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Collecting Sidchrome Spanners by Dick Lynch

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Collecting Sidchrome Spanners 1942-1991

This book was launched on 20 November 2021 and is an absolute “must have” for Sidchrome collectors. It is 514 pages over 13 chapters and 9 appendices, A4 in size, full colour with 1,500 illustrations and 150 tables. It will solve every question you have about your Sidchrome collection, or what you are missing in your collection. It is the complete collectors guide to this fascinating and important icon of Australian manufacturing.

It took four years of collecting, collating and distilling information from a myriad of sources, of which includes a full set of contemporary catalogues, the book grew to encompass all the hand tools manufactured under Siddons ownership, or management between 1942-1991. It took a further year to edit and design.

Of particular note is that you will never need to find, or buy, another Sidchrome catalogue, as all important collecting information is presented for you in this one book.

If your interests cover relevant dates and codes, or how the tools developed and changed in look over time you will find all your answers. It also rounds out with the Sidchrome back story, the marketing, the ephemera and documentation, much of it captured in photography, making for an interesting and easily referenced read, or fact finding discovery.

Collecting Sidchrome Spanners” is without parallel in the spanner collecting genre. In short, it is the complete collectors guide to this fascinating and important icon of Australian manufacturing.

Launched 20 November 2021 the book is already 25% sold after the first week. Dan O’Hara from Harlaxton, Queensland, one of the first to order a copy, responded to Dick saying, Congratulations on completing this mammoth task. Sidchrome Collectors throughout the world have been waiting a long time for this event to happen. Royston Siddons would have approved.” He classes himself as a dedicated collector of Sidchrome tools.

You can obtain a copy from Dick himself ( or call 04919 392 042)