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Industrial / Handyman

Automotive VW RR

Sunshine, McKay / Massey Harris

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Item Information
Industrial / Handyman
Mcphersons Handyman Guide, black cover
Ref: Mcphersons Handyman-2
Price: $15 +P&P



Australian Motor Manual Annual 1952, reviews of all cars available in Australia in 1952.

Ref: MotorManual1952

Price: $25 +P&P

VW - Volkswagen  

VW Volkswagen Transporter 1986 Mechanics Workshop Manual 2.1 litre Fuel Injection Engine, 103 pages. Official VW publication # 000.5380.32.20. Good clean condition, no evidence of use.

Ref: VW-WS Manual-1, Price: $50 +P&P

VW Volkswagen Transporter 1982 Mechanics Workshop Manual 5 speen manual gearbox, 60 pages. Official VW publication # 000.5381.61.20. Good clean condition, no evidence of use.

Ref: VW-WS Manual-2, Price: $50 +P&P

VW Volkswagen Transporter 1985 Mechanics Workshop Manual Electrical Syatem, 79 pages. Official VW publication # 000.5381.12.20. Good clean condition, no evidence of use.

Ref: VW-WS Manual-3, Price: $50 +P&P

VW Volkswagen Transporter 1985 Mechanics Workshop Manual Running Gear, 77 pages. Official VW publication # 000.5380.82.20. Good clean condition, no evidence of use.

Ref: VW-WS Manual-4, Price: $50 +P&P

Rolls Royce  

Original Instructions for the care and running of the 20HP Rolls Royce.

Published by Rolls Royce in September 1923.

106 pages, plus two fold out wiring diagrams plus card covers.

Size 14cm x 22cm.

There are no owner markings or other ID in it, and the pages are clean and free from scribble. Binding is solid, as very desirable item.

Ref: RR-20HP

Price: AUD $350


Handbook for the 25/30 HP Rolls-Royce (Wraith) with instructions for running and maintenance, Number XVIII (17) Published by Rolls-Royce Ltd. 125 pages of text plus additional information about... "certain proprietry components viz., the battery, wheels and tyres, the permanent jacks, fuel pumps and fuel gauge provided as separate instructions by their respective makers will be found incorporated as pamphlets at the end of the book". Also has some loose pages provided as inserts / updates.

The Rolls-Royce 25/30 built between 1936 and 1938 is an updated version of the 20/25 with larger engine to provide more power.

The book has some number plates recorded on the inside cover, a dedication in biro on the inside fly cover, and a faint owner stamp at top of inside title page. The rest of the book is clean, binding is solid - a great handbook.

Ref: RR-25/30HP

Price AUD $350


Instruction Book for the 1-1/2 Litre, 4 cylinder Jowett Javelin, by Jowett Cars Ltd, Bradford , Issued March 1948.

Condition, has been folded lengthwise, slightly grubby, with dogeared bottom of pages.

Ref: Javelin-1, Price: $25 + P&P

Chevrolet Passenger Car Owner Manual, first edition, issued by General Motors-Holden's Ltd, July 1951 Part No 7381764

Ref Chev-1

$35 + P & P

CITROEN Front Wheel Drive Six Cylinder Model Repair Manual. French Designation 15-SIX (15 CV), British Designation “SIX” (22.6 H.P.) Published by Citroen Cars Limited Trading Estate, Slough, Eng., December 1950 Illustrations. 144 pages of illustrated diagrams of component parts, including Service Tools needed for repairs of each part.

Ref: Citroen-6, Price: AUD $55 +P&P

Rootes EASIDRIVE incorporating Smiths Automatic Transmission Stage II Workshop Manual 1961 Part No 6600841. Approx 150 pages of instructions, with illustrations. 600G, in very good clean condition, original publication.

Ref: Rootes Ezidrive. Price AUD $45 +P&P

DODGE Instruction Book T110-L-5 Sply / Mech 3 Ton – 4 x 2 by Chrysler Corp of Canada Ltd

Ref: Dodge-Instr
Price: $25 +P&P

Instruction book Ford Special Pattern Vehicles built for the British War Department, third Ed. The manual has had a RAAF paper sticker at some stage, which has almost completely gone.

Ref: Ford-Blitz

Price: $65 + P&P

B.M.C Workshop Manual(AD015) for Mini-Minor and Mini-Cooper., By B.M.C Service Ltd Cowley, Oxford, England. Illustrations of Morris Mini-Saloon, Morris Mini-Traveller, Morris Mini-Cooper, Morris Mini-Van. First 2 pages have very slight soiling, the rest is good. All in an original Vinyl 4 ring binder folder1.2 Kg

Ref: MorrisMini & Cooper Price: AUD $55+P&P

British Leyland Workshop Manual for the 1100 & 1300. The manual covers models: Morris 1100 Mk 1, Wolseley, Riley and M.G., Austin [except Deluxe], Morris 1300/1100 Mk 11 Super Deluxe and M.G. Sedan. Printed in England by The Nuffield Press Ltd, Cowley, Oxford 29/17 (80323) 5/70–7,007. Some grubby pages, but majority are clean. All in an original Vinyl 4 ring binder folder. 1.4 kg.

Ref: BMC1100-1300-WS-manual Price AUD $55 +P&P

Scientific Publications Workshop Manual No 65, for BMC 1100 – Austin 1100, Morris 1100, Saloon, Countryman, manuf 1962-68. Light greasy marks, but quite legible.

