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Vintage Military Items for Sale

Ozwrenches has a large collections of vintage military items, some of which are for sale on this page

Pictured below are some images and details of items surplus to our requirements and now available to purchase or swap.

If considering making a purchase, don't be afraid to make contact on the link above and ask questions or request additional pictures.

WWII Willys MB Ford GP GPW Jeep

Army Blitz - CMP - Canadian Military Pattern Vehicles

Land Rover Military & Civilian

Australian Military Marked Tools - D^D

Paper: Training Manuals, Instructions etc

Barbed Wire Cutters


Military Spanners

Item Picture
Item Description
Bolo Machete looks like WW2 stock. No obvious maker marked
Ref: Machete-Bolo, no name
Price: $100 plus postage

Folding ½” Drive, Nato Number 5120-12 143-5756. Presumably a military item.

Ref: 5120-12-143-5756
Price: $35 + postage
H Brindley battery terminal pliers marked H Brindley 1944 with military broad arrow.
Ref: BrindleyH
Price: $25 plus postage

Large 6inch Howitzer spanner marked “6in HOWr & 5.5inch Equips, No 872 CM3594” Jaws are 2-1/4”WW x 2”WW.
Ref: HowitzerSpannerCM3594
Price: $75 plus postage
Australian Military Marked Tools
Zircalloy-a.jpg Showing both sides of a Zircalloy 4inch shifter. Zircalloy were made at the SAFL in Lithgow and this has had military use with the D↑D marking.

Ref: Zircalloy-4inShifter-DoD
Price: $25 plus postage
Sunshine D^D marked 9 inch shifter, in very good condition, jaws are square,but have a little burring.and the shifter is in overall v good condition.
ref: SunshineDoD
Price: $25 + postage
Gregory Steel Products (GSP) DOE  D↑D marked, jaws marked 1” x 15/16 SAE. Large jaw has been opened out somewhat.

Ref: Gregory Steel Products (GSP) DOE  D^D
Price: $20 +Postage
Un named DOE, looks like GSP product. Marked ↑222, 5/16 x ¼ (W)

Ref: (GSP)↑222
Price: $15 +Postage
Two Tube Spanners with D^D markings.
No 1, is 6inch long, sizes are 14mm x 18mm. Marked also BTM (British Tube mills). Also marked with army acceptance mark 857

No 2. No2 is a spark plug spanner measured at 7/16W, marked D^D, nothing else.

Ref: DoD-Tubes-x2/1 & 2
Price: $25 each plus postage

Turner Australia 8 inch flat blade screwdriver with tang through wooden handle. Blade is 8in long, handle is 6in long, total length 14 inches, unused. this is an armourers screwdrivers to undo/do up the long bolt in the butt of a .303 Lee Enfield rifle that holds the wooden butt to the metal action. There is a flap in the brass butt plate where the oil bottle and string pull-through are kept - pull these out and that gives you access to the screw - hence the length.

Ref: Turner8inchScrewdriver
Price: $35 +P&P

Australian Military broad arrow marked head bolt / spark plug  wrench probably for Ford engines.

Ref: head spanner
Price: $30 +P&P
Two 6inch heavy walled Australian military marked broad arrow box / tube spanners. Marked 1/4W x 5/16W, BTM D^D. BTM stands for British Tube Makers who usually supplied tubing for bicycle manufacture, but evidently were contracted to produce product for the military duringWWII. price Per each.

ref: BTM-tubes-1/4 x 5/16
Price: $25 each plus P&P
4.5 inch tubular box spanner wrench with Australian military mark “D^D 1231Z” Openings measure 3/8 x 7/16WW.
Paper: Training Manuals, Instructions etc
Right or Wrong? Elements of Training and Leadership Illustrated 1937, Department of Defence.

Ref: Right of Wrong
Price: $25 +P&P
Dodge, Fargo, Plymouth and De Soto : Australian army vehicles spare parts catalogue and interchangeability list / prepared by the Master General of the Ordnance. Notified in G. O.’s dated 31st December, 1943. 118 foolscap pages, typwritten and staple bound. In very good condition.

