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Vintage Holden Parts, Manuals, Tools, Nasco, GMH, Chevvy Bedford & Other Stuff

Ozwrenches has a large collections of Tools, Manuals and other collectables

Pictured below are some images and details of items surplus to our requirements and now available to purchase or swap.

If considering making a purchase, don't be afraid to make contact on the link above and ask questions or request additional pictures.


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Item Picture
Item Description

GM key blank – new uncut, marked “For GM B”  - showing front and back in picture –$10 each,  includes postage in a letter in Australia. 3 available

Ref:  GM-KeyBlanks
Price; $10
Early HoldenTools x 3 – Combined spark plug and wheel nut tube spanner and hooked bar that drives the tube and also serves to remove hub caps. Also pliers for early Holdens
Ref: HoldenTools x 3
Price: $50 plus postage

EJ EH period petrol cap for Holden and other cars

Ref: PetrolCap EJ/EH
Price: $175 plus postage

Marked “RD51427 HD HR HT HK” No tears or dings. Ready to fine polish and fit to your ride.
Ref: Holden Fuel Drip Guard
Price: $175 plus postage

Original period petrol cap for Holden and other cars

Ref: PetrolCap-2

Price: $55 plus postage
Brake Cylinder Clamps, used to hold brake pistons in place while working on the brake lines, or replacing brake shoes etc $25 per pair. 2 pairs available.

Ref: BrakeCylClamps
Price; $25 per pair
Holden Master Cylinder Wrench for FX / FJ models. Marked 5A1 E1100 Litchfield – suits models 48-215 (FX) & FJ. Holden number  marked. This is an original Holden Litchfield service tool, not a modern copy.
Ref: 5A1-Litchfield E1100. Litchfield example is gone, we still have a Servex brand example available.
Price: $75 plus postage
Lockwood long reach padlock. This lock with the long hook is very rare and hard to find. It would suit a STA-PUT or other brand steering lock device. Complete with two Lockwood keys.

Ref: Lockwood-long-reach
Price: $40 plus postage
Remover front & rear Oil Seal marked: “W&B-9800-GH5” for Holden models EK, EJ, EH - 3 speed Hydramatic transmission.
Ref: W&B-9800-GH5
Price: $75 plus postage
Equip / GMH SAE marked Spanners, set of 6. sizes are as follows:  1-1/16 x 7/8, 3/4 x 5/8, 11/16 x 5/8, 5/8 x 9/16, 1/2 x 7/16, 7/16 x 3/8. Anecdotal evidence suggests that these spanners were available from GMH dealers as accessories. We have not been able to ascertain who made them, but it seems logical that they were made for GMH due to the use of their registered logo. It is not known if they were issued as sets of 6 or subsets of  lower numbers. They would look good in a period toolbox with your resto.

Ref: EquipGMH-SAEx6
Price: $75 + postage

Equip Whitworth spanners, range of sizes 5 in all. Not know what. Anecdotal evidence suggests that these spanners were available from GMH dealers as accessories. We have not been able to ascertain who made them.

Ref: EquipWhitwirth range
Price: $75 + Postage
Turner 103 Screwdriver. Supplied in tool kits for FX & FJ Holdens and later. This are the short versions. It is the orange handled one. The Turner 103 mark is quite clear. In good condition, has been in use with the usual light scratches and dings. $25 + P&P.
Ref:  Turner-103-4-light
Price: $25 + postage
Turner 103 Screwdriver. Supplied in tool kits for FX & FJ Holdens and later. This are the short versions. It is darker than the more common orange handled one, but the Turner 103 mark is quite clear In good condition, has been in use with the usual light scratches and dings. $25 + P&P.
Ref:  Turner-103-3-dark
Price: $25 + postage

Turner T193 Screwdriver. Supplied in tool kits for  FJ Holdens and later. This are the short versions. It is the usual orange handled one, and the Turner T193 mark is quite clear. Handle and shaft are in very good condition. 
Ref: Turner-T193-2
Price: $30 + postage
Turner T193 long version, supplied in some early Holden tool kits

Embassy screwdriver, similar to the Turner T193 long version, believed to have been used in some Holden tool kits.
Ref: - Embassy-1
Price: $25 plus postage

2 Spanners for 48/215 - FX Holden. Each is marked 1/2 x 9/16. Your choice of the one you want for $20 each.

Ref: FX-spanners

Price: $20 each + P&P

This is an early version of the F wrench supplied with the 48-215 (FX) & FJ Holden cars. Good conditionr. Maker not known to this collector, but thought to be Percy Miller, if you can enlighten me - please make contact on the link above.
Ref: FXFJ-Shifter-2
Price: $25 plus postage

F wrench supplied with FX & FJ Holden cars. Maker was Turner industries
Ref: TurnerShifter-E
Price: $25 +P&P

Litchfield E3322A Head and Manifold Wrench with 3/4” ring / box end to suit Bedford vehicles.

