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Grease Guns and Oilers

Ozwrenches has a large collections of Tools, Manuals and other collectables

Pictured below are some images and details of items surplus to our requirements and now available to purchase or swap.

If considering making a purchase, don't be afraid to make contact on the link above and ask questions or request additional pictures.

Item Picture
Item Description, Reference Number & Price
Alemite Greaser 7.5” long plus the wire handle.

Ref: Alemite-3
Price: $25 plus postage
Enots Flexible Grease Gun. 1920's Rolls Royce & Bentley tool kit item, complete with armoured flexible hose and special nozzle to fit the grease nipple for chassis lubrication. Dated 26-11-(19)21

Ref: EnotsFlexible
Price: AUD $200 plus postage
Enots steel tube Greaser / oiler. It comes with a spout for topping up diffs, gearboxes etc. First we have seen.
Ref: EnotsCombo
Price: AUD $75 plus postage
Patent No’s 261670, 275134, other pats pending. Looks right for 1920’s Rolls Royce tool kits Marked "Pattern D" on endcap.
Ref: EnotsPatternD
Price: AUD $50 plus postage.
Enots AUTOLUB Pattern No 1C, Pats 261670 – 275134, Made in England, 1-1/2" dia, brass body 6" + nozzle, MG ROLLS ROYCE MORRIS RILEY TOOL, 230g

Ref: Enots-2

Price: $25 Plus P&P

Enots AUTOLUB Pattern No 3A 2" dia, steel body with brass endcap. length 7" plus nozzle parts .

Ref: Enots-3

Price: $25 Plus P&P

Large Enots Autoram about 15 inches long. Marked “Enots AUTORAM, GREASE GUN, MADE IN ENGLAND”
Ref: Large Autoram, Price: $50 plus postage

Small Enots Autoram about 9inches long. Marked “Enots AUTORAM, GREASE GUN, MADE IN ENGLAND” Pattern no No 3177
Ref: Small Autoram, Price: $50 plus postage
1930 Enots high pressure No 10A brass oil can for Bentley/Rolls Royce, Austin etc
Ref: Enots-10A
Price: $50 plus postage
Tecalemit Plastigun  – Suits MG TC and YA, Jaguar, Rover possibly others. No nipple fitting or axle filler
Ref: T-PlastiGun-4
Price: $45 plus postage

Tecalemit Plastigun – Suits MG TC and YA, Jaguar, Rover possibly others from early post war period. Signs of light wear and use, otherwise in good condition. Patent number on the nozzle tube.
Ref: T-PlastiGun- 8
Price: $65 plus postage
Tecalemit 10 inch all up push type greaser marked “Cat. No GC 3020. This variation has the loop handle. Note - in new condition, never been filled with grease. These were used in early Jaguar and Austin Healey toolkits
Ref:  T-GC-3020-3
Price: $45 plus postage
Tecalemit 8.5inch push type greaser marked “Cat. No GC 3020.
Ref: T-GC-3020
Price; $20 plus postage
Tecalemit 8.5inch push type greaser marked “Cat. No GC 3000.
Ref: T-GC-3000
Price; $20 plus postage
Tecalemit 8.5inch push type greaser marked “Cat. No GC 3021. These were used in early Jaguar and Ferguson Tractor toolkits

Price: $35 Plus P&P

6 inch / 155mm push type greaser, marked on endcap “Hallbauer Viernheim”, steel construction, with pointed nozzle and steel nozzle cover. Good condition. 175g grease filled.
Ref: Hallbauer
Price: $20 +P&P

Lincoln Lubrigun Model 5950 

Ref: Lincoln-2

Price: $25 Plus P&P

9 Inch / 220mm push type greaser marked “NESTHILL”, brass. 110g empty.
Ref: G#2
Price: $25 Plus P&P
Rox greaser, push type, 7inches long / 180mm. Marked ROX Pat Pen, 229g grease filled.
Ref:  Rox-1
Price: $20 +P&P

Tecalemit 7 inch push type greaser marked “TECALEMIT Ltd British Patent No 621173 Cat. No GB 2802” unfilled, untested. . The Nozzle end is marked as follows; “CAT No 4028 Brit Pat 714600” No grease, probably never been filled. This model was supplied with some MGA's and other English cars.
Ref: TecalemitGB2802
Price: $35 plus postage

Tecalemit 7 inch / 180mm push type greaser marked“Cat no GB-2787 Patent pending Made in England” This greaser was supplied with the 1958 MGA Roadster, possibly other cars also.260g
Ref: T-GB-2787-2
Price: $25 +P&P

Tecalemit 2787 Grease Gun, Austin-Healey; MG TD, TF, MGA, Original

Ref: Tecalemit-GB2787-Type-A
Price; $35 +P&P

Tecalemit Grease Gun GB2787 Austin Healey 100/4 & Jaguar XK140 XK120 Tool Roll

Ref: Tecalemit-GB2787-Type-B
Price; $35 +P&P
Tecalemit “Cat no GB-2788” push type greaser grease gun
ref: Tecalemit-2788. AUSTIN HEALEY TOOLKIT
Ref:  Tecalemit-2788
Price:  $25+P&P
Tecalemit Motorbike Kit Greaser, 150g
Ref: G#17
price: $25 +P&P