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Snap-on, Bluepoint, Plomb, Proto, MacTools, & other USA Tools

Ozwrenches has a range of USA made tools and parts for sale

Snap-on, Bluepoint


Plomb, Proto,

Crescent, Vlchek

Mac Tools,   Williams (USA)   Herbrand,   Armstrong

W&B  Fleet   Fairmont etc

Pictured below are some images and details of items surplus to our requirements and now available to purchase or swap.

If considering making a purchase, don't be afraid to make contact on the contact form on main menu and ask questions or request additional pictures.

Item Picture
Item Description



Caterpillar ½” drive ratchet wrench number 8H8557. This is by Snap-on, but not so marked.

Ref: Caterpillar-8H8557
Price: $100 plus postage

Caterpillar ½” drive 18” breaker bar number 8H8558. This is by Snap-on, but not so marked.

Ref: Caterpillar-8H8558
Price: $75 plus postage
Snap-on FVX2  3/8” extension bar, 3” long
Ref: Snap-on FVX2
Price: $25 + postage
Snap-on no 8e, ½ inch / ½ inch male universal drive Pat no 2,196,??7
Ref: Snap-on no 8e
Price: $25 + postage

Snap-on Valve Clearance Adjusting tool Pat No 1544520, PWA-1075-1, and socket PWA-1075-8. The PWA numbers signify Pratt & Whitney, aircraft engine makers

Ref: Snap-on-1

Price -AUD $75 +P&P

Snapon-Ferret-F-10-H 3/8” drive breaker bars, 9-1/2” long. 

Ref: Snapon-Ferret-F-10-H

Price: AUD $75 +P&P 

Vintage Snap-on Speed Brace 1/2” drive 19” Number K4

Ref: Snapon-K4

Price: AUD $75 +P&P

Vintage Snap-on T handle Breaker bar 1/2” drive No S-10

Ref: Snapon-S-10

Price: AUD $75 +P&P 

Snap/on ½” sq drive sockets, old style, made in USA – sizes – 1-3/16”, 1-1/16”, 1” – stock numbers shown on picture. $60 for all three or $25 each if bought individually’

Ref: Snap-on sockets x 3
Price $60

Vintage Snap-on 3/8 WW socket no WSW-102, 1/2” drive


Price: AUD $25 +P&P

Snapon Socket Reducer /Adaptor GLA62. Reduces ¾ drive to ½ drive. Marked as follows: “Snapon GLA62 USA 2 Warning non impact  MAXTORQUE 4500 LB IN”
Ref: Snapon Reducer GLA62
Price: $30 +P&P
Snap-on FS281 3/8 drive 7/8” six point socket
Ref: Snap-on FS281
Price: $25 +P&P

Combination (ROE) Spanner / wrench marked “Snap-on Eurotools / ISO 7738 ECXM14. This is a 14 mm spanner /wrench

Ref: Snapon-ECXM14

Price: AUD $25 +P&P

Snap-on MVX2 USA 2 inch extension, ¼ drive to ¼ socket.

Ref: Snapon-MVX2

Price: AUD $25 +P&P

Snap-On Catalog #95 – celebrates 95 years from 1920 -2015. large item, 1inch – 25mm thick.

Ref: Snap-On Catalog #95
price: AUD $25 +P&P


Bluepoint Obstruction Spanner No CX-1820 for Starter motors etc, ring sizes 9/16 x 5/8. commonly called a banana spanner. It has owner initials on one side.
Ref: Bluepoint CX1820
Price: $25 plus postage

Two vintage Bluepoint DOE spanners wrenches, AF sizes, No’s 2428 -7/8 x 3/4, 3034 1-1/16 x 15/16

Ref: Bluepoint DOE's
Price:  $15 each or $25 pair
Bluepoint Ring Spanners / D Box End Wrenches. 3 x Whitworth, 2 x AF sizes. Bluepoint was a Snap-on economy line, however, the quality is very good, but not much plating.