Ref: BMC 1100

Price: $30 + P&P

Scientific Publications Workshop Manual No 68, for Cortina Mk1 and Mk11 – 1200, 1300, 1500, 1600, Manuf 1962-70, Nice condition, no greasy prints of scribble

Ref: Cortina

Price: $35 + P&P

Cortina Owners Workshop Manual – Ford Cortina Mk3, 1300, 1600OHV, 1300 1600 2000 OHC, 1970-73. Hard bound. Light foxing on first and last few inner pages, otherwise good condition

Ref: Cortina-2

Price: AUD $35 + P&P

VW Beetle Instruction Manual for models VW1500,VW1300, VW1200.

August 1969. Part no 158.265.20. Printed in Germany.

Model illustrated and referenced throughout is a 1500 LHD. Cover is creased as per pic.

Colour foldout is a bit ratty along the fold.

REF: VW Beetle-1

$35 + P & P


Healing Repair & Tune-Up Manual for Popular English Cars & Trucks. This is a hard bound compilation of their Service Bulletins. Some light prints and soiling to pages, otherwise good condition.

Ref: Healing-1

$30 + P&P

Running and maintenance instructions for the Austin A70 Hampshire and A90 Atlantic. Pub No 548B Nov 1949. 49 pages, reasonable condition

Ref: AustinA70-A90

$35 + P&P

Instruction book for the Bradford Type C.C. 10 cwt Commercial Vehicle made by Jowett Cars limited, Idle, Bradford, Yorkshire, England, Nov 1949. 46 pages, some scribble on the last blank page, fairly clean, light dog-ears

Ref: Jowett-Bradford-1

$25 + P&P

1956 Motor Spares Catalog of Motoring and Boating Spares

160 pages of spares, replacement parts, accessories and special tools

Ref - MotorSpares-1956

$25 + P & P


1960 Motor Spares Catalog of Motoring and Boating Spares

160 pages of spares, replacement parts, accessories and special tools

Ref - MotorSpares-1960

$25 + P & P

1962 Motor Spares Catalog of Motoring and Boating Spares

160 pages of spares, replacement parts, accessories and special tools

Ref - MotorSpares-1962

$25 + P & P


Triumph TR7 Owners Emission Control Handbook, Australian Content

Ref - TR7-1

$25 + P & P


Spare Parts List for Vincent Motorcycles Series B & C 988cc, Black Lightning, Black Shadow, & Rapide, 499cc Series B, Series .Photocopy in a folder of clear sleeves. Over 500g weight.

Ref: VincentParts

Price: AUD $35 + P&P

Jap Speedway Engine Manual – 500cc Speedway Engine Type 4B. Book looks to be a reproduction.

Ref: Jap-1

$15 + P&P




Ref: Preserving

Price: $25 +$5 postage




Sunbeam Machinery Catalogue and General Reference Book. In very good condition. original 1950's advertising catalogue for Sunbeam farm machinery products. The catalogue covers such things as machines, grinders, hand shears, wool presses, conversion gear, AC gear. The catalogue has 40 pages. All pages are intact and the staples are firm. The catalogue is published by the Sunbeam Corporation. Size: Width 21.0 cms, Height 27.8 cm, Weight.162 grams

Ref: Sunbeam-Cat

Price: $50 + $6 postage

Instruction Book for Howard junior Rotary hoe. 40 pages, clean, good condition.

Ref: Howard-Jr

Price: $30 + $4 postage

Lister ST 1,2,3 Cyl Diesel Engines, air cooled Parts List. 100 pages, clean, good condition.

Ref: ListerDiesel-1

Price: $30 + $4 postege

Chamberlain Champion 9G and Champion Industrial Mk 11 Parts Book. 126 pages with exploded diagrams and parts listed. Part Number 22233. 12th Ed 1964

Ref: Chamberlain-5

Price: $100 +P&P

Chamberlain Operators Instructions for Scarifier 25 & 29 tyne. Part No 45182, December 1969

Ref: Chamberlain-3

$25 + P&P

Chamberlain Front Gearbox Parts changes for Champion MK11 Tractors from Serial Number IND. 4305. 15 pages with exploded diagrams and parts listed. Covers grubby, inside OK.

Ref: Chamberlain-1

$25 + P&P

Partner R16 Chainsaw Instructions & Parts. Includes instructions for safe handling & falling trees.

Ref - Partner-1

$25 + P & P


Operating Instructions Mark 10 and 12 Villiers Four Stroke Engines, includes Spare Parts List

Ref - VilliersMark10-12

$25 + P & P


Operating Instructions & Spare Parts List for Villiers Two stroke Engines Mk.2 & Mk.3 MIDGET. Very good condition, clean inside and out, 18 pages incl multiple plates.

Ref: Villiers-Midget

Price: AUD $25 + P&P

Operating Instructions Mark 12/1 & 12/2 Villiers Four Stroke Engines, includes Spare Parts List

Ref - VilliersMark12/1&12/2

$25 + P & P

Instruction Book Fordson Dexta Pertol Engine

Ref - Fordson-1

$30 + P & P


International Harvester  

IHC-GL323 Three point linkage Setting up Instructions & parts List

Ref: IHC-M1

Price $15 + p&p