Ref: Litchfield E3322A

Price: $45 +P&P

Used AC Delco Fuel Pump, I have dismantled the fuel pump. It is used, but the gaskets and diaphragm are in good condition, spring on the lever is strong - it should be a goer, may need new gaskets for safety sake.

Ref: Delco-2

Price: $75 + P&P

Holden Service Tool caster & camber adjuster, usually seen with  # 3A1- or 3A2. Looks to be shop made – only ID is: “W. BARCLAY”

Ref: HoldenCastorAdj

Price: $40 +P&P

GMH Lug Wrench No 1293653

We don't know what vehicle this was supplied with, perhaps someone will have a master parts list to identify it. It has a 3/4 inch or 20mm socket

Ref: GMH-Lug-1293653

$35 PLUS $15 p&p

GMH Lug Wrench No M3619, 6 inches long, 3/4 inch socket

Ref: GMH-Lug-M3619

$30 + P&P

GMH Lug Wrench No M3996

Two lengths – 9-1/4 inches & 10-3/8 inches, both have 1-1/4 in sockets. GMH M3996 is  a wheel nut wrench to suit  1937 to 1945  Maple Leaf trucks Models HL and 16. The bar to go with it is M7809

Ref: GMH-Lug-M3996

$30 each + P&P

GMH Lug Wrench No 7447900, 14-1/4 in long, 1-3/8 in socket

Ref: GMH-Lug-7447900

Buick Stuff  

Hub / grease cap wrench by Ash Wheels of Detroit

This suits vintage Buick caps, maybe others.

ref Buick-30313

Price: USD $250 +P&P

Hub / grease caps by Ash Wheels of Detroit

Left one is made of brass and plated, right one is made of aluminium

Ref: Buick-Grease Caps

Price: USD $50 each +P&P








1920's Chevvy hub wrench

Ref: Chev-Hub-1

$25 + P&P

1920's Chevvy lug wrenchs. Top one is marked “PAT APPLIED...”. The other has no marks.These are the longer versions, 17 inches long. Both in good condition, pointy end are sharp and crisp, show little sign of wear or use, same goes for the box end – no distortions, new looking.

Ref: ChevLug 3A, 3B

AUD $35 each + P&P

Chev tools – top one is for wheel nuts, bottom one - not sure, but they came together marked for 1920's Chev

Ref: Chev-tools Gone Missing

Price: $85 +P&P

Herbrand No 1960 – Clutch Adjusting Wrench for Chevrolet 1936 & 1937 models. The offsets, angles and bends of this tool clear all obstructions encountered in clutch work. Satin nickel finish. Twelve point 3/4” slotted opening. Length 9”. weight 170g.

Ref: Herbrand-1960

$45 + P&P

Sidchrome metric wheel wrench with hub cap remover. 21Mm socket. Most of chrome is good, a few tiny blemishes where it has been rubbing on retaining mounting brackets.

Ref: Sidchrome-Lug-21mm

$35 PLUS p&p

Holden Wheel Lug Wrench for HQ - HZ, Torana LC & LJ. This is the version with an offset hook or bent heel as some describe it.

This is the actual item pictured.

Ref: Wheel-5-L

Price: $30 +P&P 

Holden Wheel Lug Wrench for HQ - HZ, Torana LC & LJ straight hook.

Ref: Wheel-5a3

Price: $25 +P&P

Holden Special HD model Boot Lid Badge

It has "HOLDEN, 7426585, 96 CAV1" on the back, click image to see larger pic. One of the pins is broken.

Ref: HD-Badge-1

$25 + P & P

Holden Special HD model Boot Lid Badge

It has "HOLDEN, 7426585 on the back, click image to see larger pic. Both threaded pins are complete, including the locking nuts.

Some minor eruptions in the plating at back..

Ref: HD-Badge-2

$35 + P & P

HQ Holden Kingswood badge black & chrome (in script) badge No 2814535 311 2. All 3 pins are there, one slightly bent ( 1 badge only showing both sides)

Ref: ref - HQ-Kingswood-1

$30 + P&P

Coxhead Holloriv Riviter for drum brake pads and clutch plates. Suits Holden Falcon, Valiant, early English and American, Continental and Asian cars with the old type brake shoes with rivited pads.

Ref: Brake-4

$25 PLUS p&p

Scissor Jacks  

Scissor jack for HT Holden. Comes with foam storage insert (a bit tatty) for a sedan, plus ratchet to drive the jack and a wheel wrench with hubcap remover end. Original light blue coulor, but new owner might restore it to match their ride. The foam storage container may not be the original for this jack going by the loose fit, but this was how it was sold to me.

