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Ford & Fordson

Ozwrenches has a large collections of Tools, Manuals and other items relating to Ford motor vehicles and tractors

Pictured below are some images and details of items surplus to our requirements and now available to purchase or swap.

If considering making a purchase, don't be afraid to make contact on the link above and ask questions or request additional pictures.

We are based in Melbourne, Australia, so factor this into postage estimates. payment by Paypal and other means is acceptable, ask.

Item Picture
Item Description
Ford Tools  

1920's K-D Kay-Dee Vintage Valve Spring Compressor Lifter Tool - Ford Type. Patented 11-23-1920, 6" long. Excellent working condition. No rust.

Ref: Kay-Dee Valve Lifter
Price: $35 + postage
Ford-2367 Spark plug and Head bolt wrench
Ref:  Ford-2367
Price: $25 +P&P
Ford-T5893 Spark plug and Head bolt wrench
Ref:  Ford-T5893
Price:  $25 +P&P
Ford-N17016 Spark plug and Head bolt wrench, 2 examples, price per each.
Ref:  Ford-N17016
Price:  $25 +P&P
Ford-N17017 Spark plug and Head bolt wrench
Ref:  Ford-N17017
Price:  $25 +P&P
Ford / Fordson crank handle with lug wrench. One side fits a long crank bar  for starting and turning the engine.  Marked "40-17036"

Ref:  Ford-40-17036
Price:  $50 +P&P
Ford / Fordson crank handle with lug wrench. One side fits a long crank bar  for starting and turning the engine. Not marked as per usual with this wrench, but marked ones have the number; Ford-17036, or 40-17036
Ref:  Ford-17036
Price:  $35 +P&P
Ford Manuals  
   Ford conventional and modified conventional Shop Manual, 1946. This is an original manual Ford printed for repair and overhaul of 1939-1946 vehicles. Use this manual to restore ypur vehicle to original condition.

Ref: FordShopManual
Price: AUD $100 +P&P
   Ford Customline OHV Service Manual

Ref: Ford Customline OHV Service Manual
Price: AUD $75 +P&P
   XE Falcon, ZK Fairlane, FD LTD repair Manual

Ref:XE Falcon
Price: $65 +P&P
   XF Falcon, ZL Fairlane, FE LTD repair Manual

Ref: XF Falcon
Price: $65 +P&P
   Famous race cars from all nations: England, America, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Holland. Deals with hotting up mainly side valve engines.

ref: RaceHotRod
Price: AUD $75 +P&P
   Cortina 220, 240, 440, GT Service Manual

Ref: CortinaServiceManual
Price: $45 +P&P


Ford Owners complete Handbnook of Repair & Maintenance by William J Lipsett. Published by Floyd Clymer. 1950 edition. Original, not a modern reprint

Ref: Ford-2

Price: $45 +P&P

Original 1948 Ford Factory (Canada) Cars & Trucks Service Manual Cars & Trucks. Book No SE 306 Published May 1947

Ref: Ford-3

Price: $45 +P&P

This jack an Apac # 37. This example stands 6.5 inches at it's loweret point - ie much taller than the typical Holden Wylie or Apac jacks.This one looks right for the XY Falcon 4WD Ute. The screw and drive slot are in very good condition, works a treat

Ref: Apac-37-gold Price: $125 +P&P

Ford 3Z647 - wrist pin wrench, standard version.

Ref: Ford-3Z647-b

Price: AUD $25 +P&P

Ford 3Z647 - wrist pin wrench, crowfoot pattern.

Ref: Ford-3Z647

Price: AUD $25 +P&P

Crankcase Expansion Plug Installation Tool, T70P-6011-A - for ENGINE - 6.9L AND 7.3L DIESEL

Ref: Austaloy-T70P-6011-A

Price: $55 +P&P\

Ford aftermarket wrench. 6.5 inches long. good condition

Designed for "L-head" engine valves, especially for the layout used in the Ford Model T engine. Patented Sep. 17, 1918, Patent number: 1279017

The makers mark is Stevens arms & tools

Ref: FordModel

Price: $35 +P&P

Healing Service tools for 1955 Ford OHV V8 engines. The 5BZ-2862 – Rocker Arm Retractor is used in conjunction with tool 6513H & 6513HA. The 6513HA tool is used with the Rocker arm retractor and valve spring compressor. It allows replacement of broken valve springs etc, without removal of the cylinder head from the engine.

These tools were available separately of as part of the full service tool set for Ford V8 from Healing only.

