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Motoring Service Tools and Accessories

Ozwrenches has a large collections of Service Tools, Manuals and a few Panel Beating Tools

Pictured below are some images and details of items surplus to our requirements and now available to purchase or swap.

If considering making a purchase, don't be afraid to make contact on the link above or use the contact form on the main header and ask questions or request additional pictures.

Item Picture
Item Description
Service Tools


Vintage P-H Valve Lapping Tool. Hand cranking provides a  reciprocating action. Good condition. Made in USA

Ref: P-H Valve Lapper
Price: $50 plus postage
K-D Tools No. 715 Universal 7/16 - 3/4" Nut Cracker Buster Splitter Breaker USA.

Ref: K-D 715 Nut splitter
Price: $25 plus postage
KC-Tools Brake Star Wheel  Adjuster

Ref: KC-ToolsBrake adjuster
Price: $25 plus postage
K-D 2031 US Pat 3,564,711  - Cutter Chain Assembly - Exhaust & Tailpipe Cutter
Ref: K-D 2031 Pipe Cutter
Price: $30  plus postage
7.5 inch long crowfoot spanner, loose 1/2in hex opening, marked M3732. Not known what this is for, but the numbers are similar to pre war Chevrolet parts.
Ref: Crowfoot-M3732
Price: $25 plus postage
Bendix Brake Spanner 8 point box, sizes would fit a 3/8” sq brake adj nut.
Ref: BendixBrakeSpanner
Price: $25 plus postage
Special Service Tool punch / installer marked: “Tool-AXV/PS/33575” Not know to us what it is for, let us know if you have some info.

Ref:  Tool-AXV/PS/33575 
Price: $75 plus postage
Vintage Perm-a-grip Regd Tyre Spreader
ref: Tyre Spreader
Price: $50 +P&P
Britool Crowfoot spanner no z 1457, 8” tall – ¾” 12 point ring, ½” round bar drive. Purpose - advice recieved that this is an aircraft head spanner..
Ref: Britool-z1457
Price: $75 +P&P
Mitsubishi-03707-00001 crowfoot spanner wrench - unsure of purpose, can’t find a listing, possibly for diesel injectors.
Ref: Mitsubishi-03707-00001
Price: $75 +P&P
   Chrysler Valiant - Workshop Service Manual : Valiant 1970-1971 Very Good cond. Manual has had the top ¾ inch of front page removed, otherwise in good condition inside.

Ref: Valiant VF Service Manual
Price: $60 +P&P missing, possibly lost
  An extremely rare vintage BENTLEY tool in excellent condition This SMITHS CARBURETTOR SPANNER is the early wrench with the "Great Portland Street" script. Note this is a considerably thick wrench, later Smiths mass produced these wrenches from sheet metal this is the early very substantial tool correct for the WO Bentley. Marked “SMITHS CARBURETTOR 179 TO 185 Portland St W”.   Jaws are 3/4” A/F, and 5/16 A/F internal hex socket. Suits some prewar Bentleys, and probably many other cars with Smiths carbys. Two available to chose from.

Ref: SmithsCarbySpanners
Price per each: $75 +P&P
Herbrand820-StudPuller-a.jpg Herbrand No 820 Stud Remover / Installer Tool – Wheels Studs, Manifold, Head Bolts. Half inch sq drive. Australian Made Product

Ref: Herbrand820-StudPuller
Price: $30 plus postage

JaybenStudExtractor.jpg Jayben Heavy Duty Stud Extractor, Australian Made Product
Price: $35 plus postage

Austaloy Heavy Duty Stud Remover.  Australian Made Product

Condition - it is in good condition, has some teeth marks on the lower shaft.

Ref: Austaloy-1. Price AUD $35 +P&P

Stud Remover / Installer Heavy Duty Removal Tool – Wheels studs, Manifold, Head Bolts.

Ref: Hipswell-Stud-Remover

Price: $35 +P&P

Balancing Weight Pliers marked “Pat. 174712 Chrome Vanadium”. Slight plate loss on end of 1 handle and the tip has been sharpened to help grasp lead weights.Identical to the Heyco model, may be theirs.

Ref: Weight Pliers

Price: $35 +P&P

Garrington Obstruction Spanner REA2428 ¾ x 7/8 AF. Large half moon spanner, fully plated, in VG condition. 12 point rings are ¾ x 7/8 AF.

Ref: Moon-1

Price: $25 +P&P

Belzer Kolbennutenreiniger, Belzer No 2482 Piston Ring Groove Cleaner. DRGM. German quality.

Ref: Belzer Groove Cleaner #2482

Price: AUD $35 + P&P

Lumiso No 4000 Piston Ring Groove Cleaner. DRGM. German quality.

