Vintage Spanners & Wrenches in Australia

Sales of Surplus Items


This Sales section shows some of our surplus items in various categories
We are based in Melbourne, Australia, contact us (below) to get an estimate
of postage to your location.

Broad Sales categories

Holden, Nasco, GMH - Tools, Catalogues and Sundries for Sale

Motoring Service Tools and Manuals for Sale

Spanners & Wrenches for Motor Tool Kits etc

Tools, Catalogues and Sundries for Sale

Sidchrome and Daniel Forge Tools for Sale

Snap-on, Bluepoint, Plomb, Proto, Mac etc

Farm Spanners & Wrenches for Sale

Jaguar Tools & Stuff for Sale

Jacks for Motor Vehicles for Sale

Farm Collectables for Sale

Collectables, various categories

Screwdrivers / Turnscrews

Ford & Fordson: Tools, Manuals, Handbooks etc for Sale

Manuals, Catalogues, Parts Lists, Handbooks etc

Woodworking Tools & other stuff for Sale

Sunshine McKay Massey-Harris stuff for sale

Motorbike Spanners & Wrenches for sale

Military Tools and Sundries for Sale

Garagenalia, Enamel Signs, Petroleum, Advertising

Mower & Small Machinery Catalogues, Spanners and Sundries for Sale

Magneto / Ignition / Distributor Tools

Adjustable Wrenches - Shifters

Wanted to Buy

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