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Tools Kits & Spanner Sets for Vintage Motoring

Ozwrenches has a large collections of Tools, Manuals and other collectables

Pictured below are some images and details of items surplus to our requirements and now available to purchase or swap.

If considering making a purchase, don't be afraid to make contact on the link above and ask questions or request additional pictures.

Wire Wheel Wrenches

Jaguar Tools and other items

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Original Tool Trays, Tool Rolls, Boxed Tool Kits, etc

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Tubular Box Spanners - A/F Sizes

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Item Picture
Item Description
Wire Wheel Wrenches  

Early 20thC WIRE WHEEL CORP. of AMERICA BUFFALO N.Y. / 6145 Hub Cap Wrench. 16” long. Box end is 3-1/4" octagonal across the flats. very good condition, no mushrooming from pounding.

Ref: WireWheel-6145

Price AUD $150 +P&P



Early 20thC WIRE WHEEL CORP. of AMERICA BUFFALO N.Y. / 6505 Hub Cap Wrench. The wrench would fit 1932 Cadillacs, including Lasalle models, and presumably a few years in each direction. 14-1/4” long. Box end is 3-1/4" octagonal across the flats. Some mushrooming from pounding.

Ref: WireWheel-6505

Price AUD $150 +P&P

Early 20th C WIRE WHEEL CORP. of AMERICA BUFFALO N.Y. / B4-1005 H4 . B4 . CB . CB45 Hub Cap Wrench. 12.5”long, 1-5/8” hexagonal across the flats. Some mushrooming from pounding.

Ref: WireWheel-B4.1005

Price AUD $150 +P&P

Early 20th C WIRE WHEEL CORP. of AMERICA BUFFALO N.Y. / B4-1005 Hub Cap Wrench. 12.5”long, 1-5/8” hexagonal across the flats. This one is the same as above apart from the H4.B4 etc lettering

Ref: WireWheel-B4.1005-2

Price AUD $150 +P&P

Early 20thC Hub wrench branded T.A.M.E. Co

Ref: T. A. M. E. Co hub wrench

Price: AUD $100 +P&P

Knockoff wrench marked “SCI 65”

Ref: SCI 65

Price: AUD $75 +P&P

Vintage Budd Wire Wheel 3103 Spoke Adjusting wrench spanner. Wrench is 5 3/8" Long. Open End is 5/ 16"

Ref: Budd Spoke Wrench

Price AUD $55 +P&P


Thor No 1 Soft Iron Knockoff hammer marked “Thor Hammer Co Shirley Birmingham / No 1 Soft Iron”

Ref: Thor-No1 Soft Iron

Price: AUD $50 +P&P

Leather Map Wallet in excellent condition. Incl;udes Shell maps of Victoria, Melbourne, Queensland, NSW, WA, South Aust, Snowy Mountains and other bits and pieces.

Ref: Maps-1

Price: $50 +P&P

Set of Stahlwille Stabil DOE spanners. Sizes range from 1” down to ¼”. The 5 largest are plated, smaller two are black finish. Plating has some blemishes, but in overall good condition.

Ref: Stahlwille-AF-set-1

Price: $150 +P&P

Jaguar, MG, other British cars  

Enots steel tube Greaser / oiler. It comes with a spout for topping up diffs, gearboxes etc. Firts we have seen.

Ref; Enots Combo, Price: $75 +P&P

Tecalemit Plastigun – Suits MG TC and YA, Jaguar, Rover possibly others from early post war period. Signs of light wear and use, otherwise in good condition. Includes the rare Oil filler nozzle. The funnel has "CAT No. HF4009"

Ref: T-PlastiGun-6

Price: $85 +P&P


Tecalemit Plastigun – Suits MG TC and YA, Jaguar, Rover possibly others. No nozzle or axle filler.

Ref: T-PlastiGun-4

Price: $55 +P&P


Tecalemit Plastigun – Suits MG TC and YA, Jaguar, Rover possibly others from early post war period. Both the noszzle end and nozzle are of steel. Please note: The black bakelite has slight chafing on the a small portion of the tapered front end, otherwise in good condition.

Ref T-Plastigun-5, Price: AUD $65 +P&P


Vintage 1920 -1931 Packard tool kit wrench fits spark plug, hub cap & crank hole. 1 of 3 variations for Packard cars ( P/N 1366180/142054) No Maker marked. Large end is 1-1/8'', small end is 13/16'' inside x 1-5/16'' outside, 10'' long. Good condition.