Ref: Lumiso No 4000 Piston Ring Groove Cleaner

Price: AUD $35 +P&P

Piston Ring Groove Cleaner. Unbranded

It has a work head with several different widths to cater for many sizes of ring groove.

Ref: GrooveCleaner

Price: AUD $20 + P&P


Toyota Land Cruiser Water Pump bearing puller and installer

kit # SST 09236-36010. Looks to be in unused condition, no evidence of use.

Ref: Toyota-09236-36010

Price: 150 + P&P

Warren and Brown dual Signal Tension / Torque Wrench, model 320300. Drive is not ¼ inch as is commonly portrayed on fleabay, but 9/32” square. This tension wrench will be accompanied but 9/32 to 3/8 inch adapter as specified in catalogue listings. The rated torque range is from 10 to 180 inch lbs. Indispensable for work on automatic transmissions, where it’s 7inch length allows access in cramped places. It is in near new condition.

Ref: W&B-320300

Price: $125 +P&P

Renault 760 engine overhaul kit. In a fitted steel box, weight 1.2kg

Ref: Renault-760-Kit

Price: $150 +P&P

NOS Detroit Diesel 6-71 Military Cylinder Head Wrench 15/16" 1950's PN EQ-205-5164351. Unused condition, lenght 20 inches Box end 15/16 AF.

Ref: EQ-205-5164351

Price: $35 +P&P

AWA Cruiser-6, 12 volt 6 Valve under-dash car radio. Has not been tested. crack in bezel, and 1 knob is damaged.

Ref: Cruiser, Price: $60 + Pickup Melbourne SE only.

Vintage Grotelite Grote 70-A Emergency Reflector Set of three in original steel box. Top of box has some corrosion spots rest is good. Complete with the flags and spring rods. No cracks or damage. Stored stacked in box separated by cloth flags, so no rubbing or scuffing, reflector sets in "as new" condition.

Ref: Grote, Price: $75 +P&P

Small spanner for adjusting the atomiser on a Perkins L4 diesel engine.

Ref: ET119

Price: $25 +P&P

Litchfield E0119 Internal Circlip Pliers, Dia range 1/2” - 2-1/2” with angle tips.

Ref: E0119

Price: $30 +P&P

Litchfield E1287 Rear Band Adjuster for Falcon, Fordomatic 3 spd, some Borg Warner 35's. Ford Part No: Ford 7196.

Ref: Litchfield-E1287

Price: $55 + P&P


Litchfield E1284 - Front Servo Adjustment Adaptor and

Litchfield E1282 - Front Servo Adjustment Gauge.

Borg Warner numbers BW548-2 and BWA34. used together for Borg Warner Autos as per pic on bottom left.

Ref: Litchfield-E1284 / E1282

Price: AUD $65 for the pair + P&P

Litchfield E1294-1 - Rear Band Adjuster Spanner, Borg Warner No BW547A-50-2, Ford No J21111.

Ref: Litchfield E1294-1

Price: AUD $35 + P&P


Armstrong Patents Co Ltd Heli-Coil insertion tool. Marked 14 x 1.25mm. It has a slot in the end for driving in and snapping off the end of the coil after insertion. I am including a 20 TPI tap which I was told was for VW spark plugs.

Ref Heli-Coil-1

Price: AUD $65


KD Mfg Co No429 Hose Clip Pliers, Made in USA Pat Appd for. Good condition.
Ref: KD-No429-HoseClipPliers
Price: $25 plus postage

Diamond Horseshoe Dulith USA KC-18 Hose Clip Pliers. Some plate loss.

Ref: PlierNo-37

Price: AUD $30 +P&P


Bernard P-400 Pliers

P. The William Schollhorn Company of New Haven, Connecticut was a well-known maker of parallel-jaw pliers and other tools in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The company was incorporated in 1891 and remained active through the first part of the 20th century, and was eventually acquired by the Sargent Company in 1948.
Schollhorn is probably best known for its distinctive parallel-jaw pliers, produced under the numerous patents issued to W.A. Bernard. ref Alloy Artefacts website

Ref: Plier-No-38

Price: AUD $30 +P&P

Headlight Light bulb pliers by Indestro, No 3305. Made by Indestro


Price: AUD $25 +P&P

Headlight light bulb pliers by Meco.


Price: AUD $25 +P&P

Meco M258 Brake Spring Pliers. One handle has been fitted with a cam acting boss for the removal of Bendix return springs whilst the other handle has been matched for the replacement of the same springs.

