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Petrolina, Garagenalia, Advertising etc

Ozwrenches has a modest collections of Enamel Signs, Oil & Petrol Tins, etc, more to come

Pictured below are some images and details of items surplus to our requirements and now available to purchase or swap.

If considering making a purchase, don't be afraid to make contact on the link above and ask questions or request additional pictures.

Item Picture
Item Description

Ampol Booklet-2  - “KEY INFORMATION” about 20 pages of driving tips etc

Ref: Ampol Booklet-2
Price: $35 + Postage

Ampol Booklet-1 – “INSIDE INFORMATION” about 46 pages on how an engine / car works.

Ref: Ampol Booklet-1
Price: $35 + postage
Enamel Signs  

Wrench / Lifter for driveway cover plates at petrol stations - it has a hex socket to undo bolt and a hook for lifting the plate via the hole.


Ref: Lifter

$35 + P &P

More Tins
Oil Bottles & Stuff

Bakelite cap - possibly for an oil dispenser bottle.

Info required

Ref Cap-1

Price - $20 plus postage