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Magneto Spanners, Ignition Spanners etc

Ozwrenches has a large collections of Tools, Manuals and other collectables

Pictured below are some images and details of items surplus to our requirements and now available to purchase or swap.

If considering making a purchase, don't be afraid to make contact on the link above and ask questions or request additional pictures.

Item Picture
Item Description
Bonney-Zenel 5 piece ignition spanner wrench set. Sizes H16, H15, H14, H12, H10. Housed in a cloth wrap.

Ref: Bonney-Zenel-IgnitionSet
Price: $75 plus postage
Herbrand 9 piece ignition spanner wrench set.

Ref: Herbrand-IgnitionSet
Price: $75 plus postage

Stahlwille BA Ignition spanner set. Quality German tools. The spanners are temporarily housed in a vinyl wallet from a different maker for the photo. Spanner sizes range from 0BA, 1BA, 2BA, 3BA, 4BA & 5BA, each spanner has two of the same sized jaws, but ends are at about 15deg and 40deg to enable the adjustment of difficult to access nuts. The spanners are available without the red wallet.

Ref: Stahwille Set
Price: $100 + postage
Dreusicke imperial small service spanners, long series, used for maintenance of printers, office machines etc and in their day – Typewriters. 5 spanners ranging in size from 1/8" up to 15/64"

Ref: Dreusicke Set
Price; $25 + postage
Magneto Spanner set marked “WEBMORE” BA sizes 1-6. pitted, no plating left.
Ref: Maggy-34-Webmore
Price: $15 + postage
Pope Magneto spanner set, 5 spanners plus a screwdriver
Ref: Maggy-32-Pope-6piece
Price: $20 Plus postage
Pope Magneto spanner set, 8 spanners plus a screwdriver and feeler gauge
Ref: Maggy-31-Pope10piece
Price: $25 + postage
Villiers Feeler Gauge, in good condition, feeler unmarked, but measures .015(15 thou). Good condition.

Ref: Maggy-30 Villiers Feelers
Price: $25 +Postage
Villiers magneto screwdriver, 5.5" long and with the script "Villiers Magneto" stamped on the shank. Original condition, has not been reground

Ref:  Maggy-29-Villiers magneto screwdriver
Price: $25 = postage
  Smiths Carburettor spanners, marked “SMITHS CARBURETTOR 179 TO 185 Portland St W”.   Jaws are 3/4” A/F, and 5/16 A/F internal hex socket. Suits some prewar Bentleys, and probably many other cars with Smiths carbys. Two available to chose from.

Ref: SmithsCarbySpanners
Price per each: $45 +P&P

Splitdorf HT-0020 Magneto spanner with feeler gauge.

Good Condition

AUD $35 Plus postage

Ref #: Maggy-1

Marelli Magneto spanner wrench with feeler.

Suitable for Marelli Ignition systems as fitted to high end British cars and of course others

AUD $35 Plus postage

Ref #: Maggy-2

Magneto spanner 37A CX 52733/1.

Ref #: Maggy-4B

Price $25 +P&P

Perfex Ignition tool, Magento Tool, Feeler Gauges

AUD $25 Plus postage

Ref #: Maggy-5


Ignition / Points Spanner with spark plug and distributor feeler gauges.

AUD $20 Plus postage

Ref #: Maggy-7

Ignition / Points Spanner with brass feeler gauge.

AUD $20 Plus postage

Ref #: Maggy-8

Magneto / Ignition / Points Spanner with feeler gauge and screwdriver.

AUD $20 Plus postage

Ref #: Maggy-9

Wire loop handled screwdriver marked "Villiers Magneto"

AUD $25 Plus postage

Ref #: Maggy-12.

Magneto Spanner and feeler gauge and screwdriver combined.

AUD $15 Plus postage

Ref #: Maggy-13.

International Harvester Magneto Spanner 3/8" x 7/16" jaws.

AUD $25 Plus postage

Ref #: Maggy-14.

Magneto Spanner with 2 feeler gauges marked “BATTERY AND MAGNETO” on the top feeler.

Ref #: Maggy-16

AUD $25 Plus postage

North East Horn Wrench, two small hex box ends

Ref #: Maggy-18

AUD $25 Plus postage


Carburettor Spanner, no maker marked - but sometimes seen for sale as an Smith's carby wrench

Ref #: Maggy-19

AUD $25 Plus postage


Terry's Spanner hinged set comprising of a screwdriver and spanners 2BA, 4BA & 6BA


Ref; Maggy-20

Price AUD $25 Plus postage

Combination Magneto spanner / feeler gauge marked 12 (presumably 12 thou)


Ref; Maggy-21

Price AUD $25 Plus postage Lost / Missing

Combination Magneto spanner / feeler gauge marked 15 (presumably 15 thou) Light pitting.


Ref; Maggy-22

Price AUD $15 Plus postage

Terry's Spanner hinged set 3 In long, comprising of 4 unmarked spanners with jaw sizes 3BA, 2BA 1BA & 0BA

Ref: Maggy-23

Price AUD $25 Plus postage

Magneto / Ignition set, 5 sizes BA0 to BA8. Marked “H T & S ^ 1943”. Military broadarrow

Ref: Maggy-25

Price: AUD $35 +P&P

Magneto / Ignition set, 3 sizes BA2 to BA6. Marked “H W & S Ltd Crown AM 1939”^ 1943”. The AM beneath the crown stands for Air Ministry. Another military item.

Ref: Maggy-26

Price: AUD $35 +P&P