Ref: Meco-258

Price: $35 +P&P

Coxhead Wheel Puller no 1370, Flange Type, 5 hole. In new condition with original packaging and label. Suits the following cars: Morris Oxford, Morris 21 HP, Morris J2 Commercialo, Wolseley 4/50, Wolseley 6/80, Vauxhall Series E 1952 onwards Front and Rear.

Ref Coxhead1370

Price $150 +P&P

Hub puller with 16 TPI, internal dia is 2.55 inches between internal threads as measured with vernier calipers.

This puller has no maker marked, but those measured sizes conform to 1920's Essex and Hudson cars specifications. Please note that the internal dia is slightly loose fit for 2.5 inches - ie 2.55.

Ref: Essex-2

Price: AUD $75 + P&P

Mosco Waltham Wheel Hub Puller. Marked MOSCO WALTHAM USA” and “24” on the inside in large cast letters.

Ref: Mosco-2

Price: AUD $75 +P&P

Unmarked Wheel Hub Puller. 12 TPI, dia as measured across inside of threads is about 1-3/4

Ref Unk-Puller-1

Price - AUD $50

Tappet adjusting tool marked only “LAURAVIA SASI"

LAURAVIA was a French company which supplied a whole range of tools

Ref: Lauravia

Price: $55 +P&P

VINTAGE 1926 MARQUETTE MFG.ST.PAUL, Battery Terminal Pliers

Weight - 1.1Kg

Ref: MarquettePlier

Prive: $40 + P&P

Austaloy-21004 – Adaptor – Torque Wrench – Rocker Post Locknut for Cortina TC onwards (1971-73?)

Ref: Austaloy-21004, Price AUD $35 + Postage

Austaloy Service Tool number 18G 333. This is a Special Tool for BMC Engines - VALVE ADJUSTER


Price: AUD $45 +P&P

Britool Service Tool number 758B. This is a Special Tool for BMC Engines - VALVE ADJUSTER

.Ref: Britool-758B

Price: AUD $45 +P&P

Gisholt Manufacturing Company No 4Y182B ring / box wrench. Gisholt made heavy industrial machinery and machine tools.

Ref: Gisholt4Y182B

Price: AUD $35 +P&P

Warwick Door Handle Pin Punch & Flange Depresser marked “British made Warwick No 591”

It may have been flattened when compared to the Herbrand BF-91 above.

Ref: Warwick-591

Price AUD $25 + P&P

Truck Axle Hub Wench for Meritor Axle Sets No 3256E-5

Octagonal openings are 3-7/8" and 3-1/8" AF.

Ref: Meritor-3256E-5

Price: AUD $75 +P&P

Marked Litchfield E7166 & AU237. Listed in a Litchfield Ford service tool catalogue for Nissan vehicle.

Ref: Litchfield-E7166

Price: AUD $55 +P&P

Ref: W & B 983657

Price AUD $75 + Postage

Ford tool no 6513AG, Warren & Brown No 982657 - Hydraulic Valve Lifter Bleed Down Tool for Ford 6 Cyl XR to XW Models, possibly others. In VG condition.

See adv from Repco Cat 1973:

Gee-Jay doube duty wrench for early Chevrolet cars

Ref: Gee-Jay-1, weight about 250grams

Price: AUD $30 + P&P

Ford Rotunda OTC 310-002 Fuel Tank Lockring Wrench (T74P-9275-A) / 310-002

Ref: Ford Rotunda-OTC-310-002

Price: $30 +P&P

Herbrand Door Handle Pin Punch & Flange Depressor BF-91, avoids damage to upholstery and hardware.

Ref: Herbrand-BF-91, Price AUD $35

Small Herbrand Brake spring pliers, model no 182, 8.5 inches long

Ref: Herbrand-182

Price: AUD $20 + P & P

Herbrand Brake spring pliers, model no 183, 14 inches long

Ref: Herbrand-183

Price: AUD $25 + P & P

Herbrand No 185 Long Nose Alligator Pliers

Ref: Herbrand-185, Price: AUD $25 + P & P

Herbrand Drain Plug Wrench for female plugs

Ref; Herbrand-193

Price: AUD $25 + P & P

Gedore No 200 Drain Plug Wrench for female plugs. Very good condition

Ref: Gedore-200

Price: AUD $30 + P & P

Litchfied E3262 Drain Plug multi wrench

Ref: Litchfield-E3262

Price: $25 +P&P

BDS No 1 Drain Plug Wrench. BDS is B Draper & Sons an English Tool Factor


Ref: BDS-1

Price: AUD $ 25 +P&P

Draper (BDS) No 1 Drain Plug Wrench. Draper is B Draper & Sons an English Tool Factor

Ref: BDS-2

Price: AUD $ 25 +P&P



Cylinder Ridge Remover

Hipsley Sydney brand, in an original fitted wooden box.

