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Chain Breakers and Belt Punches

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Tool Rolls / Kits for motorbikes  

Stubby Ring spanner set all by Macrome (UK). Looks like a military canvas tool roll . SAE Sizes are: 3/8 x 7/16, 7/16 x 1/2, 1/2 c 9/16, 9/16 x 5/8, 19/32 x 11/16, 11/16 x 13/16, 3/4 x 7/8. Some plating loss in small areas.

Ref: Macrome-kit

Price: $75 +P&P




Motorbike or small engine tool roll. The cloth roll is heavily impregnated with wax and is quite stiff. Tools include a Hammertight Wrench for removal of the flywheel on Villiers engines. Some other tools are by Superslim & Snail. Two of the spanners have 1944 date and military arrow. Also included is an unusual tyre lever, and a heavy duty ring spanner, with box end which is 1-3/8 A/F across the hex flats – looks too big for spark plugs. Possibly for a militry motorbike or other engine from WWII.

Ref Villiers- Price $250 plus postage

Yamaha motorbike tool kit, looks to be complete and in good condition. 14 pieces plus plastic pouch. Weight about 920 grams.

Ref Yamaha-2 Price $55 plus postage

AJS, Matchless - AMC  
Ref # AJS-1, $15 + P&P A.J.S. Motorbike spanner
Ref # AJS-2, $15 + P&P A.J.S. Motorbike spanner #55
Ref # AJS-3, $20 + P&P A.J.S. Motorbike combination spanner
Ref # AJS-4, $15 + P&P A.J.S. Motorbike spanner #53

Ref # AJS-5, $35 + P&P

A.J.S. Motorbike spanner 52 forked combo tool

This item has been variously identified as a clutch tool or a valve tool. I can't find it in any parts list from the 1950's, perhaps and earlier model? Info required.

Ref # AJS-7, $25 + P&P

A.M.C. Motorbike spanner 3/8 x 5/16 DOE(Whit), listed as 017053 for 51 year Singles


AMC Spanner Only marked: 1/4 AMC 3/16". these are WW sizes

Ref # AMC-3,

Price: $25 + P&P

Ref # AJS-8, $15 + P&P

A.J.S. Motorbike spanner

Ref # AJS-9, $35 + P&P A.J.S. Motorbike spanner #91, 1-9/16" jaw, plus C spanner
Ref # AJS-10, $35 + P&P A.J.S. Motorbike spanner #93 double ended C spanner
Ref # AJS-11, $40 + P&P A.J.S. Motorbike spanners #53, #54 & #55
Ref # AJS-12, $20 + P&P

AMC Motorbike Spanner by T Williams British Made.

Sizes marked as "1/4W 5/16BSF AMC 3/16W 1/4BSF"

Click on pic for larger pic

Ref: AJS-13, $25 +P&P A.J.S. Motorbike spanners unmarked but same as #53 & #54. Thought to be for later models.
Ref # Ariel-1, $25 + P&P

Ariel SOE flat spanner.

Marked only "ARIEL"

Ref # Ariel-2, $25 + P&P

Ariel DOE flat spanner.

Marked "G155A..1105"

Ref # Ariel-2B, $15 + P&P

Ariel DOE flat spanner. Marked "ARIEL" same sizes as the G155A, but has the Ariel name on it.

The larger jaw looks to have been enlarged

Ariel DOE flat spanner. Marked "G155..1305"

Ref # Ariel-G155, $25 + P&P

Ref # Ariel-3, $35 + P&P

Ariel Clutch Screwdriver

Listed for 1937 RH 500 Ariel Single, possibly others fop clutch spring nuts no 6616-29

Also suitable for some Triumph Bikes

Ref # Ariel-4, $25 + P&P

Ariel DOE forged spanner.

Marked "3/16 ARIEL 1/4" (BSF or new Whitworth sizes)

Ref # Ariel-5, $25 + P&P

Ariel DOE forged spanner.

Marked "C1/50 Ariel" also has mark DFA in an oval circle nd VBW in a Staffordshire knot. (VBW is Vaughan Bros of Willenhall)

Ref # Ariel-6, $25 + P&P

Ariel DOE forged spanner.