Ref: Packard-1

Price: $30 +P&P

Studebaker tools from original factory toolkits from 1913 to the 1930’s

Refd: Studebaker-Tools

Price: $50 +P&P

Rolls Royce tools


Rolls Royce open ended spanner, markes "ROLLS-ROYCE /BL2454"

Ref: RR-BL2454

Price: AUD $ 55 + P&P

Rolls Royce 3/8” male to female adaptor, marked "ROLLS-ROYCE /D33773"

Ref: RR-D33773

Price: AUD $ 55 + P&P

Rolls Royce adjustable C spanner, marked "ROLLS-ROYCE /E46631"

Ref: RR-E46631-2

Price: AUD $ 55 + P&P

Rolls Royce ring spanner, approx 1.5 inch hex marked "ROLLS-ROYCE /E52018"

Ref: RR-E52018

Price: AUD $ 55 + P&P

Rolls Royce DOE spanner, marked "FB26462". Jaws are marked:3/8BSF5/16BSW x 3/16BSF1/4BSW”

Ref: RR-FB26462

Price: AUD $35 + P&P



Austin 7 SEVEN Valve spring compressor numbered 2H92

Ref: Austin7-2H92

Price: AUD $35 +P&P

WILLIAMS SUPERSLIM BLM 810 RD Classic MINI Brake Adjusting Spanner. In very good condition, well chromed, no plate loss.

Ref: Williams-BLM-810-RD

Price; $25 +P&P

Vintage Car boot keys, all cast iron, largest is 4-1/2" tall, others are shorter.

Ref BootKeyL,M,R

Price: $20 + P&P

Named Vintage Motoring Spanners  

D Napier & Son Ltd Whitworth Spanner. This has had the the Napier name stamped on another maker’s spanner.

Ref: Napier-1

Price: $35 +P&P

DOWIDAT-14MM-Drain Plug Wrench. Suits models -300sl-190sl-Mercedes.

Ref: Mercedes-120-581-06-65

Price: $100 +P&P

Simca drain plug wrench

Ref: Simca-1

Price: $25 +P&P

Spanner marked HUMBER / RD197407. This is most probably for Humber bicycles

Ref: Humber-197407

Price: $25 +P&P

2 DOE NASH spanners, both are No 2's but are variations

Ref: Nash-1,

Price: $25 +P&P


Price: $25 +P&P

DOE spanner marked Rover in flowing script. Probably a bicycle tool, but not sure

Ref: RoverDOE

Price: $25 +P&P

Tyre Pressure Gauges  


Marked “Schrader Balloon Tyre Gauge, Pat'd Australia, Canada, France, Austria, Germany, Japan, manuf by A Schrader's Son Inc, London England, Pat Nos 1910 & 1916”. Maeasures pressure from 10lb to 42lb. This looks like the type supplies with early Rolls Royce motors.

Ref: Schrader-1

Price: AUD $75 +P&P

Kismet tyre pressure gauge, complete with leather pouch. Marked as follows: “KISMET TYRE GAUGE GIANT MODEL William Turner + Brothers Sheffield. Pat no 329505 Regd No 799593” Measures from 20 to 140 lb .

Ref: No2-Kismet, Price: AUD $45 +P&P

Schrader Tyre Pressure Gauge Marked “SCHRADER” on the pocket clip and “MADE IN AUSTRALIA” near the oil hole.

Ref: No4-Schrader-2

Price: AUD $25 +P&P

PCL Tyre Pressure Gauge marked: “PCL TYRE PRESSURE GAUGE Pat No 724036 Design No 917041/2. Made in England by PNEUMATIC COMPONENTS Ltd, SHEFFIELD”

Ref: No5-PCL-1

Price: AUD $ 25 +P&P

On Hold

CLYDE Tyre Pressure Gauge Marked “CLYDE MOTOR ACCESSORIES TYRE GAUGE BALLOON MODEL” it comes in original plastic sleeve and measures to 50lb

Ref: No6-Clyde

Price: AUD $ 35 +P&P

RVB Tyre Pressure Gauge Marked 'BALLOON 7-50 LBS MADE IN AUSTRALIA”

Ref: No7-RVB

Price AUD $ 20 +P&P

Schrader Tyre Pressure Gauge Marked “Schrader TRADE MARK Passenger Tyre Gauge manufactured by A. SCHRADER'S SON, DIVISION OF SCOVIL MFG Co, BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND” Measures from 10 – 50 (lbs)

Ref: No9-Schrader-3

Price: AUD $35 +P&P


Vintage Messko dial type tyre gauge, comes with a dilapidated leather pouch. Suits German prestige cars

Ref: No10-Messko

Price: AUD $300 +P&P







RVB Cylinder Compression Gauge. Comes with an original fitted puuch in V good condition

Ref: No11-RVB Compression

Price: AUD $55 +P&P

EDCO Made in Switzerland tyre pressure gauge. Reads up to 55lbs.

Ref: Edco

Price: AUD $25 +P&P


Hillman Minx jack (according to the previous owner). Details – 20 inches tall, in down position, Spigot is 7/8” square tube, and 8 inches long. Jack has a combination wheel lug brace and jack winder which fits the 7/8” hex winder. The brace measures approx 9” on the socket length, and 6.5” on the handle end from the bend. Jack was painted a Blue/grey colour. This jack conforms tho the specs of the Sunbeam Alpine Mks 1 to 4 and Sunbeam Tiger Mks 1 & 2. They are all cars from the Rootes group and it stands to reason that there would be some commonality in the jacks used.

