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Thomas Robinson & Co of Spotswood in Melbourne

Cover of a manual for the Big "E" Stripper Harvester and the Royal Header

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Thomas Robinson & Co.

Historical Note:
T. Robinson & Co. was established in 1853 by Thomas Robinson. After Robinson's death in 1862, James Hutchings was the main proprietor of the firm until his own death in 1884 - in partnership with GW Dickson for a brief time in the 1860s. The firm was a private company up to 1889 Over the years the company operated in a number of locations including Melbourne, Spotswood and Sydney; an associated company T.Robinson & Co. Dunedin, operated for a time in New Zealand. T. Robinson & co. Pty. Ltd. was purchased by Baltic Simplex Machinery Co. Ltd. in 1946, which was later acquired by Horwood Bagshaw Ltd in 1964.

References: University of Melbourne Archives Database

Spanners are mostly marked TR & Co. However there are examples of spanners with other initials - presumably other companies which they either made up for or were associated with. Please make contact if you have anyfurther information or images to add.

T R & Co - small spanners - these sets come in sizes 1 to 4, arranged in what we think may be the historic order - Type 1.

T R & Co - small spanners - Type 2 .

T R & Co - small spanners - Type 3.

T R & Co - small spanners - Type 4.

T R & Co - small spanners - Type 5

T R & Co - small spanners - Type 6


Garden Cultivator Spanner, uncommon, marked "T Robinson & Co" on both sides (© J Hawking)

TR & Co S.B. No 1 -no idea what SB stands for - viewers - comments invited. Image used courtesy Fred Hosie

TR & Co S.B. No 3 -no idea what SB stands for - viewers - comments invited.

Two Malleable "S" spanners marked"P.P. TR. & Co" & "T. D. C. TR & Co" info invited.

Large malleable spanners marked "55A" and 55B TR & Co" - it would be safe to assume that these were both made by TR & Co - info invited.

Large malleable spanners marked 55A TR & Co" and "55A" - proof that the 55A is by TR & Co.©J hawking

TR & Co No 56 courtesy Gavan Clugston.

TR & Co Letterhead from 1933

TR & Co Self Drive Harvester fitted with Grain Bin - historic photo © ozwrenches

Baltic Simplex (incorporating TR & Co) Big E Harvester (Baltic Simplex took over TR & Co about 1946 - but continued the
line as can be seen in this lot of instructions) refer also to H B page © ozwrenches

TR & Co Cast Iron Seat from the Chug Fuller collection © Ozwrenches

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