Marked "ARIEL" in raised lettering and other side has "1/2 x 7/16" (BSF or new Whitworth sizes)

Ref # Ariel-7, $25 + P&P

Ariel DOE flat spanner. Jaws are 7/16 x 1/2” AF

Marked only ARIEL


Combination tool – tyre lever and two open enders (10 & 12mm) for DKW motorbikes

Ref: DKW-6-122920-0

Price: $25 +P&P

Ref # DKW-1, $25 +P&P

Open Ended Spanner Marked DKW / 15006

Jaws measure 22mm x 26mm

Ref # DKW-2, $25 +P&P

Open Ended Spanner Marked DKW / 15005

Jaws measure 17mm x 19mm

Ref # DKW-4, $25 +P&P

Spark Plug Spanner with an additional hex openings in handle

Will fit a 21mm plug, hex opening is 18mm

Ref # DKW-5, $25 +P&P Adjusting tool for forks ?, one end hex, other round pin

It is listed in a 1918 catalogue thus: "GK-853. A single drop forged wrench made to fit manifolds on 1915 - 1918 motors and side-car ball joint nuts and lock nuts.
A similar one is listed and pictured for the Model 42 WLA Solo built for the US Army. In this case it is described as a Manifold Wrench and has Federal Stock No: 41-W-1570-10 and HD No: 12003-X. The jaw opening is 1-7/8” A/F
It may be that this wrench was carried through the intervening years with similar or different stock / part numbers.
This wrench was manufactured by Modern Drop Forge a company which celebrated it's 100th year in 2014. Wrench has light pitting on underside.

Ref: Harley-GK-853-F

Price: AUD $120 +P&P


Thought to be a Cranked Wrench for early Harley and later motorbikes for spark plugs and other uses.

Ref: HarleySparkPlugWrench

Price: AUD $25 +P&P

Valve cover wrench / spanner for Harley Davidson Flathead WL WLA, Motorcyles. It is in good condition, with some signs of storage, but looks hardly used.

Ref # HD-6

Price AUD $50 +P&P


Harley Davidson Wrench DK808 for Inlet Housing Clamp Nuts. Right for 1915 Harley Models

Ref # HD-1

Price $75 +P&P

Harley Davidson Wrench DK808 for Crank Case Stud Nuts and Inlet Housing Clamp Nuts. Right for 1918 onwards Harley Models.

Note that this later model has the driver for bi-furcated nuts, unlike the earlier one above.

Ref: HD-2B

Price: $75 +P&P

Spoke tool, suits Harley and many other bikes

Ref: SpokeTool-1

Price: $25 +P&P

Harley chain breaker tool part no: RK-742T. Note there has been some grinding in the keeper area, and the handle rising vertically at left is welded on.

Ref: Harley-RK-742T

Prices: $75 +P&P


Harley Davidson WLA WLC 11804X Tool Kit wrench. The number is not marked on the wrench

Ref # Harley-3

$40 +P&P


Indian Motorcycle open end spanner wrench (9/16 x 13/16 AF as measured). Only marked "INDIAN MOTOCYCLES"

ref: IndianDOE-3

Price: $35 +P&P

Indian Motorcycle Box end spanner wrench (13/16 x 7/8 AF), only marked "INDIAN MOTOCYCLES"

Ref: IndianDRing-1B, Price $35 + P&P

Indian Motorcycle open end spanner wrench (13/16 AF), only marked "INDIAN MOTOCYCLES"

Ref: IndianSOE-1, Price $35 + P&P

Indian Motorcycle open end spanner wrench (½ OE and alligator). Only marked "INDIAN"

Ref: IndianAlligator, Price $35 + P&P

Rudge, Rudge Whitworth  

Rudge DOE spanner. Marked RUDGE in raised letter in a flat recess on both sides.

Ref RudgeDOE, price $20

Rudge Whitworth marked on a flat spanner with multiple box sizes

Ref: RudgeWhitworth-1, Price $20

Rudge Whitworth marked on a flat spanner with multiple box sizes and C spanners.

Ref: RudgeWhitworth-2, Price $20

Nickel plated, some spots of missing plating, see larger pic


Triumph Motorbike Spanners, double ended flat ring spanners

$15 each (+P&P).

Click on image for larger picture

All spanners are marked "TRIUMPH C C Ltd"

Triumph Motorbike Spanners, double open ended flat spanners

$15 each (+P&P).

Click on image for larger picture

All spanners are marked "TRIUMPH C C Ltd"

Triumph Motorbike Spanners, double open ended flat nickel plated spanners

Ref no OE-15 is cranked

$20 each (+P&P).

Click on image for larger picture

All spanners are marked "TRIUMPH C C Ltd"

Triumph Spanner OETriumph Motorbike Spanner, double open ended flat spanner-5/8W x 7/16W

Ref: TriumpkOE-17

Price: $18 + P&P

Triumph Motorbike Spanner, double open ended flat spanner-5/16W x 11/16W

Ref: TriumpkOE-18

Price: $18 + P&P

Triumph Motorbike Spanners, ring / open ended flat spanners

ROE-2 is cranked

$20 each (+P&P).

Click on image for larger picture

All spanners are marked "TRIUMPH C C Ltd"

Triumph Motorbike "C" Spanners, combination and tappet spanners.

$18 each (+P&P).

