting Hoe, Handle looks to be a hammer handle and can be removed for postage.

Ref Trojan-2

Price: $35 + P&P

Trojan Trap Setter. handled and secure, good condition. It has the Large T mark, with Trojan letters through it.

Ref: Trojan-3

Price: $65 +P&P

Trap Setter / Trap Setting Hoe. Blacksmith made or modified. Head only, no handle. It has had a pipe handle welded to it and now cut off

Ref Unk-1

Price: $20 + P&P

Trap Setter / Trap Setting Hoe. Blacksmith made or modified. Head only, no handle. It looks like it started life as a hammer, which has been blacksmith modified, with a forge welded scarf joint extension to form the hoe part.

Ref Unk-2

Price: $20 + P&P