We also have a set of the correct Superslim spanners for the Sunbeam Tiger & Alpine, see this section

Ref: Minx-Tiger-Jack

Price: $75 +P&P

ROLLS ROYCE SILVER CLOUD BENTLEY TOOL KIT TYRE PUMP KINSMAN RF4515U Supposed to be correct for 1946-1955 RR Silver Dawn & Silver Wraith, Bentley MkVI & R Type, 1955-1965 RR Silver Cloud I, II, III & Bentley S1, S2, S3

Pump is housed in a custom built wooden case to protect it from damage in the boot / trunk. comes with an instruction sheet - see below

Ref: Kinsman-3, Price: AUD $175 +P&P (with or without box)

Please note - the pump on its own weighs 1.2Kg, the pump with box weighs 4.7Kg. You need to factor in the weight of the box if that interests you.

Kinsman Tyre Pump, double tube with nozzle to add additional air to ease pumping. It has a hose marked Kinsman and the tyre fitting is a Kinsman patented one. The top of the handle is moulded plastic and boldly marked “Kinsman”. The tubes still retain a lot of the original blue finish. This pump would suit various Rolls Royce and Bentley motors.

Ref: Kinsman-4-Double

Price: $75 +P&P

Shelley with steel tube, cast feet marked SHELLEY.

TIRE PUMP, Shelley - TF-230

This is the Shelley tire pump supplied with late model MGA. It is identified by the fold-out cast iron foot with the word SHELLEY cast in raised lettering in two places. Also note position of the hose connector coming out the side at an angle.


Ref: Shelley-Steel-3 Price: $50 +P&P On Hold

Sutty steel tubed pump. It stands 17" tall, while the tube part is 15 inches tall. Endcap is alloy. Light rust, should clean up well for a repaint / resto.

Ref: SUTTY-6

Price: AUD $50 + P&P

Small Hand Pump

Marked "Made in CSC England, 17 inches long. It would suit a small English motorcar. .

Ref; CSC, Price: $30 +P&P

Grease Guns & Oilers  

1930 Enots high pressure No 10A brass oil can for Bentley/Rolls Royce, Austin etc. Still has firewall mounting brackets. End cap which is often missing is there on this example. It has a few dings from storage, see pic. Click for larger pic.

Ref: Enots-10A, Price: AUD $55 +P&P

Original Tool Trays, Tool Rolls, Boxed Tool Kits, etc  

King Dick Tappet Spanner set in leatherette roll, which folds flat - possibly for Motorbikes. Sizes are 3/8 x 5/16 x 2, 1/4 x 3/16" x 2.

Ref: KD-Tappet-1

Price: $55 +P&P

Mercedes-Benz cloth tool roll, containing two spanners marked Mercedes-Benz, Tube spanner marked Mercedes-Benz, Pliers marked HAPEWE, Felco two way screwdriver. All tools are in v good condition. Not sure what model it was issued with, but the tube spanner is marked West Germany, so pre Berlin wall removal in 1989.

Ref: Mercedes-Toolroll-1

Price: $85 +P&P

Tool Tray for Rover P4 Includes the right KD adjustable spanner, plated Superslim open enders spanner, Alfrid wooden handled screwdriver, and two paint touch up applicators, both in Stone Grey colour, Wynn Timmins pliers, tommy bar and Rover air pressure gauge and a box / tube spanner.


Ref: RoverKit-1, price $150 AUD + postage


AA – Automobile Association Badge No 8B63795 on the front. Marked on the back:”This badge is the property of the Automobile Association London W O 2. Chromework good, yellow enamel backing is a bit tired. The number dates it to the early 1960's.

This is an original, not a repro

Ref AA-England

Price: $85 +P&P

1960s RAC Vic car badge Holden Chrysler Valiant Ford Falcon Austin Morris VW Kombi.

Ref: RAC-V-4

Price: $75 +P&P


NRMA Grille Badge. Good condition, suit early Holden, Falcon, Valiant, English Cars. Made by Perfection Badges

Ref: NRMA-4

Price: $65 +P&P

NRMA Badge number 41022. made by Angus & Coote, Jewellers, Sydney. Approx time of issue late 1930’s. Slight loss of chrome

Ref: NRMA-41022, price $75 +P&P


AA – Automobile Association Badge MALAYA No N23169. Marked on the front:”Property of the Automobile Association of Malaya. Chromework and yellow enamel backing are in very good condition

Ref: AA-Malaya, Price: $100 +P&P


AA – Automobile Association Badge No 8E52768. SINGAPORE on the front. Marked on the back:”This badge is the property of the Automobile Association London W O 2. Chromework and yellow enamel backing are in good condition.. The Singapore addition at the top looks to be original. The number dates it to the 1966-1967 years.

Ref AA-Singapore

Too Late

AA – Automobile Association Badge No, R76594. RHODESIA Marked on front :”Property of the Automobile Association of Rhodesia Salisbury” “Yhis badge must be returned when membership ceases R76594”. Chromework and yellow enamel backing are in weathered condition.