Ref: BluePointRings
Price: $15 each

Bluepoint open ended Whitworth spanners no WS1415 -Jaws 9/16W x 1/2W &  WS1314, Jaws 1/2W x 7/16W

Ref: BluepointWW

Price: AUD $20 each +P&P


Bluepoint open ended AF spanners no:

Ref: S3032, Jaws 1" x 15/16 (AF)

Ref: S2225, Jaws 25/32" x 11/16 (AF)

Ref: S1618, Jaws 9/16" x 1/2 (AF)
Price $20 each or $50 for three, plus postage

Bluepoint-OEX-140 ROE spanner, 7/16 ring and open end

Ref: Bluepoint-OEX-140

Price: AUD $20 +P&P MIA

Blue Point by Snap-on model WX-1112 Double box 12 point round style spanner / wrench sizes are 5/16WW x 3/8WW. Chromed spanner in very good condition.

Ref: BluePoint-WX-1112

Price: AUD $25 +P&P


Crescent/ Crestaloy Adjustable Wrench 10in / 250mm Made in USA

Ref: Crescent-10in
Price: $25 + postage

Crescent-8in / 200mm Made in USA

Ref: Crescent-8in
Price: $25 + postage
Recent Crescent 10 inch Ratchet, marked CRESCENT CR-V TAIWAN
Ref: Crescent-Ratchet
Price: $20 + postage


Plomb Flex head breaker bar 5265 7” long, 3/8 sq drive. Some loss of plating.

Ref: PlombFH-Bar-5265
Price: AUD $25 plus postage
Plomb 5463 1/2” drive Extension, 10 inches long, mottled finish
Ref: Plomb5463
Price: $25 + postage
Plomb Socket no 5430, ½” sq drive, 15/16” 12 points, period 1943-45

Plomb Socket no 5424, ½” sq drive, ¾” 12 points, period 1943-45

Plomb Socket no 5422, ½” sq drive, 11/16” 12 points, period 1943-45

Ref: Plomb-5430, Plomb-5424, Plomb-5422

Price: $20 each
Plomb drag link driver no 5446

Ref: Plomb-5446
Price: $25

Plomb ¾ x 5/8 AF spanner wrench Marked “PLOMB-3031 USA 9B”
Ref:  Plomb-3031-V2
Price: $20 +P&P

Plomb-3031, ¾ x 5/8 (AF). Note some missing plating on 3/4 jaw end, one side only.
Ref:  Plomb-3031
Price: $20 +P&P

Plomb-5249 3/8” drive ratchet, 7 in long

Ref: Plomb-5249

Price: AUD $65 +P&P

Plomb-5461 ½ drive extension, 5 inches long

Ref: Plomb-5461

Price: AUD $20 +P&P

Plomb-WF-21 3/8” drive ratchet, 7 in long. WF (Wright Field) Series Tools. “Plomb produced the WF series of tools for a major government contract during the period from 1942 to 1945. These were basic utilitarian tools and were typically finished with a cadmium plating, or else left as unfinished steel”. Ref Alloyartifacts.

Ref: Plomb-WF-21

Price: AUD $65 +P&P 

Plomb WF-83 box wrench. The shank is stamped with the PLVMB logo, 7/8 x ¾ box sizes and the Plomb down arrows. WF (Wright Field) Series Tools. “Plomb produced the WF series of tools for a major government contract during the period from 1942 to 1945. These were basic utilitarian tools and were typically finished with a cadmium plating, or else left as unfinished steel”. Ref Alloyartefacts.
Ref: Plomb WF-83, Price:  $25 +P&P

9inch C spanner type tool, with notches in the bottom of the mouth. Grinding marks on both sides of the jaws.  Purpose not known to us.
Ref: PlombTool
Price: $25  lus postage


Proto No 5546 MFD USA 1-7/16 socket, ¾ drive – a big one, weighs about 420g. In good condition.

Ref: Proto5546
Price: $50 plus postage
Proto No 5556 MFD USA 1-3/4 socket, 3/4 drive – truly a monster, weighs about 750g. Quality tool. In good condition.