A must for work on your old cuzzy.

Ref: V8-ServiceTools

Price $110 + P&P

Enfo Tube or box spanner with 5/8 x 7/8 AF box ends. Marked only with "EnFo" as per image. It has been re-blued, as in VG condition.

Ref: EnfoTube 7/8x5/8

Price: $25 + p&p

6 inch Enfo spanner,only marked “ENFO” sizes measure 5/8 x 11/16 AF. Heavy duty item.

Ref: Enfo-5-8-11-16
Price: $25 + postage

Ford 17016 DOE spanner, marked with the prefix 01A. Made by NF. Jaw sizes are 9/16 x 5/8" AF

Ref: Ford-17016(1)

Price: $15 + p&p

Small Ford DOE spanner, jaw sizes are 9/16 x 5/8" AF.

It is marked with the Ford in script in the centre, and at the left are the initials VGPH which representd V, P & G Hastings of Lymm


Price: $15 + p&p

Litchfield E91 Valve Guide Punch - Out of Stock

E 94 valve lifter available below (No3)

Valve Lifter for Side Valve Ford V8 engines. Good solid round bar design. It has no maker's mark. Good condition. Weight is 1.1kg, length is 20.5 inches. It does not have a maker's mark.

Ref: FlatheadValveLifter-No 3-B, Price $75 + P&P

Valve Lifter for Side Valve Ford V8 engines. Good solid hex design by Meco, an Australian firm. The hex cross section helps prevent it from tilting sideways while in use. Ref:: FlatheadValveLifter-1

Weight is 950g, length is 24 inches. $75 + P&P (now available )

Ford KD Made in England 7 inch shifter / adjustable wrench.

KD stands for King Dick

Ref: KD-Ford-7inch-1, Price: $25 + p&p

Ford KD Made in England 7 inch shifter / adjustable wrench.

KD stands for King Dick.

This is a variation in markings to the one above

Ref: KD-Ford-7inch-2

Price: $25 + p&p

Ford KD Made in England 7 inch shifter / adjustable wrench.

KD stands for King Dick.

This is a variation in markings to the two above

Ref: KD-Ford-7inch-3

Price: $25 + p&p

EnFo 7 inch Adj Wrench J7F. Marked EnFo on one side and 5 SDF J & S on the other

Ref: Enfo-7inch-J7F

$25 + p&p

EnFo 8 inch Adj Wrench. Marked EnFo and Made in England on the stem.

Ref: Enfo8-inch-shifter

Price: $25 +P&P


Ford Motor Co. FoMoCo Wheel Lug Wrench  80-17035-B for 1973/79 TRUCK SERIES 600/900 ends are 1-5/8” hex and 1” square, 14 Inches long. Prefix might be 8D, hard to say.

Ref: 80-17035-B

Price $35 + Postage


Ford Motor Co. FoMoCo Wheel Lug Wrench Lug wrench 6 point sockets, 3/4” x 1” no 68VB-17035-AA, 11 inches long

Ref: 68VB-17035-AA

Price: $25 + Postage

Fordson Stuff  
FORDSON MAJOR & POWER MAJOR Injector Extractor Lifter Tool EIADDN-17098

Price: $75 + postage

Perkins Spanner no 5301 s used in diesel engined Fordson Tractors

Ref: Perkins5301

Price: $45 +P&P



This is an original FORD publication in a vinyl 3 ring binder. The first section has broken the holes on the top ring - everything else is in top condition.

Ref FordsonMajorSupp, Price: AUD $75 + P&P

2 x Fordson spanners marked N-17015

The numbers are reversed on the second one

Ref: N-17015

Price $20 + p&p each

Fordson Adjustable Wrench no N-17021

Ref: N-17021, Price: $25 + p&p

Fordson Hub Nut Spanner Wrench marked "EnFo N-17029"

Also marked VBW in a Staffordshire Knot and 6E. VBW is the initials of Vaughan Brothers of Willenhall

Ref: N-17029EnFo

Price: $30 + p&p

Fordson Spanner Wrench marked “N17024 VBW”, the vbw is in a Staffordshire knot denotes maker Vaughan Bros of Willenhall.

Weight 510g plus packaging.

Ref: Fordson-1-B

Price: $20 + p&p

Fordson Spanner Wrench unmarked – this is the locally fabricated version of the “N17024”.

Weight 460g plus packaging

Ref: Fordson-2

Price: $20 + p&p