Ref; AA-Rhodesia

Price: AUD $50 +P&P

Royal Automobile Club of Queensland 50 years membership badge

Ref: RACQ-50

Price: AUD $ 80 +P&P


Royal Automobile Club of Queensland membership badge


Price: AUD $ 50 +P&P

AA – South Australian Automobile Association Badge S2690. Marked on the back:”This badge is the property of the Royal Automobile Association of S, A. Also the usual instructions to return etc. Also has Rd 7624 behind the crown. Chromework is in good condition. This badge dates to around the 1916 period.

Ref: AA-SA, Price $95 +P&P

RACV / AA badge from 1920’s. The badge has suffered a bump and is cracked for about 2 cm on the V side near the base. Crack does not extend to the other side. One side reads “Royal Automobile Club Association”, with a blue and white enamelled badge at the centre in good condition. The other side has “Royal Automobile Club Of Victoria”. There is no badge at centre of back.There is no mounting bracket evident at base, and it looks that it was made that way as no trace of a broken bracket.

Ref: RACV-1924, Price: $60 +P&P

King Dich 8 inch stillsons. Marked King Dick on top jaw, on handle and along screw part. These tiny stillsons were supplied with some vintage cars, have seen them in a Rolls Royce tool kit.


Ref: KD-Stillsons

Price: $35 +P&P

Honda Tool Roll. We are not sure which model this suits, but it has a sunroof tool, so the car had a sunroof.

Ref: Honda-1

Price: $75 + Postage


Folding wheel chocks. Large size, would suit a 4 x 4 or other large Nissan vehicle. Good condition, 9 inches long (230mm)

Ref: NissanLargeChocks

Pice: AUD $ 55 +P&P

Folding wheel chocks. Small size, would suit a small Nissan car. Good condition, 5.5 inches long (140mm)

Ref: NissanSmallChocks

Pice: AUD $ 45 +P&P


Motorbike or small engine tool roll.

The cloth roll is heavily impregnated with wax and is quite stiff. Tools include a Hammertight Wrench for removal of the flywheel on Villiers engines. Some other tools are by T/W Superslim & Snail. Two of the spanners have 1944 date and military arrow. Also included is an unusual tyre lever, and a heavy duty spanner, with box end which is 1-3/8 A/F across the hex flats – looks too big for spark plugs.

This tool roll is possibly for a militry motorbike or other engine from WWII.

Ref: Villiers-1, Price $250 plus postage

Japanese motorbike type tool kit, looks to be complete and in good condition.

14 pieces plus plastic pouch.

We don't know what models it would suit.

Weight about 920 grams.

Ref Yamaha-2

Price $55 plus postage

Kawasaki Motorbike tool pouch with a mixture of tools as seen in the second picture

Ref: Kwaka-1

Price: AUD $ 25 P&P

Tool tray for Japanese car, possibly for Mazda 323. An expert informs me that this goes in the boot side wall of Mazda 323 series motorcar. Plastic tray hinges to sidewall and folds up flat veryically into the sidewall when not in use

Ref: Mazda-1

Price $75 plus postage

VW spanner marked 22(mm) x 17(mm) VW in circle. Some chrome plating worn.


Price: $25 +P&P


Open ended wrench with 35mm jaw, marked “PINION BEARING ADJUSTING WRENCH” Thought to be for VW beetle

Ref: VW-Pinion-Wrench

Price: $45 +P&P

Litchfield E3301 universal wheel lug wrench, sizes are 11/16", 13/16" 19mm & 21mm.

Ref Litchfield-E3301

Price $35 + P&P


3-1/4" knock off wrench in hard plastic - won't mark those precious caps

Ref: Knock-off

Price $25 + P&P

Box / Tube Spanners - Whitworth & BSF sizes  

Whitworth Box / Tube spanner, sizes 1”WW x 7/8”WW By JENBRO, 7 inches long

Ref: JenbroTube

Price: $25 +P&P

Whitworth Box / Tube spanner marked "5/16 x 3/8 BTM Whit". BTM is British Tube Mills

Ref: BTM-2

Price: $25 +P&P

BTM tube / box spanner, 8 inches long, 7/16 x 5/16WW. BTM is British Tube Mills.

Ref: BTM-1

Price: $30 +P&P

Apollo Boxed set of 4 BSF Tubular Box spanners, in good condition, plenty of blueing left, some storage marks. Sizes .