Ref: Proto5556
Price: $75 plus postage

Proto no5274 7/16” drive Universal

Ref: Proto No5274
Price: $25 + postage
PROTO 7422-H  11/16" Impact Socket -1/2" Drive 6 Point, Std Depth MFG USA, MFG USA

Ref:  Proto7422-H
Price: AUD $25 plus postage
Proto professional #209 USA Sidecutters. Very good condition.
Ref: Proto209Sidecutters
Price: $25 plus postage
Proto Professional USA No 3045 DOE 1” x 15/15 VGC
Ref: Proto-3045-DOE
Price: $25 plus postage

DOE spanner marked "3/4 3031 PROTO LOS ANGELES MFG USA 5/8". Back has "P-W-W-1114" PWA stands for Pratt & Whitney, aircraft engines. Good condition

Ref: Proto-3031

Price: AUD $35 +P&P

Proto-1214 7/16 Combination spanner wrench
Ref: Proto 1214
Price: Price: $25 +P&P
Proto-1216, ½ x ½ (AF)
Ref: Proto-1216
Price: $25 +P&P Missing in action.

Proto Ratchet wrench, no 4749, 1/4 drive, new condition

Ref: Proto-4749

Price: AUD $65 +P&P

Proto Ratchet wrench, no 5249, 3/8 drive, almost new condition

Ref: Proto-5249

Price: AUD $75 +P&P

Proto 3/8” sq drive extension, 7.5” long
Ref: Proto-5261
Price: $25 +P&P
Proto 5261 3/8 square drive extension, 8 inch extension / drive. Excellent condition.
Ref: Proto5261-extension-8in
Price: $35 plus postage

Proto-5265BL 3/8” drive breaker bar, 8-1/2” long

Ref: Proto-5265BL

Price: AUD $35 +P&P

 Misc - PWA (Pratt & Whitney)
Misc - Owatonna Tool Co (OTC)
Owatonna Tool Co Minnesota No C-14 7/16” combination spanner. Plating on the open jaws has been polished off.
Ref: OTC-C14
Price: $15 plus postage
Owatanna Tool Co-1109-11 3/8” sq drive universal socket, ½” 12 points

Ref:  Owatanna-1109-11
Price: $20 +P&P
Misc -P & C tools
P & C Tools No 3112 long socket, 3/8” sq drive, 12 point 3/8” socket, 3” long

ref: P & C Tools No 3112
Price: $25 +Postage
Craftsman-VV-44698 11/16 combination spanner wrench

Ref: Craftsman-VV-44698
Price: $25 + postage
 Misc - APEX Tools Dayton Ohio
APEX Dayton Ohio EX508B12 ½ drive extension, 12” long. Never seen this brand before - not featured on AlloyArtifacts.

Ref: APEX Dayton Ohio EX508B12
Price; $25 + postage
 Misc - Unbranded
Unbranded 12 point socket marked “25-32 Made in USA”

Ref: Unbranded-25-32” socket
Price: $20 + postage


Maker not marked, but this Vlchek spanner conforms to the brand style. Jaws are 15/15 x 13/16 (AF)
Ref: Vlchek-1
Price: $20 +P&P

MAC Tools


Mac-XRB-14 3/8” drive ratchet, 7-1/2” long, owner initials etched

Ref: Mac-XRB-14

Price: $75 +P&P


Duro-Chrome / Indestro

Duro-chrome USA No 88 obstruction spanner 7/17 x 7/16 (AF)
Ref:  Duro-No88
Price: $25 plus postage
DuroChrome ½ sq female drive drag link driver bit
Ref: DuroChrome-1305
Price: $25 + postage
UnNamed Universal, same as Indestro / Duro from 1930’s ½” sq female rives both ends

Ref: UnNamed Universal
price: $20 + postage
I/2” sq male drive Screwdriver bit, unmarked. Drag link bit?