Weight 5.6Kg

Ref: Hipsley

Pickup in Melbourne encouraged

Price: AUD $100 + P & P

Litchfield spanner of some sort, 13 inches long, 12 point 1.5 inch box end. No listing found so far.

Ref: Litchfield-270

Price: AUD $35 + P & P



Metric Impact Socket Set, sturdy six point sockets, 1/2 inch sq drive

10 sizes from 10mm to 24mm

Weight 1.6Kg

Ref: Impact

Price AUD $35 + P&P

Small cast valve lifter, opens to about 4 inches

Ref: Stelco-lifter

Weight: 700g

Price: AUD $35 +P&P

Medium solid valve lifter, opens to about 8 inches

Ref: Longbro-lifter

Weight: 1.1Kg

Price: AUD $55 +P&P


Large solid valve lifter, opens to about 9 inches

Ref: Millennium-lifter

Weight 1.6Kg

Price: AUD $65 +P&P


Proto no 250 pliers - for horseshoe locking rings. Note that they open out, in reverse to normal pliers.

Good condition

Ref: Proto-250

Price AUD $40 + P&P


Overhead Valve Lifter

Ref: Valve-1

Price: AUD $40 + P & P

Large pressed metal socket for fitting and removing oil filters. It has a 1/2 inch square drive.

Ref: Oil-1

Price: AUD $25 + P&P

Wilde No 407 pliers - for horseshoe locking rings. Note that they open out in reverse to normal pliers.

Vintage Williams Superslim BJS1RD Wedge Ball Joint Splitter

Ref - Williams-Splitter-1

Price AUD $25 + P&P


Guide to Purchase & DIY Restoration MGB with supplementary information on MGC & MGB V8

Hardcover book, in very good condition, looks to be unread. Weight 800g

Ref: MGB-Book

Price AUD $35 + postage

 AutoServ Service Manual 1957. Large, thick hardback with hundreds of pages. Manual Covers the following motor vehicles:
Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire 3.5Litre, Austin A30-seven, A40-Devon & Dorset, A40-Somerset, A50-Cambridge, A70-Hereford & Hampshire, A90-Atlantic, Countryman 10-cwt Panel Van & 10-cwt Pick-Up. Chevrolet - 1946, 1947, 1948 & 1949, De Soto 1936 to 1942, 1946 to 1954 PowerFlite & Overdrive, Dodge - 1936 to 1942, 1946 to 1954 PowerFlite & Overdrive. Ford 8HP & 10HP-1932 to 1951, New Anglia, New Prefect, Consul, Zephyr, Custom, Customline, Customline OHV. Hillman - Minx 1936 to 1954. Holden - up to and including FJ Series. Humber - Hawk, Snipe. Jaguar - Mark V, Mark V11, XK120. MG - TC, TD, TF, TF 1500, MGA & Magnette Series Y, YB & YT. Morris - Minor - Series MM & 11, Oxford - Series MO & 11, Series E – 8/40, Series M - Ten, Isis. Peugeot - 203 & Derivatives. Plymouth - 1936 to 1942, 1946 to 1954 PowerFlite & Overdrive. Renault - 750 & 760. Riley- 1.5 Lite, 2.5 Litre, Rover - 75 & 90, Early 75. Singer 9 HP & SM1500. Standard 8 HP & 10 HP Cadet, Vanguard, Spacemaster. Triumph - Mayflower, Renown. Vauxhall - Velox & Wyvern Types L & E. Volkswagen - 1954 to 1956. Wolseley - 4/44 & 4/50, 6/80 & 6/90

Service Section covers
Lucas Electrical, Borg & Beck Clutches, Lockhead Brakes, Girling Brakes, SU Carburetters, Stromberg Carburetters, AC Fuel Pumps
SU Fuel Pumps, Marles Steering Gear, Bishop Steering Gear, Burman Steering Gear, Girling Dampers.

Good condition, 2.6Kg.

Ref: AutoServ-1957
Rrice: $75 +P&P

John Bull Radiator Hose Catalogue

Ref: JohnBull-1

Price: AUD $30 includes postage

Repco Engine Parts Supplement No 2


Ref: Repco-Engines

Price: AUD $30 includes postage

Repco Automotive Water Pumps -Repair Kits, Seal Kits and Servicing

Ref: Repco-Water Pumps

Price: AUD $30 includes postage


Valiant C Series Service Operation Time Schedule

Ref: Valiant-Service

Price: AUD $30 includes postage

Panel Beating Tools  

Dowidat No 304K Panel Beating Slapping Spoon


Ref: Dowidat-304K

Price: AUD $75 + P&P