5/16 x 9/16 (BSF)

3/8 x 5/8 (BSF)

7/16 x 11/16 (BSF)

1/2 x 7/8 (BSF)

Ref: Apollo-Set15

Price: $75 + P&P

Selection of Whitworth tube / box spanners, marked sizes as per pic. @ $25 each

Ref: Whitworth-Selection # 1,2,3,4A,4B,5A,5B

Price: AUD $25 each + P&P

No 3 has gone to a new home

No 5A has gone to a new home

S.S.P. brand 7 inch Whitworth box / tube spanner, sizes marked 1/4” x 5/16” W

Ref: SSP-1

Price: $25 +P&P

Apollo Long Box / Tube spanner. Whitworth sizes 1/8 x 3/16, 7-1/2 in long

Ref: Apollo-4

Price: $25 +P&P

BSF tube spanners x 5. 4 are by Gee-Jay, the other has no maker. The smallest one has had the ends spread from some hammering. I may need filing to flatten the burrs. They are 6 inceh in length

ref: BSF-selection

Price: $75 +P&P

On Hold

VINTAGE WHITWORTH Tubular Box Spanner selection. 9 piecs ranging in sizes from 1/8W up to 1” W. most are 7.5 inches long, smaller are about 7 inches long. Good condition.

Ref: Apollo-W-set-2

Price: AUD $100 +P&P

Whitworth Box / tube spanner, sizes are 9/16 WW x 1/2WW, 7.5 inches long, good condition

Ref: Apollo-3

$25 + P&P

Enfo box / tube spanner Whitworth sizes ¼ x 5/16”. Only marked “EnFo”

$25 + Postage

Ref - Enfo-Tube-1

6 inch box / tube spanner marked “FORD” Sizes are unmarked but measure 7/16WW x 5/16WW

$25 + Postage

Ref - Ford-Tube-2

Unnamed box / tube spanner marked with Whitworth sizes 1/8W x 3/16W. 3.25 inches long. This would suit some vintage English cars

Ref - Tube-Un-4

$25 + Postage

Unnamed box / tube spark plug spanner marked with Whitworth size 7/16W. 2.5 inches long. This would suit some vintage English motorbikes

Ref - Tube-Un-5

$25 + Postage

Box / Tube Spanners - S.A.E. sizes  
A note on SAE sizes as found in tube / box spanners. Please note, with SAE tube spanners, I have found that the SAE size stated can refer (a) to the dia of the bolt rather that the across flats of the nut or (b) to the Across Flats size of the nut. There appears to me to be no obvious reason for the different treatment of sizes. For your convenience, I will list the spanner as marked in SAE size, and will follow that up with the across flats size.

Apollo (Accles & Polluck) SAE tubular Box Spanner. Marked “APOLLO 3/8 SAE x 7/16 SAE. 7-1/2 inches long. Please note, the actual openings are 9/16AF x 5/8 AF

Ref: SAE-1, Price: $25 +P&P

Apollo (Accles & Polluck) SAE tubular Box Spanner. Marked “APOLLO 3/8 SAE x 7/16 SAE. 6 inches long. Please note, the actual openings are 3/8 AF x 7/16 AF

Ref: SAE-2, Price: $25 +P&P

UnNamed SAE tubular Box Spanner. Marked “ ½ SAE x 9/16 SAE. 5-1/2 inches long. Please note, the actual openings are ¾ AF x 7/8 AF.

Ref: SAE-3, Price: $25 +P&P

Apollo (Accles & Polluck) SAE tubular Box Spanner. Marked “APOLLO 5/8 SAE x 3/4 SAE. 6 inches long. Please note, the actual openings are 5/8 AF x ¾ AF

Ref: SAE-4, Price: $25 +P&P

Apollo (Accles & Polluck) SAE tubular Box Spanner. Dual marked “APOLLO 9/16 SAE x 5/8 SAE and 7/8 AF x 15/16 AF. 5 inches long. The spanner comes with chrome plating on about 95% of the surface.

Ref: SAE-5, Price: $25 +P&P

Apollo SAE tubular Box Spanner. Marked “ ½ SAE x 9/16 SAE. 6 inches long. Please note, the actual openings are 1/2 AF x 9/16 AF.

Ref: SAE-6, Price: $25 +P&P

Apollo (Accles & Polluck) SAE tubular Box Spanner. Marked “APOLLO S.A.E. 1-1/16 x 15/16. 6 inches long. Note the openings are 1-1/16 AF x 15/16 AF.

Ref: SAE-7, Price: $25 +P&P

Box / Tube Spanners - BA sizes  

Solid hex box spanner set with military D^D mark,

Two pairs - 0BA x 2BA, 4BA x 6BA.

Not sure of the application.

Ref: BA-set, Price $50 +P&P

Tubular Box Spanner marked 2 x 4 BA. Still retains it's original blueing

Ref: BA-Single

Price: $25 +P&P

On Hold

Box / Tube Spanners - A/F sizes  

Apollo box / tube spanner. 6 inches long, marked “3/4 AF APOLLO Rd 11/16 AF”.

Would suit some Jag and MG models, other cars

Ref; ApolloRd-AF

Price: $25 +P&P

4 piece boxed tubular box spanner set 3A in A/F (& Unified) sizes .

Tubular box spanners are: 7/16 x 1/2, 9/16 x 5/8, 11/16 x 3/4.

The card box is a bit tatty with two split vertical seams. The spanners are plated, with little patches of lost plating. The set comes with the original tommy bar.

