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Vintage Hub Wrenches Gallery

Pictured below are some images and specifications of hub cap wrenches supplied as original vehicle kit or generic aftermarket accessories.

Specialty wheel makers often supplied wrenches to fit their wheels, some of them are also displayed

Information has been gleaned from collections and internet research, and additional information, corrections etc are invited

If you can identify any of these items, please make contact via the link above

Where we have made statements or assumptions in error, corrections etc are invited.


This was for an early Buick.

Box openings are: 4-1/2" x 3-7/8"octagonal.

1920's Dodge Brothers Wheel Wrench

Marked N50 / RA Francais. Box opening is 82mm hex.

A kind viewer has sent the following info:

"N50 is an RAF wheel spanner (short for Roue Amovible Francais). I'm not sure how your French is, but basically it means French removable wheel. They were used on a lot of the more upmarket cars in the veteran and vintage era, Rolls Royce being the most notable, as well as the early Bugattis. But they were fitted for the first couple of years to Amilcars, as well as Panhards, lots of Minervas, Hotchkisses etc".

Thanks Craig

Gone to a new home with a Minerva

Essex & Hudson hub wrench.

Box sizes are: 2-1/4" hex and about 1-3/4" triangular

Shelley hub cap spanner wrench - suit vintage English cars

Societa Ligure Piemontese Automobili - SPA an Italian marque dated from 1906 to 1926. The company was absorbed by Fiat in 1926.

Marked T.A.M.E. Co.

Box end is 1-1/2" hex

Identification required


Hubcap Wrench marked "White 886GE"

Presumably for White trucks.

Opening 2 -1/2 inches AF

This is supposed to be for 1926 Willys Knight, confirmation required.

Box ends are 3" hex and 3/4"hex.


Box end is 3-1/4" octagonal.

Marked: WIRE WHEEL CORP. of AMERICA BUFFALO N.Y. / 6505. The wrench would fit 1932 Cadillacs, including Lasalle models, and presumably a few years in each direction.

Box end is 3-3/8" octagonal across the flats.


Marked: WIRE WHEEL CORP. of AMERICA BUFFALO N.Y. / B4-1005 H4 . B4 . CB . CB45


Box end is 1-5/8" hex

Marked HS-78

Box ends: 2-1/4" hex

Identification required

Octagonal open Hub Wrench marked 700A, 9 in long.

Octagona;l jaw loooks to be 55mm wide.

Marked: 3850 B

Box openings are: 2-5/8" hex, 1-3/4" hex, 1-3/8" hex, 2-1/4hex"

Identification required

Marked 15086 with a makers mark - A in triangle - Armstrong Bros mark.

Box sizes are: 2-1/8" hex, 1-1/8" hex, 1" hex.

Identification required

Marked 19314.

Box sizes are: 2-7/8" oct, 1-7/8" hex, 1-1/8" hex.

Identification required

Marked: 21065 A

Box sizes are: 2-3/4" octagonal, 1-7/8" hex, 1" hex, 2-1/8" hex

Identification required

Marked: 2753, cast bronze.

Box sizes are: ellipse - 2-3/4 smallest dia, 1-1/8" hex, 1" hex, 2-1/4 hex, 2" hex.

Identified as for the vintage car - "Durant Star" which dates it to the early 1920's

Marked only E157

Box ends are 1" W x 1-3/4" W hex

Identification required

Marked K-1180

Box ends: 2-1/4" octagonal x 1-3/4 hex

Identification required

Marked" M4430

Box ends are: 3-1/4" x 2-3/8 hex octagonal

Identification required

Jenbro Hub Spanner Wrench
Unmarked Orphans

No identifying marks.

Box end 2" octagonal

Identification required

No identifying marks.

Box end 3" hex

Identification required


2-1/8" octagonal box, 3" octagonal open end

Identification required

Gone to a new home


Box ends are 1-5/8" hex ring end is 2-1/8" with flats.

Identification required


This unmarked wrench is a close match for the blueprint of the hub wrench for the Model S Hupmobile standard wood wheels for 1930.

No identifying marks.

Box ends 1-5/8 " hex x 1" hex.

Identification required