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Makers: Boker, Dowidat, Elora,  Gedore,  Hazet, Heyco, Stahwille, Miscellaneous Makers

Car Brands: Mercedes Benz,  VW,  BMW, Porsche

Pictured below are some images and details of items surplus to our requirements and now available to purchase or swap.

If considering making a purchase, make contact on the link above or use the Contact tab on the Home page and indicate the reference identifier.

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Item Picture
Item Description & Reference Number
HEYCO 20.8(mm, 13/16") 0005811936 MERCEDES BENZ Diesel Glow Plug Wrench GERMANY.
Ref: Mercedes-0005811936
Price: $35 plus postage
Wheel Brace 17mm with 10mm socket. Marked “Mercedes Benz 1235810001 HEYCO 10 x 17”

Mercedes - Benz HEYCO Vintage spark Plug Wrench 20.8mm 13/16" – 0005811067. Some light tarnish. No cross bar available.
Ref: Mercedes-00058111067
Price: $25 plus postage

Mercedes-Benz 0005810967 20.8mm - 13/16" Spark plus wrench. No cross bar available. Light plating loss in places.
Ref: Mercedes-0005810967-Hazet-767-1
Price: $35 plus postage

Mercedes Lug wrench marked “Mercedes-Benz A-221-581-00-01 Walter”. In excellent unused condition.

Ref: Walter A-221-581-00-01 
Price: $30 plus postage

17mm Wheel wrench marked Mercedes-1205810246 KLEIN”

Ref: Mercedes-1205810246
Price: $25 plus postage
Mercedes-1205810665 14mm drain plug wrench by DOWIDAT Made in Germany.

Ref: MB-1205810665-Drain
Price: $75 plus postage
Combination Fan Belt adjustmenty spanner – 19mm ring with 17mm OE by Walter, marked “Mercedes Benz 201-581-02-46 / Walter”

Ref: Mercedes-2015810246
Price: $25 plus postage
Double ended socket wrench marked “Mercedes-21x19 / HEYCO”, 6.5” long

Ref: Mercedes-1235810001
Price: $25 plus postage

Five Mercedes-Benz marked Din 895 black spanners. 4 by Matador Made in Germany, 1 by Walter West Germany. Sizes as per pictures
Ref:  MatadorSet
Price; $100 plus postage
Vintage Matra VW Bug VW109 Oil Cooler Wrench, 10mm, hard to find.
Ref: Matra-VW109
Price: $50 plus postage
Heyco 555 series A/F ring spanner 7/8 x 13/16. Good condition.
Ref: Heyco555
Price: $25 plus postage

Heyco 333 DOE x 3 WW – ½ x 7/16w, 7/16 x 3/8w, ¼ x 3/16ww

Ref: Heyco-333-DOE x 3 WW
Price: $35 plus postage

Heyco W-Germany DOE spanners x 3, as found in certain Mercedes Benz and Jaguar tool kits.
7/16 x 3/8 A/F
10 x 11mm
7/8 x 13/16A/F.

Ref: Heyco-333-DOE x 3
Price: $35 plus postage

Four Heyco A/F spanners, all plated. A/F Sizes 25/32 x ¾, 11/16 x 5/8, 15x 14mm, 7/16 x 3/8. These look like a set for a Jaguar motorcar

Ref: Heyco SpannersSet-333

Price: AUD $45 +P&P

Heyco 400 series ROE, 11/16 AF sizes
Ref: Heyco-400
Price: $25 plus postage
Heyco 350 Series -DOE 19mm x 17mm

Ref: Heyco-350-DOE19-17
Price: $25 + postage
Dowidat No 34 flex head socket spanner 5/8 x 11/16 (AF) Germany.
Ref: Dowidat No 34
Price: $25 plus postage
Dowidat No 3019 Socket Drive Adaptor 3/8”Sq female step up to ½” Sq male.

Ref: Dowidat Adaptoe-3019
Price: $25 plus postage
Elora Double ended offset Ring spanner, short series, Sizes marked as “3/8BSW 7/16BSF x 5/16BSW x 3/8BSF. Looks like a toolkit spanner for Mercedes or other German cars.

Ref: Elora112-1

Price: $25 plus postage
Elora vintage 1/2" drive breaker bar No 770/L/9, 250mm.