The makers suggests that the set fits " Ford, Vauxhall Etc, also Unified Bolt sizes Across Flats" marked also "British Made" Looks to be an Apollo set, but not marked so.

It would also make a partial set for some Jaugar cars

Ref: Apollo set, price - $50 +P&P

Tube / box spanner with military D^D mark, possibly for a motor bike

Also has markings: "BYM S MC-301-Z

Sizes not marked, but measure 15/16 x 1-1/16 AF

Ref MC-301-Z

Price: $25 + P&P/

Melco Box / Tube spanner, has the Melco decal on view, and the following - Melco TBS 50, 5/8AF x 3/4AF

Ref Melco

Price $25 +P&P

2 pictures of one socket

Walden Worcester pressed steel dual sized spark plug socket wrench. In very good condition

Sizes marked are 1 5/32 x 28/32 (A/F)

Ref: Walden-1

Price: $25 + P&P

Apollo Spark Plug Spanner, for 13/16” plugs. Apollo is a brand of Accles & Pollock. Length is 3-5/8”

$25 + Postage

Ref - Apollo-2


Apollo Spark Plug Spanner, for 7/8” plugs.

3.5 inches long. Very good condition, looks unused.

Ref: Apollo-AF-2

$25 + P&P

Apollo Spark Plug Tube / Box Spanner, for 1-1/8” plugs(AF). 3.5 inches long. Very good condition, well marked.

Ref: Apollo-1-1-8

Price: $30 +P&P

Original Tool Kits, Tool Rolls, Tool Trays etc  

Heavy duty flat wrench spanner marked “VALVE TAPPET ADJUSTING SCREW WRENCH” Jaw is 5/8 (AF). This is supposed to be for side Valve engines – probably Ford V8.

Ref: SideValve-1, Price: $25

Three BSF / Whitworth pressed steel spanners with hex jaw bottoms. Marked as follows: large – no markings but sizes are 1/2 x 7/16, 3/8 x 5/16, small one is marked 5/16BSF 1/4W x 1/4BSF 3/16W.They would suit tool kits MG T series and other English cars.

Ref: Flat-4-E

Price: $35 +P&P

Three Whitworth pressed steel spanners with round jaw bottoms. Marked as follows: large – 1/2 x 7/16 (W), 3/8 x 5/16 (W), small one is marked 5/16BSF 1/4W x 1/4BSF 3/16W. They would suit tool kits MG T series and other English cars

Ref: Flat-4-F

Price: $35 +P&P

Open Ended Spanners  

Set of 6 Fairfax DOE A/F spanners. Marked “FAIRFAX” in a lozenge, “Drop Forged Australia, or Drop Forged AFE Australia” Sizes are: 15/16 x 7/8, ¾ x 5/8, 9/16 x ½, 7/16 x 3/8, 3/8 x 5/16

Ref: Fairfax-1

Price: $35 +P&P

Four Whitworth Tool kit spanner by Gedore. Nickel plated, marked Foreign. Sizes ½ x 7/16, 5/16 x ¼, 3/16 x 1/8, 1/8 x 3/32

Ref: GedoreForeignSet-1

Price: AUD $35 +P&P

Four Heyco A/F spanners, all plated. A/F Sizes 25/32 x ¾, 11/16 x 5/8, 15x 14mm, 7/16 x 3/8. These look like a set for a Jaguar motorcar

Ref: Heyco SpannersSet-333

Price: AUD $45 +P&P

SSP DOE marked “SSP / Made in England” Sises are ¾ AF x 11/16 AF. Looks like a Jaguar Spanner. SSP is Sheffield Steel Products.

Ref: SSP-2

Price: AUD $25 +P&P


Flat Plte spanner, Cad plated, jaws marked 5/6BSF x 7/16BSF. No maker, good condition.

Ref: BSF-1

Price: $15 + P&P

Leyland King Dick Brand Spanner no 39857. It is marked in both BSF and Whit sizes and the Leyland logo. Monster spanner, 17 inches long, 1W x 1-1/8W, 1.5Kg.

Ref: Leyland-39857

Price: $45 +P&P

Leyland Snail Brand Spanner no 39863. It is marked in both BSF and Whit sizes and the Leyland logo. 1/4W x 5/16W

Ref: Leyland-39863

Price: $45 +P&P

Bung / Sump spanner marked “Leyland-14614C P.F.W. ”. It has two sizes of square male bung ends.

Ref: Leyland-14614C

Price: $25 +P&P

Bung / Sump spanner marked “Leyland-14614C-7”. It has two sizes of square male bung ends.

Ref: Leyland-14614C-7

Price: $25 +P&P



A set of Herbrand Tappet Spanners Wrenches. Sizes range fro 7/8 AF down to 7/16 AF. Weight 370g

All have black parkerised finish to shaft with polished faces.