Click on image for larger picture

All spanners are marked "TRIUMPH C C Ltd"

Triumph Tappet Spanners two types, square and hex ends $18 each or $30 the pair

Triumph Motorbike "C" Spanner, combination.

One O/E jaw looks to have been enlarged

Ref Triunmph SP-6 $15 (+P&P)

Triumph Motorbike Ring Spanner, forged, 6 pts both ends marked NA 66 VBW on the back, Vaughan Bros Willenhall.

Showing front and back

Ref FR-3

$18 (+P&P)

Triumph Motorbike Ring Spanners, forged, two versions

FR-1 - 12 pt & 6 pt ends

FR2 - 6 pts both ends marked NA 66 SoS on the back (Snail brand)

Both marked "TRIUMPH" in raised lettering

$18 each (+P&P)


Pennant brand screwdriver, very hard to find. this item is designated K12 in Vincent tool kits.

Ref: Vincent-K12

Too Late

Terry's Openended spanners marked "TERRYS SPANNERS TEMPERED STEEL / Made in England"

Top one matches the Vincent K4A - 0BA x 1BA

second one matches the Vincent K4B - 2BA x 3BA

bottom one is the Vincent K7 - Jenbro 3/8"W x 5/16"W

Ref Vincent K4A, Vincent K4B and Vincent K7

Price: $15 each + P&P

Vincent K5 - Jenbro 3/16"W x 1/4"W

Price: $15 + P&P

Jenbro 9/16"W x 7/16 "W

Price: $15 + P&P

7 inch tyre levers. Later type without any markings, matched Vincent K13

Ref: Vincent K13

Price: $15 +P&P

Miscellaneous Motorbike brands  

Vintage IVER JOHNSON 5-1/2" bicycle / motorbike wrench. Light pitting, owner stamp “R” on the head, works fine.

Ref: IverJ-1

Price: AUD $25 +P&P

Vintage IVER JOHNSON 6” bicycle / motorbike wrench. Some pitting, tyre lever end, works fine.

Ref: IverJ-2

Price: AUD $25 +P&P

Mystery Motorcycle maker – CT M/C Co Ltd. $20 each plus Postage

CZ motorbike spanner.

Česká zbrojovka (ČZ a.s.) is a Czech company producing components for the automobile industry and former firearms manufacturer also known for making ČZ motorcycles. ČZ was established as a branch of the Škoda Works Armament in Strakonice, Czechoslovakia in September 1919. (ref Wikipedia)

Ref CZ, price $25

Douglas Dragonfly. The launch of the Dragonfly was the last chance of survival for the Douglas company when it featured at the 1954 Earls Court motorcycle show in a big display held in a giant micrometer. Although it aroused a lot of interest, Douglas' finances did not allow them to exploit demand and the Dragonfly did not go into volume production for nine months

Ref: Douglas Dragonfly-1, Price: $25 +P&P

James motorcycle spanner marked ML55

Ref: James-ML55, Price: $25 +P&P

Small engine spanner marked J.A.P Rd no 706252. made by JA Prestwich Industries

Sell $25 + Postage

Cranked spanner for Norton Motorbikes marked GEARBOX TOP NUT

Ref: Gearbox, Price $35 + P&P

DOE Spanner marked FRONT AXLE, STEERING ENGINE. Not sure if for Norton bikes. but has similarities to the spanner aove

Ref: FrAxle, Price $35 + P&P

Tempo was a Norwegian motorcycle and moped brand. The first motorcycle to carry the Tempo brand was the Sachs 98cc engined Standard, made from 1934-39.

This spanner is 190mm long, the spark plug size is 14mm and it has a tyre lever end to the handle.

Ref: Tempo

Price: $35 +P&P

Vintage Velocette Motorbike Spanner, Whitworth sizes, 8 inches long.

Ref: Velocette, Price $35 +P&P

New Rapid Cycle Co of St George's Engineering factory, Birmingham. Depots in High Viaduct, London, and Leeds. Later made motorbikes.

Ref: NewRapid-1

Price: $30 +P&P

New Rapid Cycle Co of St George's Engineering factory, Birmingham. Depots in High Viaduct, London, and Leeds. Later made motorbikes.

Ref: NewRapid-2

Price: $30 +P&P

Chain Breakers / Splitters

Unmarked chain breaker, looks like the Coventry.

Ref :Breaker-Unk

Price $20 (+P&P)

King Dick Chain Breaker. It has a little weld to stop the lever from working loose, and the spring is a bit tired, but all still functional.

Ref: KD-Breaker

Price: $35 +P&P

Renold England chain breaker, Good condition

Ref: Renold-Breaker

Price: $30 +P&P

Belt Punches  
Out of stock




Tyre Levers  

Unmarked Tyre Levers, good condition

Ref: TyreLever-1

$20 (+P&P)

Bicycle Tools  
Abingdon King Dick  

Abingdon King Dick bicycles date back to late 1800’s. This is a very good example.