Ref: ScrewdriverDraglinkBit
price: $20 + postage

Williams (USA) Tools

Williams USA No 1158 combination spanner, ¼ inch – looks like a brake adjuster
Ref: WilliamsNo1158
Price: $25 + postage
Top: Williams BW-37 DOE – 1-1/4” x 1-1/16”, 13in long, GC
Ref: Williams BW-37 DOE
Price: $30 + Postage

Bottom: Williams SUPERRENCH DOE # 1027 Special, 11/16” x 5/8”
Ref: Williams SUPERRENCH DOE # 1027
Price: $20 + Postage
Williams-8033C DBE spanner wrench, 12 point box ends are for 1” & 15/16” nuts
Ref: Williams-8033C
Price: $25 +P&P

Williams 7723 7/16x3/8 box wrench in the oval-shank style, stamped "Williams Superrench" on the top line, with "Forged in U.S.A." and "Alloy Steel" on either side of the the W-Diamond logo. The reverse is stamped with the model number and fractional sizes, as shown in the lower inset. The shank also has a forged-in "V" code visible at the left. Also above: Williams 7727 9/16x5/8 box wrench, and 4727A -11/16 x 5/8”, price $25 each

Ref: Williamsx3
Price: $25 each +P&P

Williams Superrench No W1034. Dual marked in Whit, BSF
Ref: Williams-W1034
Price: $25 +P&P

Williams Wrench No 30, jaws are 7/8 x 11/16 (AF)
Ref: Williams-30
Price: $25 +P&P

Williams Wrench No M28, jaws are18mm x 16mm
Ref: Williams-B28
Price: $25 +P&P

Williams Wrench No 630E jaws are 7/8 x ¾ (AF)
Ref: Williams-630E
Price: $25 +P&P

ARMSTRONG VANADIUM no 1731 ¾ x 13/16 (AF) 9.5” long, 340g
Ref: Armstrong x2-a
Price: $25 +P&P

ARMSTRONG no 33W  ½ Whit x 9/16 Whit 10” long, 425g
Ref: Armstrong x2-b
Price: $25 +P&P

Armstrong-S-2501 wrench ¾ x 5/8 (AF)

Ref: Armstrong-S-2501
Price: $25 +P&P

Armstrong ½ sq drive Sockets. Large one is marked ST-1231 Armstrong made in USA 31/32 (“AF). Smaller socket is marked  1224-D-1  ¾

Ref: 31/32
Price: $25 + postage

Ref: 3/4
Price: $20 + postage

Herbrand Van-Chrome Heavy Duty Box Wrenches 15Deg angle. Wrenches no 943, 944, 945, 946 & 947 and tubular handle no 920.

Ref: HerbrandExtSet
Price: $150 plus postage
Herbrand screwdriver all steel, 6inch blade, 10 inch overall. It has a number forged in, looks like 721787, in raised numbers, but hard to read. Also has the Herbrand logo H in diamond. Looks like an early Ford aftermarket item.

Ref: Herbrand screwdriver all steel
Price: $55 + postage
Vintage Herbrand all steel handled ball peen hammer with tire iron handle. very good condition. Hard to find in Australia.

Ref: Herbrand Steel handled hammer
Price: $75 + postage
Herbrand No 3727A 11/16 x 5/8 offset box-end wrench. It has some owner marks.
Ref: Herbrand3727A
Price: $20 plus postage

Herbrand-No 727, 7/16SAE x 3/8SAE, 175g
ref: Herbrand-727
Price: $25 +P&P

Herbrand-No 725, 5/16SAE x 1/4SAE, 130g
ref: Herbrand-725
Price: $25 +P&P Herbrand-No 725, 5/8SAE x 1/2SAE
ref:  Herbrand-732X
Price: $25 +P&P Herbrand-No 1031 7/8 x 25/32 (SAE), 300g
ref:  Herbrand-1031 Price: $25 +P&P

Herbrand-No 681A, 3/8W x 1/2W, 320g “S” shaped wrench
Ref: Herbrand-681
Price: $25 +P&P

Herbrand-1021 Van-Chrome, 3/16W x 1/8W

Ref:  Herbrand-1021
 Price:  $25 +P&P
Herbrand-1725-B Van-Chrome, 9/16 x 1/2(AF)

Ref:  Herbrand-1725-B
 Price:  $25 +P&P
Vaughan & Bushnell
vintage Vaughan & Bushnell hammer & pry bar nail puller combination tool, 9 inches long.
Ref: V&B-combo-hammer-prybar
Price: $35 + postage
W&B (Whitman & Barnes)

W&B – Whitman & Barnes No 29-W, jaws 7/16 x 3/8 (WW)
Ref: W&B-29W
Price: $25 +P&P

Fairmont Cleveland Tubular box wrench 6” long, openings measure 1” x 1/18”. Heavy duty item.