Marked "VAN-CHROME Herbrand TAPPET"

Sizes are;

H4 - 7/8 x 3/4

H3 - 11/16 x 5/8

H2 - 9/16 x 1/2

H1 - 17/32 x 7/16


Our reference: Herbrand-Tappet

Price $25 + P&P


Austin spanners - set of four, including the elusive ignition spanner

Ref: Austin-Set

$40 + P&P


King Dick 4 inch Crescent type shifter / adjustable wrench. Marked with number H/301EA near the knurl. Some bruising to jaws which don't close quite flush. This may suit some Jaguar models.

Ref: KD-4inCrescent

Price: $55 + P&P

King Dick Six Point Tappet Spanner marked 1/4W KING DICK.

ref: KD-Tappet, Price $50 + postage

Two King Dick spanners, heavily chromed. The first one looks like a tool post spanner, sizes are 5/8AF and 1/2 AF.

The second one has marked sizes of 3/4W 7/8 BSF. it is quite flat and might be for a chuck or hydraulic work.

Weight approx 650g.

Ref KD-9

Price: AUD $25 plus P&P


King Dick DOE Whitworth spanners, set of three, sizes marked as per pics and below. Condition – very good.

3/8W x 7/16W

5/16W x 3/8W

1/4W x 5/16W

$35 + P&P

Ref KD-Set-1

King Dick DOE spanner 1/2AF x 7/16A/F


Showing both sides

$15 + P&P

Ref: KD-A701

King Dick DOE Whitworth spanner, dual marked 7/16W, 1/2BS x 1/2W, 9/16BS. CV A705.

Most chrome plating is good, with just a few small spots on the larger jaws, see pics. Clik pic to enlarge

Ref: KD-A705

Price: $20

Shelley spanners – old style, pre-war, with the maker in a lowered oval lozenge

Ref: Shelley-Oval Mark

Price: $35 +P&P

Selection of Pennant spanners at marked prices

No 6 is a Pennant giant block spanner, each end has 2 stepped jaws This is shaped like a bicycle block spanner, but almost twice the size - possibly for motorbikes.


Whitworth Tappet Spanner 1/2". It would suit motoring tool kits, Ford and others.

Ref: WW-Tappet

Price: $15 +P&P

One dual marked BSF / Whitworth pressed steel spanner with hex jaw bottoms.It would suit tool kits for some early English cars.

7/16BSF 3/8W x 3/8BSF 5/16 W

It would suit tool kits for some early English cars.

Ref - Flat-5-B

Price: $15+P&P

Pressed Steel Spanner with hex jaw bottoms. Marked only 3/8 & 5/16. They are Whitworth sizes. It would suit English cars and motorbikes.

Ref - Flat-5-C

Price: $15+P&P

Set of four Whitworth Superslim T Williams spanners. all matched. These have flat shaft compared to the more common ribbed shaft. Weight 750g

They have some black finish, sizes are:

1/2 Whit x 7/16 whit

7/16 Whit x 3/8 Whit

3/8 Whit x 5/16 Whit

5/16 Whit x 1/4 Whit

$40 + P&P

Ref: SuperslimFlat-3


3 T Williams Superslim spanners marked: "Superslim / British Made" These ate rarely seen as the more common T Williams Superslim have "Made in England".

We don't know the significance of the different mark, but it is very uncommon.

Sizes are 1" W x 7/8"W - a large heavy spanner

1/2W x 7/16W

7/16 W x 3/8 W

Ref: TW-Whit-British

$50 + P&P


SUNBEAM ALPINE / TIGER, TRIUMPH TR, ROOTES Group Toolkit TW Spanners: ½ x 7/16AF, 9/16 x 1/2AF, 5/8 X 3/4AF, 13/16 x 11/16AF. Includes the supplementary one for Tiger MKII – 15/15 x 7/8AF. We also have a pump which may suit the Rootes group vehicles see this link

Ref: Rootes Spanners

Price: $75 +P&P

Set of 7 AF TW Superslim Spanners

Ranging in size from 1-1/8 AF down to 1/2AF

All DOE's are marked the same: Superslim / Made in T/W England, the single ender is only marked 5/8AF

Suits many English cars with AF sizes such as Jags and others.

Sizes are:

1-1/8"AF x 15/16"AF

3/4"AF x 11/16"AF

3/4"AF x 5/8"AF

3/4"AF x 9/16"AF

5/8"AF x 9/16"AF

9/16"AF x 1/2"AF

The single ender is only marked 5/8"AF

$50 + P&P

Ref: SuperAF-2


Snail Spanners, set of 5 of similar design. Used with many British Cars and Trucks.