Ref: HT-Scissor-jack
Price: $150 +P&P

Wylie Scissors Jack for Holden FB & EK and later models.The decal on the jack has a bit rough – repo's can be bought on Ebay'. Still has lots of original paintwork. It has not been over-cleaned so new owner can match the paint for restoration.

Ref: Jack-7F

Price: $65 +P&P

Early Holden Wylie Jack Ratchet handle. There are no splits in the corners of the square ratcheting part, unusual for this type. Ratchet is stiff but still works
ref: WylieRatchet-4

Price: $25 plus postage
Early Holden Wylie Jack Ratchet handle. There is one split corner of the square ratcheting part, but it still works.
Ref: WylieRatchet-2
Price: $20 + postage

This jack is for HQ GTS fitted with sports rally wheels. It comes with a ratchet wrench. Also used on HJ sedans. Jack will need repainting. Includes ratchet spanner as per picture.

Postage will be $20

Ref: HQ-Scissor-4

Out of stock

Bottle Jacks  

3 stage bottle jack marked with date stamp 11-67. Jack winds freely first and second stages, but third stage is stuck. No winder supplied with this jack. This jack needs an 18mm square winder end. Winders available separately. HR timeframe.

Ref:  Bottle jack 11-67
Price: $65 + Postage

Two stage Screw jack as shown in Owner's Handbook for FJ model Holden.

Ref:  FJ-jack-2
Out of stock

3 stage Wylie jack for HQ utes. No winder supplied with this jack, but available separately

Ref: HQ-Ute-Jack
Price: $65 plus postage

3 stage bottle jack marked with date stamp /71. Jack goes freely all the way up and down. HG  timeframe. No winder supplied with this jack. However, suitable one is available below designated Wylie handle. Date mark reads “ /71  166 I-K”

Ref:  HG bottle jack date stamp -/71
Price: $65 plus postage

3 stage bottle jack marked with date stamp -/71. Jack goes freely all the way up and down to the position shown. I have not tried to force it down.
 No winder supplied with this jack. However, a suitable one is available below designated Wylie handle. HG / HQ timeframe.

Ref: Bottle jack -/71
Price: $65 plus postage
   Winder handle with small nut driver – suits the Wylie dated jacks listed on this page. it has the small driver (11/16" sq - 17mm) several cranks with 16mm and 17mm sq drives available.
These smaller  squares can be built up with weld to fit the larger sizes jack openings.

Ref: WylieHandle-2
Price: $25 +P&P

Winder handle  – suits the early Holden jacks. Also smaller sq drive ones available. Let me know the size you want and I will try to match it. This is a generic picture, ask for pic of actual item in the size that suits your jack. With larger driver (23/32" sq - 18mm) 18mm cranks. Out of Stock

Ref: ApacHandle-4

Price: $25 +P&P  Out of Stock

There are 3 items in this lot:

Holden Camira JD Sedan and Wagon Handbook. Part No 92025700, Oct 1984 (Print 1)

30 page brochure dated 1985 for the various models of Camira.

Scissors jack that belonged to the car in the handbook.

Ref: Camira Set $75 + Postage

Litchfield wrench VR2029 E1297 “Wrench Rear band adjuster locknut Borg Warner 35 Units for Torana, Capri & Hunter”

Ref: Litchfield-E1297

$50 PLUS p&p

Ref: Head-3 Price: $55 PLUS p&p

Britool Crowfoot Spanner for head bolts - suits Holdens and any cars with 11/16ths bolts such as Vauxhalls. Picture below is from my Holden FJ Series shop manual - clearly depicting the Britool version of this crowfoot - may have been before Sidchrome got around to making this spanner.

Holden Scissor Jack Ratchet Handle Models HQ, HJ, HX, HZ, TORANA LH, LX, UC

The head on this one is 3/8" thick

Ref: Ratchet-1, $25 PLUS p&p

Ratchet handle for jack, not sure of model. 11 inches long, 1/2inch square drive.

No splits in the ratchet ring.

Ref: Ratchet-7

$25 PLUS p&p


Holden Collection Souvenir Edition - a nostalgic look at the first 30 years of Holden cars in Australia. Only One edition of this book has ever been published. 208 page paperback by A.C. Bushby.

Ref: HoldenCollection

Price: $60 +P&P

Don Loffler. Still HOLDEN TOGETHER revised Ed 2010. STORIES OF THE FIRST HOLDEN MODEL. Stories of the First Holden Model. Sales Brochures & catalogues. Manuals - Manufacturers & Publishers. Handbooks & Instruction Books. Exhibition Guides.

