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Land Rover Tools, Jacks, Pumps, Manuals etc

Ozwrenches has a collections of Tools, Manuals and other items of interest to Land Rover restorers

Pictured below are some images and details of items surplus to our requirements and now available to purchase.

If considering making a purchase, don't be afraid to make contact on the link above and ask questions or request additional pictures.




Item Picture
Item Description
 Tools for early Land Rover  


Whitworth Snail Brand Spanners for early Land Rovers. Sizes are: 
3/8"W 7/16F
1/4"W 3/16F  3/16W 1/4F
7/16 1/2F x 5/16W 3/8F".


Ref: LR-WW-Set-2
Price: $50 +P&P

   BSF bent spanner as used in early Landrover Series.
 Sizes are marked "1/2BSF x 3/8 BSF"

Ref : Landrover Bent BSF DOE

Price: $20 +P&P

 Whitworth single ended spanner in early Landrover Series. Sizes are marked "3/8BSW x 7/16BSF"
The buyer has a choice - top one is marked D^D - ie Australian Military Mark for Department of Defense." If you are restoring an old military Landrover - this would look great in the tool kit.

Below that is a plain one suited to civilian vehicles.

Ref : Landrover WW SOE
Price: $20 each + P&P

A/F Spanners for early Land Rovers. Sizes are 7/16 x 1/2"AF, 11/16 x 3/4" A/F and 5/8 x 9/16" A/F. Reverse is marked "BRITISH MADE" on each one.

Ref: Land Rover A/F Set

Price: $50 +P&P

   T/W Superslim AF spanners for early Landrover
Sizes are 3/4AF x 11/16AF, 5/8AF  x 9/16AF, 9/16AF x 1/2AF, 1/2AF x 7/16AF

Ref : Landrover AF SOE
Price: $40 +P&P


   9 inch tyre levers, Made in England TL.85
Ref: Melco-TL85
Price: $25 +P&P

Dunlop 9 inch tyre levers, Made in England TL.11
Ref: Dunlop-TL11

Price: $25 +P&P

6 inch King Dick Shifter Adjustable Wrench. Some bruising on side 2 has been cleaned up.

Ref: KD-6in

Price: $20 +P&P

6 inch SHELLEY Shifter Adjustable Wrench. Poor condition, see pics. It looks to have been used for running repairs, so deserves some TLC.

Ref: ShelleyShifter

Price: $20 +P&P

8in Wire loop handles screwdriver, suits Land rover and lots of other English cars

Ref: WireHandled

Price: $25 +P&P 

Shelley pumps are listed on this page  

Shelley LJ31 Screw Jack triple lift. 1955 date. Some suggestions on the internet that it was supplied with series I & II Land Rovers. Also used for Morris 1/4 ton vans. There is a chip out of the base. No handle, untested.

Ref: Shelley-LJ31-2

Price: $50 +P&P


Range rover Discovery hydraulic Jack, made by CORAM of Italy

More info this page:

Ref: RroverDiscoveryJack,  No handle, untested.

Price: $75 +P&P


Series II Land Rover Parts Catalogue, Petrol & Diesel Models. By the Rover company part no 4187, January 1958. Over 300 pages. Good Condition

Ref: Land Rover Series II Jan 1958

Price: $150 +P&P




Series II Land Rover Parts Catalogue Revised, Petrol & Diesel Models By the Rover company part no 4187, January 1958, revised October 1959. Over 500 pages. Good Condition

Ref: Land Rover Series II Jan 1958, revised Oct 1959

Price: $150 +P&P

Series IIA and IIB Land Rover Forward Control Parts Catalogue. Petrol & Diesel Models. By the Rover company part no 4862 December 1966. Over 340 pages. Covering 4-cyl 2-1/4 litre Petrol & Diesel Models, 6-cyl 2.6 litre Petrol Models. Some dogeared pages but good condition overall.

Ref: Land Rover Series IIA & IIB Jan 1966

Price: $150 +P&P