Sizes marked in Whitworth on one side and BSF on the other:

9/16W, 5/8BS x 11/16W, 3/4BS

7/16W, 1/2BS x 9/16W, 5/8BS

3/8W, 7/16BS x 1/2W, 9/16BS

5/16W, 3/8BS x 3/8W, 7/16BS

1/4W, 5/16BS x 5/16W, 3/8BS

Price AUD $30 + P&P

Ref: Snail-1


Snail Spanners, set of 3, with dual Whitworth & BSF markings. Would suit early Jag, rover, Land Rover, possibly others

Sizes marked are as follows:

1/2W 9/16 F x 3/8 W 7/16 F (7-7/8" long)

7/16 W 1/2 F x 5/16 W 3/8 F (6-1/2" long)

1/4 W 5/16 F x 3/16 W 1/4 F (4-5/8" long)

Ref: Snail-2

Too Late

Shelley SAE spanners, marked: ¾ x 5/8SAE, ½ x 9/16 SAE & 3/8 x 7/16 SAE

Ref: Shelley-SAE-Set-1

Price: $ 30 +P&P

Shelley Spanner 4.75" long, marked "SHELLEY 5 / MADE IN ENGLAND SFU 202S, 1/2AF X 7/16 AF"

Ref: Shelley-Mot-6

Price: $15 +P&P

Shelley Spanner 6.25" long, marked "3/8 SHELLEY / BRITISH MADE 5/16"

Weight 140g plus packaging

Ref: Shelley-Mot-8

Price: $15 +P&P

Shelley Spanner 8.5" long, marked "1/2 SHELLEY 7/16".

Ref: Shelley-Mot-8e

Price: $15 +P&P

Shelley Spanner 6" long, marked "3/8 SHELLEY 5/16".

Ref: Shelley-Mot-8f

Price: $15 +P&P

Shelley spanner – old style, marked “3/8 SHELLEY 5/16” these are Whitworth sizes. Back of spanner has some pitting, and two shallow grind mark on one edge.

Ref: Shelley-Mot-21

Price: $25 +P&P

Set of three Shelley open ended spanners, dual marked Whitworth and BSF

Sizes marked as follows:

3/8W 7/16BSF x 3/8 BSF 5/16 W (6" long)

1/4 W 5/16 BSF x x 1/4 BSF 3/16 W (4-1/2 " long)

3/16 W 1/4 BSF x 3/16BSF 1/8 W (3-3/4" long)

Refa; ShelleySet-1

Price AUD $25 +P&P



Set of three Shelley open ended spanners, marked with Whitworth sizes. Backs have “British 40 Made”

Sizes are:

1/2 x 7/16 (W) (8-3/4" long)

3/8 x 5/16 (W) (6" long)

1/4 x 3/16 (W) (4-1/2" long)

Ref: ShelleySet-2

Price AUD $ 30 +P&P

Set of 6 Matador Whitworth Spanners. All are plated (Nickel I think) all but the smallest one have very good plating, the smallest has some tarnish.

Sizes Marked as follows:

1/2 W x 7/16 W

7/16 W x 3/8 W

3/8 W x 5/16 W

5/16 W x 1/4 W

1/4 W x 3/16 W

3/16 W x 1/8 W


Ref: MatadorSet-1

Price: AUD $75 +P&P

Set of 5 similar spanners for British Motorists REFORM brand. Weight:

Sizes marked in Whitworth on one side:

5/6 x 1/2

7/16 x 1/2

3/8 x 7/16

5/16 x 1/4

1/8 x 3/16

$30 + P&P

Ref: Reform-1

Set of 4 similar spanners for British Motorists REFORM brand. Weight: 700g

Sizes marked in Whitworth on one side:

1/2 x 7/16

7/16 x 3/8

5/16 x 1/4

3/16 x 1/8

$20 + P&P

Ref: Reform-2

Set of 6 similar spanners for British Motorists REFORM brand. Weight: 1.1Kg

SAE sizes marked on one side:

1-1/16 SAE x 15/16SAE

15/16SAE x 3/4SAE

7/8SAE x 3/4SAE

9/16SAE x 1/2 SAE

1/2SAE x 7/16SAE

3/8SAE x 5/16SAE

$35 + P&P

Ref: Reform-4


Set of 4 similar spanners for British Motorists LION brand.

Dual sizes marked as follows:

5/8BS, 9/16W x 1/2BS, 7/16W (modified R jaw)

1/2 BSW, 9/16BSF x 3/8BSW, 7/16BSF

3/8W x 5/16W

5/15BSW, 3/8BSF x 1/4BSW, 5/16BSF

$15 + P&P

Ref: Lion-4


Set of 3 Spearpoint Spanners dual marked BSF & Whitworth

$35 + P&P

Ref: Spear-1


Set of four vintageTipco Whitworth Open Spanners, Tipco stands for: “C. R. TIPPING & CO. LTD. Tipco Works, Lowfields Road, Leeds 12” Suitable for many vintage English cars, Rolls Royce etc. Weight 1.6Kg

Ref: TipcoSet-1

Price: AUD $50 +P&P

Set of four vintage Eagle brand open ended spanners. All are dual marked in Whitworth and BSF. They are branded Eagel on the front and Carbon on the back. Weight 0.6 Kg. Suitable for warious British vintage cars and I have been told that they were supplied with one of the Field Marshall tractors.

Ref: EagleCarbonSet-1

Price: AUD $50 +P&P


Set of 5 metric WGF Grantie spanners 32mm – 13mm.

Not sure where these come from, but well made, in good condition - they would make a fine motorists set.

$35 + P&P

Ref: Grantie