Ref: Abingdon-1

Price: $25 +P&P

Eadie. 1892 The Eadie Manufacturing Co produced sewing needles and bicycles.

Ref: Eadie-1

Price: $25 +P&P

Enfield. 1896 The New Enfield Cycle Company was registered on 1 July to take over from the Eadie Manufacturing Co certain works for cycle manufacture.

Ref: Enfield-1

Price: $25 +P&P

Harris. Made everything, prams, mangles, sewing machines, and evidently bikes

Ref: Harris-1

Price: $25 +P&P

Engels Bicycle spanner.

Ref: Engels-1

Price: $25 +P&P

Thomas Humber (1841–1910)[2] founded a bicycle manufacturing business at Nottingham which moved about 1878 to Beeston, Nottinghamshire.

Ref: HumberBicycle-1

Price: $25 +P&P

Rambler by Gormully & Jeffery Mfg. Co, a US maker.

Ref: Rambler-1

Price: $25 +P&P

Raleigh Bicycle Spanner The Raleigh Bicycle Company is a bicycle manufacturer based in Nottingham, England. Founded by Woodhead and Angois in 1885, who used Raleigh as their brand name, it is one of the oldest bicycle companies in the world

Ref: Raleigh-1, Price: $25 +P&P

Marriott & Cooper previously of Humber, Marriott & Cooper cycle makers of Nottingham and Beeston.

This spanner is for pennyfarthing, velocipede, tandem tricycle machines.

Ref: Marriott-1

Price: $100 +P&P

Moto-Reve: Moto Reve were established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1904, continuing in motorcycle production until 1925.

Ref: Moto-Reve-1

Price: $150 +P&P

Premier Coventry: 1891 July. The Premier Cycle Co Ltd was formed for the purpose of purchasing Hillman, Herbert and Cooper as a going concern

Ref: PremierCoventry-1

Price: $30 +P&P

John Hanman exhibited at the 1892 Stanley Cycle Show, held at the Royal Agricultural Hall, Islington. (16th show)(ref Grace’s Guide)

Ref: Hanman-1

Price: $45 +P&P

1899 the Mills and Fulford company was established by James Mills and William Henry Fulford. 1914 Sidecar manufacturers. Specialities: cycles, trailing cars, fore cars, side cars and rickshaws (ref Grace’s Guide)

Ref: Mills Fulford

Price: $55 +P&P


Non Specific


Antique Pin Spanner marked: W. H. FAUBER ORIGINATOR. BICYCLE CRANK SHAFT (Pat Application filed Mar 7 I893.)

This is history - worth heaps, but letting it go for peanuts.

Ref: Fauber

Price: $55 +P&P

Surefit Made in England. Not sure what it is for – possibly gears, brakes? has a symbol of R over B

Ref: Surefit-1

Price: $20 +P&P

Bicycle spanner marked “Radnall’s Compemnsating Caliper Brakes / Use Radnall’s Oil Bath Hubs”

Ref: Radnalls-1

Price: $25 +P&P

HOZAN TOOL CO PEDAL WRENCH J-201A . Jaws appear to be 5/8 INCH, or using a vernier, 15 x 16 mm

Ref: HozanJ201A

Price: $25 +P&P

PHILLIPS Bicycle Multi Part Spanner/Wrench Tool Kit in folding clip.

Marked on the top edge PHILLIPS PROV. PAT. 21890 MADE IN ENGLAND. Although this multi-tool was produced by Phillips the cycle manufacturer, it may be of interest to riders or owners of cycles such as Raleigh, Sun, Claude Butler, Falcon, Carlton, Triumph, Hercules, Rudge, Sunbeam, BSA, Pashley, Viking, Chater Lea, Merlin, New Hudson, Vindec, Norman, Swift, James, Hetchins, Youngs, Royal Enfield, Dawes etc.

Lots of blueing still remains

Ref: PhillipsMulti-1

Price: $25 +P&P



Bicycle spanner marked Webb in script. Good condition

Ref: Webb-1

Price: AUD $20 +P&P

New Hudson

Vintage Bicycle spanner marked “New Hudson”

Ref: NewHudson-1

Price: AUD $20 +P&P

Vintage Bicycle spanner marked “New Hudson”

Ref: NewHudson-2

Price: AUD $15 +P&P

Vintage Bicycle spanner marked “New Hudson”

Ref: NewHudson-3

Price: AUD $20 +P&P



Vintage Bicycle wrench marked “TRIBUNE BICYCLES / BLACK MFG CO ERIE PA.”

Ref: Tribune-1

Price: AUD $35 +P&P