Ref: EloraBreakerBar 770L9
Price: $35 plus postage
Elora No145 obstruction spanner wrench, 1/4WW x 3/16WW
Ref:  EloraNo145
Price: $25 plus postage

Elora vintage DOE spanner, ½ x 7/16 (W) made in Germany. Plating is in good condition.

Ref: Elora-DOE-1
Price: $25 plus postage

Elora vintage DOE spanner, 7/16 x 3/8 (W) made in Germany. Plating is in good condition.

Ref: Elora-DOE-2
Price: $25 plus postage
Gedore Socket Set D19 TAZ with 17 sockets (1 missing) and various drives, ratchets, universals etc

Ref: GedoreSocket Set D19TAZ
Price: $125 plus postage
Large Gedore No 2 Ring spanner sizes are 1-5/16 x 1-1/8 (AF) Germany.
Ref: Gedore No 2
Price: $25 plus postage

Gedore No 7,15/16A/F Combination spanner wrench no 120-6328 ^ 89 JG, this looks like a Nato number, it has the broad arrow.
Ref:  Gedore-No-120-6328-89JG
Price: $25 plus postage

Gedore No 5,17 x 13mm DOE spanner wrench no 135-7332 ^ 93, this looks like a Nato number, it has the broad arrow mark on it.
Ref: Gedore No5-17x13mmDOE
Price: $25 + Postage
Gedore No 6,1-1/8 x 15/16 A/F DOE spanner wrench no 2808/5. The number is lightly etched in neat handwriting.
Ref:  Gedore-No6-2808/5
Price: $25 + Postage
Gedore No 7,13/16A/F Combination spanner wrench no 2808/9. The number is lightly etched in neat handwriting.
Ref: Gedore-No7-2808/9
Price: $25 plus postage
Gedore 15/16A/F Combination spanner wrench no 5126-99-1206327 ^ 94, this looks like a nato number, it has the broad arrow mark on it.
Ref: GedoreNo7-5126-99-1206327 ^ 94
Price: $25 + Postage
A/8AF long socket marked “GEDORE VANADIUM 5/8AF D19L SA”, new condition.

Ref: GedoreD19L-SA
Price: $25 plus postage

HAZET  Tools 

Hazet764-b.jpgHazet764-a.jpg Hazet 764 little "a" spark plug socket 20,8mm 13/16” VW tool box, Assistant,  Porsche 356
New condition.

Ref: Hazet 764
Price; $100 plus postage

Hazet2-760-b.jpg Hazet 760 little "a" multigrips / waterpump pliers, early type,  VW, Hazet tool box, Porsche 356 tool kit
Ref: Hazet2-760 multiprips
Price: $75 plus postage

Hazet Slip Joint Pliers /multigrips No 760, right for Hazet Tourist Box or VW from pre 1951 to 1962 models and possibly later. Also Porsche 356 tool kit, Mercedes Benz Gullwing Split B

Ref: Hazet-760-Multigrips
Price: AUD $150 plus postage

Hazet 329-5 1/2'' Drive 19mm Daimler-Benz Valve Adjusting Crowfoot wrench measuring 125mm Long. Very good condition.

Ref: Hazet 329-5

Price: AUD $120 +P&P
Hazet 863-P ¼ drive ratchet wrench 4.5” long

Ref: Hazet 863-P

Price: AUD $50 +P&P

Hazet 615 Half Moon obstruction spanner 9/16 x 5/8 AF. May suit Mercedes, VW, Porsche.

Ref: Moon-6

Price: $35 +P&P

Hazet 988-3 Screwdriver Socket,  ½” sq drive

Ref:  Hazet 988-3

Price: $50 +P&P

Hazet M43 Special Wrench 3/8” drive for Carburettor flange screws on Daimler-Benz 115mm Long. Slight plating loss on outer drive

Ref: Hazet M43
Price: AUD $75 +P&P
HAZET 600 Combination spanner wrench (ROE) Chrom Vanadium Germany

Ref: Hazet-600-17mm-ROE
Price: $35 plus postage


Stahlwille180mmGrips.jpg Stahlwille-180mm (7inch) multigrips. In very good condition with a tiny bit of plate loss from rubbing on a rack.
Ref: Stahlwille-180Grips
Price: $25 plus postage

Stahlwille 27mm 1/2" drive 12 pt socket, v good used condition.