Ref: HoldenTogether

Price: $60 +P&P

Workshop Manuals  

Holden HD Series Workshop Manual
a Genuine 'Holden' Publication of General Motor-Holden Pty Ltd.

Ref: HD-WS-Manual

Price: $120 +P&P

Holden GMH Factory HQ Vol 3. Service Manual. Covers Axle Transmission, tail shaft, UJ’s. Original, not a reprint.

Ref: HQ-ServiceManual-V3

Price: $55 +P&P

HOLDEN L6 AND V8 ENGINES. GENUINE SERVICE MANUAL. Improved Performance. Approx A4 size. Service Manual No. M38338

Ref: HoldenPerformanceManual

Price: $75 +P&P

VB owners GMH workshop manual, good condition.

Ref: VB-ShopManual

Price: $75 +P&P

Nasco Holden HB Torana Parts Data & Technical Specs M36895

Ref: HB-Torana

$75 PLUS p&p

Holden LC Series Torana Supplementary Shop Manual M36764

Ref: LCTorana–ShopManual

$35 PLUS p&p

Owner Handbooks / Owner Manuals  
Genuine FE-Owner Manual manual in good condition.  No missing pages. Not written on. Some marks and scuffs from age. 44 pages. Part No. 7407119 (Revised Print)

Ref: FE-OwnerManual
Price: $65 plus postage
Genuine Holden FC Owner Manual 1958-1960 VGC.  Clean, no Writing or Grease. Part No 7413540.
Ref: FC-OwnerManual
Price: $65 plus postage
Genuine Holden EJ Owner Manual dates March 1963. Part number 7411172. Comes with a Holden vinyl wallet. Both iems are in very good condition.
Ref: EJ-OwnerManual-&-Wallet
Price: $75 plus postage
Genuine - HOLDEN EH Owner Manual in original dealer wallet Light greasy fingerprints on some pages in margin.

Ref: EH-OwnerManual-&-Wallet
Price: $75 plus postage On Hold
Genuine HT HOLDEN Owner Manual. Dated May 1969, Part No 2808741It is original and unmarked.
Ref: HT-OwnerManual
Price:  $65 plus postage
Nasco Warranty Record Card, 5” x 6-3/4”, unused.
Ref:  NascoWarranty
Price: $25 +P&P

General Motors Holden Guardian Maintenance Service. HOLDEN OWNER PROTECTION PLAN. Tabs up to 8000 miles removed, rest is intact.

Ref: Guardin-HD

Price: $50 +P&P

HOLDEN HJ Series Owner Manual, GTS MONARO, Premier, Kingswood, Belmont. Sedan, Station Wagon, Coupe, Ute, Commercial Vehicles. Good condition, no water damage or scribble, no greasy fingerprints or other soiling.

Ref: HJ-Manual-1

Price: $55 +P&P

HOLDEN HJ Series Owner Guide. Guardian Maintenance Plan, Warranty Certificate for a Kingswood Sedan delivered on 13 March 1975, Service Record & suggested labour times. Clean and in good condition, dealer warranty certificate is stapled to inside of front cover.

Ref: HJ-Guide-1

Price: $45 +P&P

Holden HQ Series Owner Manual Part no 9930508, Dec 1972 HQ Series. First few pages have some light water marks, covers rubbed, rest clean inside.

Ref: HQ-2

Price $40 +P&P



Torana Guardian Maintenance Guide for a car delivered on 4/7/1978.

Ref: ToranaMaintGuide

$35 PLUS p&p

Scientific Publications Workshop Manual No 85 – Holden V8 – HK HT HG

Ref: WS-ManualNo85

$25 PLUS p&p

Nasco Accelerator May-June 1968, Vol 25, No4 – HK Holden fair cond, faint traces of texta on cover, slight tear top left of cover. The rest is OK.

Ref: Accel-25/4

$20 PLUS p&p

TX Series Gemini Owner Manual 1975

Ref: Gemini-TX

$20 PLUS p&p

TF Series Gemini 1982 Owner Handbook

Ref: Gemini-TF

$20 PLUS p&p

TA Torana 1974 Owner Guide

Ref: Torana-TA

$20 PLUS p&p

Holden Nova LE Series March 89.

Ref: Nova-LE

$20 PLUS p&p

Holden Nova LF Series Dec 91.

Ref: Nova-LF

$20 PLUS p&p

Holden Nova LG Series Jan 95.

Ref: Nova-LG

$20 PLUS p&p

Holden Apollo JP Series September 1996.

Ref: Apollo-1

$20 PLUS p&p

Holden Astra AH Series April 2005.

Ref: Astra-1

$20 PLUS p&p

Holden Astra TS Series March 2001.

Ref: Astra-2

$20 PLUS p&p

Holden Commodore & Calais VX Series II 2001

Ref: Commodore-1

$20 plus P&P