Ref: Fairmont Tube
Price; $25 + postage
Price: $25 +P&P

Fleet-5024, ¾ x 5/8 (AF)
ref:  Fleet-5024
Price: $25 +P&P
Buffalo-Barcalo Half Moon Spanner no1, ¾ x 5/8(AF)

Ref: Buffalo-BarcaloHalfMoon-1
Price: $25 plus postage
Two vintage Barcalo Buffalo spanners wrenches,  AF sizes ¾ x 15/16, 7/16 x ½ 
Ref: Barcalo DOE's top, bottom
$20 each or $30 pair
Barcalo Buffalo USA 7/8’ Combination Spanner, 9.5” long

Ref: Barcalo 7/8 Combo
Price: $25 + postage
Bonney DOE no 552AS marked 7/16 SAE, 7/16 CAP
ref: Bonney-552AS
Price: $20 plus postage
Bonney short crowfoot wrench no PW1633, 5/8 flarenut end with 3/8 sq drive
Ref: Bonney-PW1633
Price: $25 plus postage
TuHex 167 7/8 combination wrench, marked "Made in U.S.A." with "Alloy Steel" on the reverse. The overall length is 10.5 inches, some light pitting in centre of wrench.

Ref: Bonney-TuHex Combo-1
Price: $25 + postage

TuHex 167 7/8 combination wrench, marked "Made in U.S.A." with "Alloy Steel" on the reverse. The overall length is 10.5 inches

Ref: Bonney-TuHex Combo-2
Price: $25 + postage
Bonney 2806 short offset box wrench, stamped "9/16 BONNEY Made in U.S.A. 2806 / BONALOY 5/8"
ref: Bonney 2806
Price: $25 +P&P

Bonney 2806B short offset box wrench, stamped "5/8 BONNEY Made in U.S.A. 2806B / BONALOY ¾"
ref: Bonney 2806B
Price: $25 +P&P
2 x Bonney-424B Tappet Spanners,
Ref:  Bonney-424B

Price: $25 each or $40 for the pair +P&P
BonneyT5 3/8 drive 12 inch socket extension.
RefL: BonneyT5
Price: $25 +P&P
BonneyX1160 long fixed crowfoot type wrench, will fit a ½” nut.

Ref: BonneyX1160
Price: $45 +P&P
Bearing scraper marked “Kraeuter-1202-10 Patd 3-29-10 Made in USA” This is a 1910 patent, so this item is likely to be over 100 years old.

Ref: Kraeuter-1202-10
Price: $30 plus postage
Bondhus ½” hex ball end driver. Acetate handle, unused condition. 8.5inches plus 4inch handle.
Ref: Bondhus ½” hexDriver
Price: Price: $25 plus postage
R Hoe & Co No SA129 ratchet handle

Ref: HoeRatchet
Price; $25 plus postage
Lane Iron Works DOE Tappett Spanner 5/8 AF x 9/16AF
Ref: Lane-Iron-Wks
Price: $15 plus postage
Walden Worcester Double box end wrench 6 point AF  sizes 1-1/4 x 1-1/8

Ref: Walden-495
Price: $20 plus postage
Lectrolite TruFit 3003 offset box-end wrench 5/8 x 11/16 AF
Ref: Lectrolite-3003
Price: $20 plus postage
Lectrolite TruFit 3005 offset box-end wrench 13/16 x 7/8 AF
Ref: Lectrolite-3005
Price: $20 plus postage
New Britain
New BrittainvNID28 5/8 long socket, ½ sq drive
Ref: New Brittain NID28
Price: $20 plus postage