Ref:  Dodge-Fargo-parts-catalogue
Price:  $150 +P&P
Barbed Wire Cutters  

Australian Military Barbed Wire Cutters, Marked "Sunshine 1946 D^D" plus Broad Arrow and inspection number

Ref: SunshineWireCutters194
Price: $40 plus postage

Gregsteel Barbed Wire Cutters
Ref: GregsteelWireCutters
Price: $25 plus postage
   Military wire cutters, folding infantry type marked “SSP-1943” with broad arrow

Ref: SSP-1943
Price: $45 +$10 P&P

Military Wire Cutters

Marked "AW over A" - Maker not known to this collector

Pitted condition

Ref: AWA-1

Price AUD $25 +P&P

Military Wire Cutters marked "C.H.P. 1944” also broad arrow.

Ref: CHP-1944

Price: $45 +$10 P&P

Military Wire Cutters Marked "E.T.F.Ltd"

E.T.F. is Engineering Tool & Forgings Limited of St. Catharines, Ontario.

Info from Garage Gazette where there is a huge lot of info about ETF.

Ref: ETF
Price: $45 +$10 P&P

Military Wire Cutters marked "256 / (19)44"

Pitted condition

Maker not known to this collector

Ref: 256/44

Price: AUD $25 + $10 P&P

Military Spanners  

Military marked DOE by Gordon Tools Sheffield England jaws 41mm x 33mm, marked “L35 7336 ^ 1989” these look like NATO numbers.
Ref: Gordon-DOE-1
Price: $25 plus postage

Military marked DOE by Gordon Tools Sheffield England jaws 25mm x 24mm, marked “910 6296 1987 ^”  these look like NATO numbers.
Ref: Gordon-DOE-3
Price: $25 plus postage
Military marked DOE, jaws are 25/32AF x 13/16AF, marked “VI Ltd ^ 1945 / 12/4229” Speculation that VI stands for Vickers Industries.
Ref: VI-Ltd
Price: $25 plus postage
Gedore 15/16A/F Combination spanner wrench no 5126-99-1206327 ^ 94, this looks like a nato number, it has the broad arrow mark on it.
Ref: Gedore15/16 Combo
Price: $25 + Postage
Military broad arrow marked spanner ½ x 3/8(W) 1944, TW

Ref: Spanner 1944
price; $25 + postage
G J Hall Budding spanner / wrench, 12 in long, Military broad arrow over the name. This type of adjustable wrench was part of the kit for the 18 pounder artillery piece British & Australian forces (and others)), but in 8 inch and 15 inch sizes.
   It seems likely that this one was issued with another gun such as the 13 pounder.
Ref:  Hall Budding wrench
Price: $35 +P&P
Britool handled socket spanner no 1286, also marked 2/37 and broad arrow. Unknown purpose. The 2/37 may be a date or unit.

Ref: Britool-1286
Price: $25 +P&P

King Dick Military ring spanner numbered 1276117. Sizes are 25/32 x 13/16. In as new condition, probably unused

Ref: KD-1276117

Price AUD $25 +P&P

King Dick Military ring spanner numbered 1276118. Sizes are ¾ A/F x 7/8 A/F. In as new condition, probably unused

Ref: KD-1276118

Price AUD $25 +P&P

King Dick Military ring spanner numbered 1357485. Sizes are 19 M/M x 22 M/M. In as new condition, probably unused

Ref: KD-1357485

Price AUD $25 +P&P

King Dick Military ring spanner numbered 9105973. Sizes are 15/16 A/F x 1” A/F. In as new condition, probably unused

Ref: KD-9105973

Price AUD $25 +P&P

   N 1941 US Navy sight universal spanner 20MM wrench. Marked “S” and “21” over “20MM OE MKS. I & II” over a circle with a “P” with a diagonal line through it “N 1941”. Wrench measures 6 7/8” long by 1-15/16” at widest point by 3/16” thick. Slight chip in the screwdriver blade.

Ref:  20mmGunSpanner
Price: $50 +P&P


Two Military spanners, a King Dick and a Britool items are stamped Z3045 & Z3043. Bottom one has "For use on Unions Only"

Pics show both sides.

Ref: SOE x 2

Price: $25 for the pair + P&P