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Pictured below are some images and details of items surplus to our requirements and now available to purchase or swap.

If considering making a purchase, make contact on the link above or use the Contact tab on the Home page and indicate the reference number.

Item Pictures
Item Description,  Reference Number & Price
Engineering Vices etc
Some of our small vices, from 2inch to 3inch
Waiting for images

Vintage Dawn 2 1/2" Engineers Vice. Very uncommon size. original condition

Ref: Dawn-2.5” Vice
Price: $ plus postage

Vintage Dawn 65mm Engineers Vice, Marked Australia. Very uncommon size. Original condition. 65mm equates to 2-3/8", slightly smaller than the uncommon 2-1/2" vice. Note the jaws are bolted on from the back and the metric size, denotes a more modern product from Dawn.
Ref: Dawn-65mm Vice
Price: $85 plus postage

Image to come Dawn 3inch Engineers Vice, Marked
Dawn-4SP.jpg 4inch Engineers Vice, Marked "Dawn 4SP"
Ref: Dawn-4inchVice.
Screw is damaged, can part it out
Dynamic Jaw: $30 plus postage, weight 6.5 Kg Sold
Static Jaw: $30 plus postage
Jaw inserts with screws: $15 plus postage
Nut: $15 plus postage
Hobby / Jewellery etc table top vices
DawnC2.jpg Dawn C2 Chain Pipe Vice, early version.

Ref: DawnC2PipeVice
Price: $75 plus postage
Engineering - Other Brands

Woodworking Vices
Carter 7inch QA woodworking vice
Ref Carter 7in QA
Price: $100 plus postage
DawnNuts.jpg Dawn Woodworking Vice nuts, fit a No 7, perhaps others - v good condition. Hard to find, and very useful if your vice needs this part.

Ref: Dawn No 7 nuts.
Price: $25 each One sold, one still available