Ref: Stahlwille-27mm
Price: $25 plus postage
Stahlwille No 421 3/8” sq drive speed brace, 370mm long, 90mm throw. Good condition
Ref: Stahlwille3/8Brace
Price: $35 plus postage
Stahlwille – Motor  DOE Whitworth sizes 5/8 x 9/16
Ref: StahlwilleMotor-Lot3
Price: $25 plus postage

Stahlwille Motor DOE x 2 – 17 x 16, 17 x14 (MM) $25 each or $40 pair

Ref:  StahlwilleMotorDOEx2
Price: $25 each + postage

Stahlwille Stabil Ring spanners marked with dual sizes in metric and AF sizes – 1” 26mm x 24mm 15/16”, 1-1/4” 32mm x 27mm 1-1/16”
Ref:  StahlwilleStabilDRx2
Price: $25 each + postage
3/4 drive
Stahlwille ¾’ sq drive Breaker Bar, 20” long or 510mm.
Ref: Stahlwille3/4BreakerBar
Price: $75 plus postage

Stahlwille Nr 506 sliding T bar, ½” drive. Made in Germany, 10” long.
Ref: Stahlwille Nr 506 T Bar
Price: $25 + postage
Stahwille Motor x3 Chromed spanners sizes are 6 x 7, 8 x 9, 10 x 11 (MM) made in Germany. $50 set or $25 individually

Stahwille Stabil Black Spanner set x7, sizes are: 8 x 9, 10 x 11, 12 x 13, 14 x 15, 16 x 17, 18 x 19, 20 x 22 (MM). All look to be unused, Made in Germany

Ref: StahwilleBlackSpanners-x7
Price: $75 set or $25 individually, plus postage

Double ring spanner marked “BELZER POLYGON No3S / VANADIUM EXTRA” 12 point rings, 5/16 (AF) x ¼ (AF)
Ref: BelzerNo3S
Price: $25 plus postage

Small selection of German 1/2" sq drive Whitworth 12 point sockets, 3 by VBW, Nr 65 1/2W  9/16BSF, Nr 65 5/8W 11/16BSF, Nr 65 3/4W 7/8 BSF'

Ref: VBW-ww-selection
Price: $15 each or $30 for all 3, plus postage

Selection of VBW (7) ½ sq drive A/F sockets ranging from 1-1/4 down to 7/6. sizes are: A/F 1-1/4, 15/16, 7/8, 5/8, 9/16, 1/2, 3/8

Ref: VBW-AF-Selection
Price  $15 each or $70 for all 7

VBW 1/4W x 3/16W DOE Germany
Ref: VBW 1/4W x 3/16W DOE
Price: $15 Plus postage

1/2Sq drive which goes with the ratchet wrench
Ref: 1/2Sq drive
Price: $20 plus postage

VBW Nr65 KL pass through socket ratchet wrench, 1/2"sq female drive. Takes a short ½ inch drive see above.
Ref: VBW Nr65 KL ratchet wrench
Price: $30 plus postage

VBW Large No 84 Ring spanner sizes are 1-1/4 x 1-3/16 (AF)
Ref VBW No 84:
Price: $20 plus postage

VBW No 82 Ring spanner 7/16W x 1/2W
Ref: VBW-No82Ring spanner
Price: $20 plus postage
Boker Ring Spanner
Ref: Boker-2RingSpanner
Price: $25 plus postage
Basin Wrench marked “DBGM 1608540 CHROM VANADIUM HENRY BOKER”
Ref: BokerBasinWrench
Price: $35 plus postage
Audi SOE marked “Tempo-4695-25236-00”
Ref: Tempo-4695-25236-00
Price: $25 plust postage
Carl Schlieper “EYE” brand DOE spanner, 10 x 11mm
Ref: SchlieperNo2900
Price: $20 plus postage
Cast spanner marked “30 Dragerwerk Lubeck”
Ref: Dragerwerk
Price: $20 plus postage
Von Roll Holding AG is a Swiss industrial group that operates worldwide
Ref: Vonroll
Price: $20 plus postage
German DOE spanner marked Danckaert 12 x 16 (MM) The company made industrial woodworking machinery.
Ref:  Danckaert
Price: $25 plus postage
Thought to be a German brand SOE spanner marked Fernholz 32 (MM)
Ref: Fernholz
Price: $25 plus postage
German company Saltus has been in existence since 1919. In 2013, Saltus was acquired by the Swedish Atlas Copco Group and has been integrated into the Group as a product company focusing on torque wrenches and accessories.
Ref: Saltus-1
Price: $25 plus postage